History The Great Depression- New Deal/New York -Documentary

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History Only in History channel is just for aducation. Please subscribele to watch more videos. As President Roosevelt presides over the creation of new fede…

Historian Stephen Davies names three persistent myths about the Great Depression. Myth #1: Herbert Hoover was a laissez-faire president, and it was his lack …

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25 Responses to “History The Great Depression- New Deal/New York -Documentary”


    This video is pure Revisionist BS. I’ll bet a dollar he’s a Libertarian. ?

  2. Odysseus Ulysses

    Okay I’m sorry I just can’t ignore that, “Britain’s economic depression was
    over by 1933 and enjoyed rapid economic growth from 1931 onward”.
    Orwells road to Wigan Pier was written in 1936, this book documented his
    investigations of the bleak living conditions amongst the working class in
    the north of England during the depression. Also the The Jarrow March which
    was a protest march against unemployment and extreme poverty suffered in
    North East England during the Great Depression was in 1936.
    So please don’t try and tell me the depression was over in Britain by 1931,
    it is a lie sir, not only that it is a vile beastly lie, deliberately
    ignoring the facts and sufferings of millions in order to fit a skewered
    economic theory based solely on cherry picking and ignorance… ?

  3. caller347

    I do disagree with some of this man’s points, but then again he is british
    so he is probably right. ?

  4. Brandon Ranauro

    Great video! I am loving Learn Liberty! There is hope for us!?

  5. kalien9990

    wealth is not just measured in government revenue but also the income of
    the population. WW2 lead to the employment of millions in the USA and
    industrial expansion.?

  6. Cader Locke

    Where are your citations??

  7. ThegreatGman009

    Why? because I hate youtube soapboxes. They promote ideological circle
    jerks and misinformation more than they actually inform anyone. No sources
    are cited in this video, furthermore, Do you honestly believe military
    production can’t be tied to wealth? Especially from nations who are in the
    business of selling military hardware? lol

  8. An Inquirer

    Rather than attacking the sender, please explain what is wrong with the
    message? Are the facts wrong? Is the analysis faulty? If you just attack
    the sender, I suspect the message is true.

  9. An Inquirer

    The Great Recession was caused by government housing policy, an absurd
    belief in increasing real estate value and unfortunate monetary policy. The
    war and/or fiscal policies were irrelevant in the recession.

  10. ThegreatGman009

    I smell libertarian propaganda. A quick Google search on the word
    “learnliberty” confirmed my suspicions.

  11. Blankskeen

    Lol, this video reminded me about how bad my history teacher was and how,
    during the unit about WWII, was trying to tell the whole class these three
    myths, or “facts” as she would refer to them as

  12. Robert Colton

    I agree.

  13. John O'brian

    Yes, it did start in the 1930s. But FDR policies made it far worse. If it
    weren’t for WWII, FDR would’ve been one of America’s worst leaders.

  14. Clayton Lenig

    You are talking about WWII, I was referring to WWI which the U.S. became
    directly involved in (sending troops) in 1917.

  15. Robert Colton

    Read what the rest of us were just talking about, war is not good for an
    economy unless the nation is not involved. WW2 was only good for us at the
    beginning when we were selling weapons to everyone while they destroyed
    themselves before Japan bombed us at Pearl Harbor and we got involved. The
    War in Afghanistan was just us invading a country and destroying each
    others wealth, China also made off with the fuel refineries, we didn’t even
    get the oil out of it. It really is not hard to grasp.

  16. Robert Colton

    Pardon me then.

  17. Robert Colton

    Yes that is exactly what I just said, and we didn’t enter the war until
    December 7th, 1941, the Great Depression had started in the 1930’s, it
    appears both Learn Liberty and the rest of people are cutting out half of
    the story, when in fact the two sides go hand in hand, it is important that
    people understand what really happened.

  18. Clayton Lenig

    I believe you are making a fundamental mistake here. Direct involvement in
    war is not beneficial to the economy; it truly is a drain on resources. We
    were already one of the (if not the) biggest weapons manufacturers in WWI
    when we sold weapons to every power involved. This of course stopped,
    however, when we actually decided to fight.

  19. Deathprf88

    If war creates wealth like WW2 (which is something most liberals agree to)
    then why were they accusing Bush of putting us in a recession because of
    his war in Iraq and afghan?

  20. Robert Colton

    This video, is complete bullshit, and you know why? Because World War II
    did get us out of the Great Depression. We became the worlds largest arms
    manufacturer overnight, we were even selling guns and ammunition to
    everyone and even the Nazi’s before Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl
    Harbor. And the other country’s being at war destroying their wealth made
    America rich in comparison too. I swear Learn Liberty has some sort of
    agenda behind it.

  21. octocom jimenez

    i’ve seen this ad a lot and he’s always came across as a dick to me

  22. Ryan Pinkowski

    Love it.

  23. Michael Gustavson

    I need to learn more about american history.?

  24. Gia Jandieri


  25. Steve Brady

    So, as we continue in what many are calling the “Great Recession” what
    lessons can we learn about the government’s current actions? If the “New
    Deal” actually prolonged the depression, is it any surprise that we are
    about to “double dip?”

    One final question: Does NO one remember the Carter Era? I am tiring of
    people telling me this is the “worst economy since the Great Depression.”
    Let’s recap: Under Carter we had:
    1. Double Digit Unemployment
    2. Double Digit Interest rates
    3. Double Digit Inflation

    (or at least close to double digits in each…)

    Where are we today? The only one close at all (on the national scale) is