Great Depression Cooking – Pizza

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94 year old cook, author and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the era. Learn how to ma…
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The Master Conservative Economist of our time explains what happened in the Great Depression; quite to the contrary of what you may have been led to believe….

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49 Responses to “Great Depression Cooking – Pizza”

  1. Domdine

    Premier impression: cette pizza n’est pas très garnie, mais je vais la faire selon les directives de Clara.
    Seconde impression: la meilleure pizza qua j’aie faite :o)

    Merci? Clara pour cette recette toute simple et délicieuse :o)

  2. 16cliffedge

    fractionally depressing on first? impression

  3. Diane Webster

    Clara sends out nothing but love to? all who stop by. Those who know that, take it and run with it.

  4. Churumbelita

    What do you mean? She just celebrated her 98th b-day last week. ?

  5. GrilledCheezeSammich


  6. D Lee

    clara i love watching your videos. i hope one day youll make? more.

  7. elijah newell

    its impossible for me? to watch this and not smile ^_^

  8. jhiller21

    That pizza looks really good. That’s more like a traditional Italian pizza, not much cheese, and simple ingredients.

    Pizza was peasant food in Italy, now these chains are charging $15-$20 for a large, and it isn’t? even that good. Make your own pizza, people. It’s cheap and easy, and if you make it well, it’s a million times tastier than Dominos.

  9. Narisar Utrup

    I love your food channel, and your food looks amazing. It also reminds me about my mom’s childhood.? She always tell me about her story when she was young.

  10. undertaker666dead

    Pizza? is a favourite meal of mine as well ^,..,^

  11. trublgrl

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it? again. I love you Clara!

  12. 16cliffedge

    this channel is a bit? depressing

  13. tavian Prater

    screw dominoes? and pizza hut

  14. David li

    Grandma makes the best? food 😉


    She is so cute? lol. Adorable when she tasted it and said yummy lol

  16. welderella

    What a wonderful gift. Thank you. I? do not have any elders in my life who can share with me beyond my parent’s time. So this is just such a wonderful treat. Thank you for sharing your life, experiences and you. 🙂

  17. usagi18

    Oh my freaking God… never thought of cutting the pizza with scissors.? Thanks Clara, now you made my life way easier!!! :3

  18. MrLimborace

    “I can eat? pizza every day, I like it!” You’re an angel, Mrs. Clara and you make me miss my Mom and my Nana.

  19. Craig Gnik

    This is just echo of some of the other people here, what a wonderful and beautiful woman. Thanks for? this video!

  20. mrcinemajunky

    She can eat pizza everyday….just when I think she can’t possibly get any more awesome….and she says what I tell people…”Pizza has everything on it…it’s good for you!” LOL! When I was a? child there wasnt much to eat…2 raw biscuits in a can, a hot dog…a small piece of very hard cheese…and left over tomato paste. I was hungry! My grandma sent me out of the kitchen. Before I knew she turned it all into a pizza for me! Clara reminds me of my grandma.. :’ )

  21. Lisa Ayers

    i love your recipes thank? you for sharing.

  22. candiesVanity

    Clara you are just too? precious 🙂

  23. thinprincess87

    Love? your cookbook & episodes

  24. Nikilmoss74

    I? luv Clara so much!

  25. antnguyen89

    Sowell vs Wolff. Make it? happen.

  26. OvercomeLoneliness

    Sowell? is so smart.

  27. Jared Nelson

    Hmmm thats funny cause after the Smoot Tariff act our imports decreased 66% and our exports decreased 61%…alot more than a fraction of a point. exports declined from? $1 billion to $600 million. Every economist today will say that this tariff extended the depression.

  28. Phill Black

    Does anyone know where? I can find a source about unemployment from 1929 or 1930? I just can’t find anything less than 1948.

  29. DanielJMoore1991

    also the economy improved after the war because we stopped using products for blowing and started buidling them for businesses ?

  30. 86austinc86

    too much common sense. RON? PAUL 2012

  31. truevoice08

    So your two heroes are people of totally different? political (and even personal beliefs)? So on what basis then do you admire them? The fact that both are black?

    Are you a racist?

  32. comptonproduction

    Did you spend all our tax payer money on your BS education. So you can? call some a word that you probably don’t know the meaning of. Five Stars. What you think people are hotels or Restaurant. You live in a dream world.

