How I’m Preparing For Economic Collapse

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Are you taking steps to insulate yourself from the effects of the second great depression?
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

42 Responses to “How I’m Preparing For Economic Collapse”

  1. hongtanke

    Mt. Hood isn’t as likely to erupt as Mt. Rainier. It’s important to note that on the west coast the western side of the? mountains is susceptible. The eastern sides are generally safe. This isn’t Pompeii they will not be covered in lava. The Lahar will proceed to the west.

    The Fed reserve is currently creating inflation to lower the worth of its debt so it can pay it off quicker and for pennies on the dollar. This is dangerous in a weak economy like we have now. Look at the great depression.

  2. hbandrewkluntz

    This? scares me so much.

  3. aearnest

    Best song choice so far of? all of your videos.

  4. next2talljones

    It is actually an Osage saying. It may not have been in that exact? order/syntax, but it was. Many newspaper articles and environmental advocates have been using their own doctored versions since the 80’s.

  5. 10babiscar

    what’s? your plan if the volcano erupts?

  6. dpeagles

    You guys always believe every problem? on Earth is caused by America. I got news for you. It is not. Blame America all you want but it simple is not true.

  7. jonathan doe

    Native American saying?


  8. inkey2

    I can tell you why the USA wont (can’t) go back to a gold standard. There just isn’t enough gold to back the? huge amount of paper money that is now in circulation. We passed that point of no return probably 50 years ago. When the currency is not backed by anything why should the govt stop printing more paper dollars?

  9. inkey2

    true….but you will need a small army to protect that? land from the hoards of starving people

  10. NashIndustries

    I love the Back to Basics Book, its so helpfull? in evry aspect.

  11. Warphead EGON

    Does anyone else have a feeling of urgency? I had? a nagging thought two years ago and I started prepping. Last year it went from a nagging thought to high priority. Today it feels like I must get everything done immediately. It is a very strong feeling that sometimes overwhelms. So much done but so much more to do. I still have 2 more solar panels to make. Must get more batteries. The home is not defensible enough. The plumbing from the rain tanks isn’t complete. One at a time I guess.

  12. Warphead EGON

    A straight fence and a straight row through the garden are marks of someone who is not only good at what they are doing but take pride in their work. My? property is nothing but rocks ranging from gravel sized to dinner plate sized. One by one with a rock bar, a rake, and a shovel with a homemade cedar tree handle I dug it it up, removed the rocks and finally planted last week. I am crippled and the pain sometimes is overwhelming but I have never felt more alive.

  13. Warphead EGON

    Due to employment layoff I am having to do all those? things with very few tools, no money, no materials other than what I can take from the woods & no help. But I am doing it because something inside me is saying that to not do it is to not survive. I have truly learned that another man’s junk can can most certainly be a treasure. Cedar trees are now building frames & posts. An old above ground pool wall is now a roof. Old pallets are now a chicken house. I don’t throw anything away now.

  14. Spiritree41

    Soon u will have to turn it into a green house…The weather is going to get unfavorable to veggies. Droughts, floods, high winds and hail are beginning to ravage the land…Also take in account there? will be desperate people who will be breaking into your home and invading your garden to feed there younons…

  15. Brainmalfuction

    ya post hole digger is a no go? where im at full of stone =(

  16. Roxyie Curone

    I am in a dilemma. I grew up a farm girl, so I know the? basics in survival and farming. However, now that I am married, it’s years later, both my spouse and I are disabled, without vehicle access. My dilemma is that I own an old mobile home, but not the land on it, so cannot “farm”. I wish to move my home to land I can own and farm on, but our combined income is $600! I live in CO. Do you think I can do it? Or should I expect a hard futile future? Hate giving up!

  17. dsstroyer

    How far apart? are your post?

  18. brad c.

    I just don’t know why we the usa just? go back gold

  19. 2ravenf0x2

    attitude on whether you believe you will survive or not. You need to make sure you have 1 week of supplies when the dollar collapses for a week minimum the world you know will be chaos leaving your? home will most likely not be an option. Go to your local dollar store if you don’t have a lot of money it actually will help with some things needed for a bug out bag make a bug out bag this is important good luck and may God be with you in your time of need

  20. 2ravenf0x2

    what sustainability sergeant is right. Also, explain to your parents again your fears and start reading on your natural surroundings what I mean is how close are you to forests and mountains and areas you can? bug out to. Without the supplies to stay at your home you will have to bug out. I suggest looking into boy scout and military survival books. Get out and test what you learn in real life won’t do you good if you can’t use what you learn. When it comes to survival 70% is your cont.

