Great Depression Cooking – Fried Mushrooms

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95 year old cook, author of “Clara’s Kitchen” and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the…
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25 Responses to “Great Depression Cooking – Fried Mushrooms”

  1. trinni0007

    This lady could cook a boot? and make it tasty….lol.

  2. ChibiColor

    Just as you should look up “sense of humor.”?

  3. BigRedPower59

    Thank you for posting these wonderful videos. I am an adopted child. I’m 40 and my “parents” are both in their 90’s. Farm children from Kansas the dust bowl. Thank? you for inviting us into your kitchen Ms Clara. I had a wonderful time.

  4. TheEnzyme94

    Thank you Clara! Really enjoyed? your video.

  5. Brooklyngirl1969

    OMG!! Sad, isn’t it?? That’s what happens when you don’t study history & have your heads in your cell phones all day. smh….

  6. Sujei Pagan

    I love the pinch? on the cheek. She’s awesome (‘.’)

  7. HouseOnSunset

    Are you freaking retarded? Look? up “The Great Depression.”

  8. Tony Galle

    :o? shes a sweet lady

  9. ladybeee1

    Clara,? I love you!

  10. tstarling

    I just love Clara!?

  11. ChibiColor

    Ahhh youre such charming? woman.. Youre so awesome 🙂

  12. ChibiColor

    I? am sorry for your depression… I hope it gets better….

  13. Alex S

    Well aren’t you a bag? of positivity!

  14. Kat R

    people? who use the term cray cray are dumb dumb

  15. lupegaru2

    It totally stuns me how much Clara reminds me of my own Grandmother by her cooking, her stories of the Great Depression, her comments, her sweetness, everything.! There really was “something special”? about many of the people who endured the hardships of that time. I find it hard to detect that exact same “something special” in the people born in my generation and after. (My parents were ages 9 and 4 in 1929 so they had it too). I’m unsure how to describe it exactly but I know it when I see it.

  16. TruRykFen

    Thank? you Mrs. Clara

  17. Brenda Dickens

    OMG Who posted? seven dislikes. Clara is the best!

  18. Ale Lagarda

    i? love mushrooms !! 😀 BUT THOSE NASTY 7 dislikes ARE GONNA FEEL MAH WRATH!!!

  19. Alex S

    She said she was thin as a rail – in another recipe vid she said they? were all fat from all the potato’s – old people are cray cray

  20. mango chunk

    imagine, clara was 14 when? the depression hit.!!
    she saw the 30s 40s 50s the hippies of the 60s the crazy disco of the 70s the terrible reagan yrs of the 80s the boring 90s and shes still kickin after 13 yrs in the new millenium!

  21. Allison Smith

    Ohhhh Clara. You are just the best!?

  22. Todd S

    She reminds me of my Dear Grandma who was born in 1905 and passed away in 1993. Love? her!

  23. warburg12

    how is she not the most famous person on the planet?? I just love her, we all do, anyone that ever comes here does. Love you Clara!

  24. ThousandTimesBefore

    I? love mushrooms, and this looks so tasty! Definitely trying it out, thank you 😀

  25. afukinname

    Healthy even? though poor, food for thought.