  33. Colonel Neville

    Excellent left liberal racist logical? fallacy. Five stars.

  34. Sublime Music Channel

    Thanks. I enjoy being condescended to. Perhaps you’d like to pat my head and send me to the kitchen for? a sweet now? Sowell and the President are BOTH heroes of mine for having prevailed in–and in spite of–a world with too many assholes like yourself.

  35. comptonproduction

    He was probably there. old? uncle tom. lives for ever.

  36. Hook242002

    Unemployment isn’t always a clear indicator of an economy’s health and well being. In the former U.S.S.R. there was never any unemployment, yet I would hardly consider their economy as productive, robust, or anything other than sick and dying. The war did not end the Great Depression. It ended in 1946, almost a full year? after the war ended. The reason it ended? Government spending was cut by 60% and taxes reduced by 30%. GDP grew at a 30% rate in 1947.

  37. Murray Man

    ravengaurd6 is a communist. Sowell is? a scholar. I’ll choose him over you, any day.

  38. Matthew Mitchell

    Or rather this is the man which? all americans should look up to and not Obama?

  39. johammbass

    I love? Sowell, he says it how it is

  40. nphanlon1973

    truevoice08….i’m a white arse and i look up? to him.doesn’t matter what colour your arse is,the very same product comes out of it.

  41. M. Ba

    I’ll read into it.?

  42. flipgood89

    ..(cont). The caused a devastating swell in the REAL interest rate, which is the difference between the nominal interest rate and inflation. Bottom line is? Sowell is really amateurish in his analysis. What kills me about him is his blatant manipulation. He routinely attacks entitlements (like welfare), but by his own admission, entitlements werent firmly entrenched untli ’33. Thats 4 yrs. after the crash! He says they didnt immediately help. LOL. Who the fuck is he trying to kid?

  43. flipgood89

    (cont)….Banks were closing for years leading up to ’29, which was a good thing for the fed, as they were attempting to rein in the speculation bubble in wall st. Where the fed fucked up was confusing the monetary base (which was healthy) with the money multiplier? (which was not)….the rich were hoarding wealth and withdrawing funds, while banks were holding reserves in excess of what the fed wanted. Money wasnt being exchanged, which killed investments (THE REAL CULPRIT)

  44. flipgood89

    …Kind of hard to deconstruct his sources when he provides none, but here goes. For starters, he isolates the Smoot tariff a strong contributer to the depression. Fool is lying, net exports weren’t really effected. We’re talking fractions of a point. He tries? to sell this idea that the crash of ’29, and what followed was some spontaneous combustion. Not surprisingly he doesnt explain any of this — because he is willfully peddling bullshit…

  45. louiethegreater

    It is that simple, there is plenty on this plantet to feed all, clothe all, and for all to have an abundance of everything in their lives. The problem evolves when folks start gathering up what rightfully belong to us all.When the land all belings to a few people than? what are those without land to do. If resources belong to the corporations, because they have the capital to buy them, how is that helping us. All are worthy to survive, having survived is not proof of that.

  46. M. Ba

    it’s not always that simple. markets are constantly in flux and one can’t prove whether or not their worthy of survival until they survive. You gotta go out on a limb to grab the ripest fruit. if all the great inventors, innovators and businessmen of the past that that revolutionized human life? had just stayed home and quit, you and I’d be poorer, less well fed, working longer hours than anything if at all and either riding horses or stepping in their shit. agrarian life sucks.

  47. louiethegreater

    If one cannot start a business in the US, and succeed, I would suggest checking the aptitude? of the person starting the business. Some folks just do not make good business people. Most important is capital, if one does not have the capital to wearther the storms, than stay at home.

  48. M. Ba

    first of all anti-market forces are what bump up the costs of beginning a business. what you’re talking about doesn’t occur until after the businesses are started. 2/3 of businesses don’t last a decade. you have that part down as far as retail but the other ones get cut down by multiple factors.

    there’s a balance to be made in the economy. between corporate and state evils. competition against corporate? and freedoms against State. we need regulations that do more good than harm

  49. louiethegreater

    New businesses cannot survive because they cannot compete against multinationals operating in the third world. New businesses are retail orientated businesses? if they have a product to sell, that product is manufactured in Asia. We export our resources, and the third world preforms the value added operations and sends the finished product back to us. Did you say anti-market forces are aginst entrepreneurs, where did you get that information, it is simply not the case!