  21. John Smith

    That assumes you have? (a) electronic devices, (b) electricity to power your electronics and (c) the skill set to electroplate your own devices.
    “When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money” – Native American saying

  22. avalover5498

    I think you need to calm down and stop being so aggressive. I’m not sure if it was your? intention to sound entirely crazy, but if it was, kudos.

  23. Seth Larcomb

    well that’s kinda false, gold? is actually a very useful in power/electronics. People wouldn’t be that dumb.

  24. Mikebagisitichy

    You’ve under estimated what a this collapse will do to everyone! I dont think you will be growing food when you are dogging heavey? weapon fire, you are the enemy you will be put to death, And if you can hide from their technology, Kudos to you!! And the minute you think its ok to surface their Blackhawk Helicopter will pump you full of Anti-Tank rounds, Thus turning you into baseball size chunks of flesh! Thanks for the fencing tips.

  25. ivanhoe4mag

    very very nice place? 🙂

  26. mkmstillstackin

    Thanks Greg!? this really was a good interview, as you said.

  27. mkmstillstackin

    Thanks Elijah! good interview.?

  28. 49Falcon

    Another bubble that will burst as it creates its own demand and eventually requires taking on additional debt to satisfy the ever growing demand. Of course those at the top again benefit as the borrowed money flows through the gov bureaucracy (who takes its share), gets to the poor who spend it, and it flows to the major corporations/banks.? The bill and the debt is transferred the people. A broken system that eventually puts everybody into a total dependency and control — and then crash…

  29. 49Falcon

    It was the controlled economy that provided the incentives to off-shore our manufacturing. Tax policy, access to capital, and others had their desired effect. Paul is a sharp guy but, what he suggests is that greater control is what we need, which is what allowed those at the top to fleece the people for generations and generations to come. Controlled economies protect and expand the wealth of those at the top since they ultimately pull the strings of the control mechanism. ?

  30. 49Falcon

    Failure of Lassa fare capitalism? Lassa fare capitalism has not existed in the US — at least not since the creation of the Fed, income tax, and perhaps the legal existence of the “corporation”. These factors helped create? a very controlled debt based economy that allowed government and corporations access to near unlimited funding while at the same time shifting the risk and debt to the people. Controls facilitated the bubbles resulting in the concentration of wealth. Lassa Fare never existed.

  31. dishesdealer417

    The founder of Amazon was invited to attend bilderberg so we should all? boycott amazon from now on. He is NWO elite now.

  32. greg williams

    That was amazing thanks Elijah – Paul Craig Roberts is? da mannn!!! 🙂

  33. doubledeckers1

    Love your interviews and insight, Elijah. Keep up the great work.?

  34. lilboyblue3000

    Market are self correcting if they fail. The problem wasn’t solved with supply side it just created bubbles like we get now. Tech in 90s example.

    Spending was diverted from welfare to bombs with soviets with Reagan. I enjoy? your interview but don’t give yourself too much credit.

  35. EugenioRicardoIlde

    God Bless Paul G. Roberts, Reinstall Glass-Steagall. Also, you can’t have deregulation of hardcore monopoly (Fed),? there is nothing libertarian in it.

  36. Julio Rodriguez

    No Mr Roberts, they are not to powerfull. politician are to much corrupted. and people are to much morons.?

  37. Patrick Davidson

    ha ha..? more Welfare for the top 1% of the top 1%? They’re getting the free ride and have for years.

  38. Afearthenrut

    Like another hole in the head.?

  39. quadcatfly


  40. Diane Lang

    Great great man .. one of the best you have had on . .I wish he and Townsend would have an exchange . I think Roberts would kick his ass. AND I would cheer as it took place. One thing about Roberts.. he STILL believes? in nation states and has a loyalty to the one he lives in.

  41. nysynthman50

    Lets hope the BRAIN DEAD American Electorate comes out of their self induced coma.? Dr. Roberts is part of that badly needed cure.

  42. theretrohousewife

    Excellent interview.?