History The Crash of 1929 The Great Depression (PBS) 6of6 -Documentary

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This documentary excerpt looks at the effects of the Great Depression in Germany, where skyrocketing unemployment and human suffering let to political unrest…

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  1. marktsheppard

    …yet lets observe… of how the actual Germans with-in Germany NEVER
    self-titled their own selves as the “the-Natzis” nope… and this “natzi”
    nickname was given-by the British-language-English-speakers… to
    self-confiuze their own spoken-tung/language… with the same
    verbal-problem of how when someone will verbally say of how
    something-is-a-LIE.. or that he-is-a-LIE-er… or Alarm… someone who
    might be eves-droping and listening-to someone elses conversation… will
    jump-to-conclushions and wrongly-assume of how the speaker said the name of
    “Allah” …for the all-American-British-eavesdropers placing and puting
    those people on a Terrorist-watch-list… for verbally-saying the word of