Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman’s Meal

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91 year old cook and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the era. Learn how to make simpl…
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The rise of the Ford motor company affords oppotunities for thousands of workers, but is followed by the grim realities of economic crisis and tough manageme…

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50 Responses to “Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman’s Meal”

  1. Sans Soucci

    Would you like me to kick your neighbor’s ‘tomatoes’? I’m, with you….There is such a thing as ‘asking permission’, or doesn’t your neighbor know this? Man,? I hate that!!! BTW, put those big, hairy, dirty boys to work, after they get finished filling their stomachs!!!

  2. flamingmonkey2

    What a sweet old? lady

  3. pnkjoy

    Looks so delicious! Very wonderful. Thank you so much!?

  4. MsFreebird1st

    I love this sweet precious gift from God! I just found her videos this morning and I’ve only watched two and absolutely adore this woman! In fact, my eyes are leaking a little. (:->) Truly made my morning and has? done my heart good! Thank you for posting!

  5. PlanoPrincess

    She is so cute! I love “let me turn on the gas” and it is an electric stove. Funny how we call things by old names. Please give us an update how she is doing. She? posted this video before the recession. Perfect timing.

  6. EconCat88

    God bless you Clara? if you are still alive. 🙂

  7. Makinglovework Day

    Wow how blessed you are.Keep going.?

  8. astrangeone

    It looks good!? It’s a college student’s meal in a bowl! 😀

  9. RJTrezise1983

    There’s something? warming about these vids.

  10. boscoitalics

    What a sweet lady, think I will try this recipe one day. My Oma & opa also lived through the? depression.

  11. WolfeGrant

    I find it interesting and a? little disturbing that even back then during that time your neighbor was willing to try and steel your veggies from your garden.

  12. telecasterbear

    very sweet. simpler times are? better times.

  13. Scottchmorsco

    wonderful sharing,?

  14. Thank Ful

    My Nana just passed away 4/11/12. Yes I used to called her “Nana” too. You are the sweetest! Your personality shines! Love to you,? Mark, and friends.

  15. shawn maso

    I was tearing up watching this, shes so? lovely 🙂

  16. Snoopy111469

    Awww – Ms. Clara? is just a delight! Sweet, kind, articulate – and just plain adorable. I miss my grandmother. Awesome video, Ms. Clara – you are a blessing to many.

  17. roge715


  18. roge715

    is very nice to? see people eating this kind of meals and instead of junk food, nice!!!!

  19. Gabe0702

    my mom used to and still makes it when? she visits , but she uses ground beef. Yum!

  20. Adam Martin

    I’m eating this tonight.?

  21. ronet177

    I love history and? food so this youtube channel is for me. Love your videos.

  22. Sherri181

    Not to sound too patronizing, but Clara, you are ADORABLE!! Makes me miss my? grandmother so much. My husband can’t wait for me to make this!

  23. rahrahcool

    I wanna make? this meal and pretend that I’m in the depression while eating it.

  24. ashleylynn23541

    Very Cute video!?

  25. CookWithPride

    When i was a kid my mom would make almost the? same thing, she also put egg in her. lol

  26. allgoo19

    “GDP was created for FDR to help with “managing” economy. In fact? growth of GDP is a lunacy not the showcase of the real economic activity.”
    I can learn something everyday in youtube.
    Thanks for the info.

  27. celainea

    Rags to Riches,? Fear to Obsession — This is why trickle down theory never works, & Empires always fall. Democracies that support dictatorial businesses make little sense.

  28. Grateplainz

    Ford is still there today. It all worked out OK. God bless Hnery? Ford.

  29. keishamania

    Oh I get it now. It took 3 rewinds but I think I get why people bought black hair dye. Maybe some wanted to cover up their gray hairs in an attempt to appear younger. It was just said that Ford let go of men in their 40’s and replaced them with younger, faster men. That’s ageism Mr. Ford, that’s not cool. If a man in his 40’s is still fit and able bodied then he’s still an asset to the company. Besides who said 40 was old? anyway. Its not like its 60. Its discrimination. Its wrong.

