Great Depression Survival Lessons: Pappaw Speaks

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25 Responses to “Great Depression Survival Lessons: Pappaw Speaks”

  1. Mary M

    My grandparents grew? up during the great depression. I am glad that I listened to their stories .

  2. Mary M

    You Jackass ! The great depression was during the 1930’s. I know? PLENTY of people that are still around that lived through it. Stop your stupid trolling.
    Get a life !

  3. DAILEYericCaryUSA

    Bullshit. The Depression was over before Papaw was ten years old. He never knew any different. Everything Papaw knows about the Depression is only what someone? told him. Learn to maths.

  4. Jim Pringle

    Loving family is? the best. Thank you for posting this.

  5. mjo8043452

    R U married??

  6. Rebecca Smith

    Respect elders or have hell? to pay! Your granddad is living history!

  7. Ryan LJ

    True that.? This is why we’ve got to prep I suppose.

  8. Rebecca Smith

    rThank you!?

  9. LisaBaby211

    Darlin, you are so special to your Pappaw! This video made me think of being around my Paternal Grandfather? talking about being on the reservation and my Maternal Grandmother teaching me survival skill in the backwoods of Florida. I miss them both dearly. If the people of today do not wake up and smell the BS that is being accepted as truth..they will perish!! Keep your channel you are the BEST!

  10. Vincere Vel Valhalla

    Outstanding… thanks you for sharing time with your Pappaw. I appreciate what I believe is a strong sense of family as I’ve been fortunate to have that too. My parents grew up during the great depression and that generation has, in my opinion, a greater appreciation for? what they have and never expect anything other than what they’ve earned. Generation after generation my family has always kept track of its ties and have contributed significantly to freeing the country we know. God bless!

  11. TNMarksman

    Really really liked this one. It was like sitting with my papaw, accent to the tee. I understood every word. When I was a teen he would tell me WW2 stories and he could remember the terrain and the weather in the Pacific Islands in fascinating detail. Some of the combat stories he would pause and get this hollow look in his eyes as if he were there at that moment. His depression stories were very similar. Beans and tators and how you could walk across the TN River before? the TVA. I miss em.

  12. hslot4

    What did they do for meat.
    Well il tell you what they did for meat the first thing that went was the dog or the cat
    If you were lucky you could keep bunnies they reproduce quit fast and didnt cost a thing or you resorted to eating bulbs
    Then you went on your bycicle 60 milles thru the snow with no? tires on it for a small sack of potatos to feed your family (Hungerjourney)
    And if your kid had a stamp in its passport with a B for bastard you would hide them in case of a razzia.
    btw thx 4 sharing

  13. geepcj2a

    Thank you? for sharing your Pappaw! He’s a good man.

  14. Michele Moore

    What a precious interview! I’ve no doubt back then? your grandparents could NEVER have imagined a world like they live in today. God bless them.

  15. redoleary

    I love how you are with your Pawpaw. He’s a? gem and so are you. Some real wisdom there.

  16. joyfulmn

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Please thank your pappaw again for sharing with us. ? I didn’t really get to know either of my grandfathers. You are blessed.

  17. LulaRoze

    Wonderful! I’m an educator and I couldn’t agree more. So many of our students would be blindsided by an economic collapse that required hunting and gardening to eat and total self? reliance.

  18. carolmurray123

    As a woman living with my grandmother to take care of her, it’s amazing how impatient the younger generations are. Most don’t take the time to listen to older folks, let alone WANT to listen to them. I have learned a lot from my? grandmother, and thank you so much for recording this chat and posting it for others to see. I feel bad for the kids who DO want to listen to the tales of the older generations, but have no grandparents to listen too.

  19. Walt Benoski

    Thank you for creating your channel, and this segment you should? be especially proud of. The greatest generation that ever lived could speak volumes of truth from experience, and still this nation remains largely unmoved and unmotivated until history repeats itself? We can and must do better.

    I especially like how your southern drawl comes out in this “interview”, you folks are so genuine. Hats off to your pawpaw, his character truly shines through you.

    Thanks again Y’all, for keeping it real.

  20. stak235

    Loved the video.? Thanks!

  21. moonclipper45

    I’m so glad? that ol’ Dad’s still around for you, Rachel. I’m a good bit older than you, so
    my grand parents are all gone now…and my parents. I got to learn a lot from my elders
    while I had a chance…but still come up with questions I’d like to ask them…or things
    I’d love to share with them. Thanks for sharing with us, Darlin ‘.

  22. 3vil3lvis

    The thing to take away from? this is that if/when SHTF happens there will not be enough fish and game to support all the hungry people….if you want to eat you have to grow.

  23. Calvinistin

    Oh precious grandparents. I am from Germany and I loved my grandparents too when they were still alive. My grandma told me countless stories about her youth, the world war, her flight to Poland etc. And what they all have in common is? that they knew how to garden, how to keep farm animals like chickens and pigs. My grandma was responsible for the pig when she was a girl. She also knew how to find eatable mushrooms in the forest. The problem is that nowadays we rely so much on supermarkets.

  24. monkadelic13

    4 ppl can keep getting their welfare checks?

  25. Kevin Ferrell

    Miss my pappaw all the time. Loved that man dearly. Thought us Kentuckians were the? only ones used pappaw and mammaw for grandparents.
    GOD bless you and your kinfolk. This was one of your best hon.