Great Depression Cooking – Cooked Bread

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93 year old cook and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the era. Learn how to make simpl…

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

50 Responses to “Great Depression Cooking – Cooked Bread”

  1. Logan Leech

    shes lucky to still be? alive at 98 years old 🙂

  2. weescotties

    Good way to use a stale? loaf of bread!

  3. mAJoR chUcklezz

    i think? i have learnt more from this woman about the great depression in the space of an hour than i did in a whole year at school 🙂

  4. Minty Miller

    I Love You Clara,? Thank You For the wonderful recipes, I’m eating depression style on social security, I hope you are still with us! Love, Minty

  5. 54321Judith

    I just love? you Clara! God bless you!

  6. Dahiana BS

    party 365? 24/7!!!

  7. snookumsjack

    I love when she puts alot of salt on her food(I’m with her!)and she? 91 and healthy. She enjoys life.

  8. natasha m

    god? bless her

  9. Arief Nita

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  10. Amy Marie

    I bought her book. Its? wonderful 🙂

  11. Betty Cruz

    I’m so? glad Keegan got hit by a train !! What a funny & cute story.

  12. Jakersscrafty

    im trying to take? this video out of my favorates cause somebody hacked me & im using the internet channel on my wii but it looks like my wii is possesed!

  13. Rebecca Warren

    We use warm milk instead of water…same idea though. A little fat a little salt a little pepper voila a meal.

  14. tjbollman1

    Beautiful lady,. God Bless!?

  15. atbella

    I love her? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  16. gail jones

    He Got hit by a train!!!!! I Love? it!

  17. makrsk09

    Waste not! Want not! Words that are not? used in our society today!

  18. mcrfuse

    she’s in the LA bloods!?

  19. Brennan Bourne

    Her stories are? the best part! Haha oh, man, her grandkids are lucky! 🙂

  20. Skeptic

    Wow! Looks like acceptable survival food. Lucky thing FDR was? running things back then, or things might have gotten REALLY tough.

  21. jumpinjacksflash

    These videos? are great, thank you!!!**

  22. michelletilson

    I learn so much from you, and not only that? but for some reason when I am depressed & I watch your videos it makes me feel better. A warm cozy kinda feeling! I just loveeeeeee you!

  23. Jayme Rempel

    You know what makes these videos great is the stories that come with the recipes. I love all of? them. Clara, thank you for taking the time to share these videos. Editor/creator of the videos, thank you as well.

  24. Jayme Rempel

    Not when? she makes “fried mushrooms.”

  25. RachelHC

    Panzanella is a good? use for hard bread, too.

  26. James Mullican

    The first path toward enlightenment is to learn to see thing as they truly are without delusions or distortions. And, to develop wisdom by learning how things work.

    The only? ones buying US debt any more is the federal reserve. Which means the government is paying for it’s deficit spending with newly created money. This is literally inflation of the money supply.

    Things the US are #1 at: Most people in prison, most defence spending, and most people who think angels are real. 🙂

  27. Michael Ryan

    People have been saying? for years now our economy is going to collapse and that’s a bunch of bull shit. Our economy is still number 1 and every other country revolves around us. Being in debt does not mean shit, if it did then we would have long ago fallen from #1.

  28. pato milbert

    I live and travel in the third world. My friends still use oxen to help me on my land. We work hard and plant real food. When This? western culture comes to its logical end the third world will revert back to its recent past and do what their dad and mom did, working the land. Most people I know are just getting a motor cycle. If the gas stops flowing they will walk to the feilds. Life will change but not so much as in the states and Europe. You are not connected to each other or the land.

  29. 1984henryk

    With regard to minimum wage and petrol you America s have it easy…!!
    In england petrol is? £1.30 a litre which converts to $9.46 a gallon minimum wage is £6.31 or $10.21. So a gallon of fuel costs almost an hours work minimum wage.

  30. Lpoolboy

    I like your videos but you generalise and say idiotic things sometimes. Video games turn your mind to ‘mush’? Right, sure buddy. Take the people who are ‘awake’ right now and you’ll find that the vast majority are 18-30. Who plays games the most? 18-30. This is your base. You should not be offending it like? this. Games are a distraction, yes, but we can be active all the time, we need a break every now and then. You be can be aware and prepared and awake and smart and fit and still play games

  31. Lpoolboy

    That lady was 32? Oh shit she looked atleast 40. Goes to show? what stress and a poor diet does.

  32. Inquisitor6321

    The thing is, I didn’t regurgitate what TruthNeverTold said. These numbers have been out since 2009 with no end in sight.

    But hey, don’t take MY word for it. ? Just keep doing what you’re doing and we shall see what events unfold.

    I DO applaud your questioning things. That’s always a good start.

  33. notessimodude

    Thank you for regurgitating what? TruthNeverTold said.

  34. jared jones

    im glad all this? alternative information is only for the united states so that the rest of the world knows whats going on with their countries.

  35. jared jones


  36. Inquisitor6321

    What makes you think we’re not in a great depression now? The real unemployment numbers exceed 17% (a depression is unemployment exceeds 10% for more than a year. We have been at this level for more than 4 years now with no end in sight.)

    I would suggest you keep game development at a hobby level & learn a real marketable skill.?

  37. notessimodude

    I just had lunch so I should be good? for a while.

  38. MinisterQuietBuck

    Enjoy your games.? Hope you don’t go hungry.

  39. notessimodude

    That’s such? a vague answer. You must be very wise indeed.

  40. MinisterQuietBuck

    Study history and you’ll? realize its going to happen.

  41. notessimodude

    And what if I drop my hopes and dreams and learn how to garden and this ‘great crash’? you mentioned doesn’t happen?

  42. MinisterQuietBuck

    When I was your age, gas was $0.72 per gallon and minimum wage was $3.35. A tank of gas (10 gal) would cost me $7.20 or just under 2 hours of my wages. Today gas is $3.81, so a tank would be $38.10. Minimum wage is $7.25 yet today it takes 5.25 hours of wage (3.25 hours more than before). The math alone tells you the depression/collapse is coming. The math alone should tell? you to learn how to garden and self survive instead of video games.

  43. Philip Stinton

    Excellent video, really well made. Shame? that only those who are willing to educate themselves will listen. I have given tp trying to tell others to prepare, getting bored bieng laughed at.

  44. ernst de waal

    this is? so true.

  45. TruthNeverTold

    Technology is not going away and game theory is good the current game obsession of this paradigm will die with this paradigm. Bringing anew paradigm thinking to games might be good but real value goods like farming and energy are much better.
    Your generation will benefit from the? collapse of the old.

  46. notessimodude

    I hope to the Milky Way that you’re wrong about ALL of this. I’m nearly 20, and I’d hate to have another? Great Depression hit within the next few years. That’d be really bad for the industry I’m going into, which is game development.

  47. cydtf2009

    Stronger values? Ask the non-whites about that. Too many oversimplifications and generalizations here. Some good stuff too, though. Just gotta wade through the? bulls#it.

  48. e8iMm7KE999

    Perhaps the poor should quit having kids. If you can’t afford it, maybe you shouldn’t do it. One of the problems with society is that people don’t expect things will go wrong and don’t prepare for it. Perhaps the rich should only have kids. As long? as the people can party and neglect responsibility, children should be out of the question.

  49. adspeed7292005

    Your views on wimin and chillun are real progressive, there, friend. Who needs to have a? paradigm shift here again?

  50. adspeed7292005

    Yeah, life “back then” was just peachy. I think you’re glossing over the ugly parts just a bit… (Hint: 99% of all the pictures? you included were of white people.)