Here Is The Secret On The Economic Collapse — Episode 137

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24 Responses to “Here Is The Secret On The Economic Collapse — Episode 137”

  1. MoneyBags73

    Just found your channel today. Good Channel!?

  2. Richard Griffith

    and? so is Gerald Celente!!!!

  3. Richard Griffith

    Detroit has the largest Muslim population in AmeriKa. They can live easily under adverse conditions, slums, war zones etc. 25 other cities are going the same way as Detroit, but yet our fearless leaders? find a way to give 140 other countries OUR money. Bring the troops home, rebuild America, teach our kids skilled trades, n stop policing the world. Ron Paul was right on!!!!

  4. Richard Griffith

    Yep, so u live maybe 1 year longer than the rest of us>good luck> cause nothing n nobody can stop this madness>Be Afraid>Be very AFRAID!!!! Syria could be the spark to ignite WW3. Divine Intervention is? the only solution but not likely to happen.

  5. Arjang Jameh

    But…only problem I have is with the discussion about gun control. In my view, guns and weapons all over the world should be eliminated. But that is a lengthy discussion that I need time to elaborate on. I suggest anyone who thinks we should have guns to watch the 5th episode of an? amazing show called Culture in Decline to see how wrong we’ve all been in our society regarding notions of security and defense. The best defense is taking care of people, because those who kill have been deprived

  6. Arjang Jameh

    I like? this guy, speaks the truth, without bias. LIke you very much man. THUMBS UP! Bravo!

  7. justinwoolee

    After? the IRS takes it all 🙁

  8. itchiray

    Your combination of aggression and ignorance is sad. Elections? Ha Ha. The Brotherhood is tied to both Obama and the CIA, and the Egyptian? people know this. Have a close look at Obama’s so-called wedding ring for starters.

  9. itchiray

    You are short of the mark. I suggest you watch the vids Octogon? Empire of Darkness and The Pharoah Show. PEACE

  10. pedro aponte

    X22, what do you think about Plume-Gate? have you reported? on this?

  11. joecoool100

    Dont fear… start finding like minded people….we will get thru this. ?

  12. Cuttingthruthefog

    Out in the West, there’s a concept called “defensible space”. It mainly applies to clearing brush from around structures to prevent fire damage, but it ALSO means having a clear view in every direction. I’m scared too, because the most important thing you need is the hardest to achieve, & that’s a community of like-minded folks who can watch your back. They have Predator drones that can read a license plate & deliver a missile from 2 miles up. We have a Congress who? voted to use them ON US!

  13. americaisbacktrump

    They are saying that? the recession is now over in the UK. Lying of course.

  14. shareofhonor

    Just the fact somebody else did something horrible doesn’t make it okay? you did it too. Pol pot was communist as well and had the Killing Fields in Cambodia.

  15. shareofhonor

    They don’t care what their religion is they only care if they will play ball with the US. Saudi Arabia plays ball so? we don’t bother them. They are muslim and totalitarian.

  16. 1940Katyn

    Ole Dave always has to bring the damn Nazis into the conversation but never the Russian Reds..

    You do realize Dave that the Nationalist movement was in response to the Marxists right?

    You do a good job and I enjoy listening to you but one of these days I’m going? to teach you some history.

    A little hint Dave. Anything that the Nationalists in Germany did in the 30s and 40s (WAR), the Reds/Marxists did 100x worse in the 20s & 30s (Peace)!

    But no one ever speaks of it?? Why?

  17. 1940Katyn

    I hate Obama but that theory is utterly ridiculous. Sean Hannity type of absurd shit. I hate it! It’s not logical.

    Now Obama is a radical Marxist w/ intent to destroy what’s left of the US Constitution but he’s not propping up the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood won an election!? What part of that do you not understand?

  18. 1940Katyn

    Functioning under a? Jewish Apartheid.

  19. Eva Villa

    I AGREE with? most however

  20. ItsSurfingTime

    Good report today. I was wondering if the rumors are true that Ben Bernanke will be? resigning Sept. 1, 2013?

  21. ManufacturedLack

    We already? did form a Club.

    1st rule of Fight Club is….

    TT is correct, the only way to the father, is by going through the Sun. Head towards the light, and then break on through, to the other side.

    Fortunately, the Sun is hollow, just keep that in mind; makes going through it a lot easier.

    The Sun is a hyper-dimensional shunt.

    To the 5th dimension!

    I hope to see you there, no apologies required, I’m only forwarding a message which already was.

  22. Barbara Allen

    My? boyfriend works for KRAFT Foods. Summer which is their busy time is not so busy. They closed the doors for 9 days then cut back hrs.

  23. lakecrab

    Old Chuck Harder used to say “You can’t sell stuff to people who do not have any money”. Of course, the “you” means us. The Fed has held itself immune to this by putting many “you”s (and now by putting many formally Mexican undocumented “you”s)? in deep hock including the unborn “you”s.

  24. DeutcherKonnig

    Give obama anything that even remotely resembles a cock and he’ll either put in his? mouth or his ass. (no dif) Great discussion about presidents’ security perimeter should indeed be unarmed and absolutely follow his “brilliant” directives when facing danger. ?