  30. keishamania

    I had to rewind that like 3 times to get it. Maybe people were trying to cover up their gray hairs at attempt to appear? younger perhaps. Why black tho….it doesn’t suit everyone. Some look good with red hair, others may look good with brown hair, blonde hair. Then again this isn’t about beauty and style so I’ll shut up now LOL.

  31. keishamania

    Why did people by black hair dye? What does hair dye? have to do with getting a job???

  32. keishamania

    When it was time to hire new people sales of black hair dye skyrocketed? What? does that mean? Am I hearing that right or am I tripping out at 3 o’clock in the morning? Can’t sleep.

  33. tpowell453

    Ford was never an anti-semite. That is a lie. He just? asked a few questions that a lot of people have asked throughout the years, and made some valid points.

  34. tpowell453

    Ford hated labor unions – BUT – he made sure he paid his workers? a decent, living wage.

  35. sal1964

    we need to stop the importing? and keep our jobs here.

  36. greymalkinfilms

    i love the intro? titles on this.

  37. ThinkingDeepThoughts

    INTRO? SONG???

  38. MikeMuk1

    The demonstrators initiated the riot by starting to throw rocks and ice [as admitted in this film]. If historians? look closely they’ll see that Communist agitators are behind this as they were in the UK auto strikes of the 60s and 70s!

  39. Omar Torres

    If we do not learn from our past,? history is doomed to repeat itself.

  40. raymond lindroth

    There is false hope coming.

    When you see the FIRST KING of America Then you will be looking at the false messiah. He will fix all America’s? and the worlds problems.

    Just as a matter of interest:” I too have a silver stash.”

    Bless you.

  41. silverybug

    It depends how you would count unemployment. According to Obamacare full employment starts at 30 hours per? week. In addition there are several U levels of unemployment. We already have ~20-25% unemployment now, if it could not be manipulated. Add here food stamps, drop in workforce participation rate, disability fraud. We are already in the economic hole, there is no reason to seek or anticipate economic tsunami: it is here. Despite of it, I am hopeful.

  42. raymond lindroth

    bless you?

  43. silverybug

    I thought that we already survived the end of the world 😉
    Mankind can be seduced but mans nature is not sinful, we just carried away in wrong direction. Banksters shell be put behind bars to make company? to Madoff, as well as some public servants who have become public masters.

  44. raymond lindroth

    50% of Americans will be unemployed? this time.

    Bless you.

  45. raymond lindroth

    Greed comes because of mans sinful nature.

    It just gets worse generation after generation.

    This? great, great , great depression will be mankinds LAST.

    Do not worry. :” The false messiah will fix it.” Then the end will come.

    bless you

  46. silverybug

    Historically, recessions were called “panics”. Then Government have decided to change the name of downturn to “depression”. After “Great Depression” the name for correction was changed to recession.
    BTW, GDP was created for FDR to help with “managing” economy. In fact growth of GDP is a lunacy not the showcase of the real economic activity. Growth of? GDP is not equal growth of the prosperity or better quality of life or happiness.

  47. silverybug

    Then why greed comes in certain times? Is it generation issue? NO!
    It’s the result of FED monetary policy and interest rates? manipulation, that causes distortion of the market and mal-investment. Bust came after artificially fueled boom. It’s the correction to fix the excesses. Crisis is the opportunity to re-organize business.. Change is always forced, painful and comes not from the top but from the bottom. We have to stop growing government, we must have sound money, and we will make it.

  48. raymond lindroth

    greed? caused the roaringtwenties.

    Greed will cause this coming depression.

    The world is doing EXACTLY what happened in the roaring twenties.

    I tell you the truth:” The great, great, great depression is almost upon Us.

    The wise shall understand.

    Bless you.

  49. silverybug

    Problem was not the overproduction and underconsumption. Is the result of the cause: credit bubble,? DEBT, and OVERCONSUMPTION that created roaring 20ths.

  50. xxl96

    If? you believe the lies in this documentary