How to get the most bang for your buck when buying SILVER :)

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I put together some suggestions on how to get your money’s worth in silver. 1. Buy low premium silver 2. Avoid sales tax (…
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connectingdots1 warned of Sept. 2008 US Stock Market crash…
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48 Responses to “How to get the most bang for your buck when buying SILVER :)”

  1. Tim Howell

    OK, I invest in ASE and the Canadian Maple Leaf and the OPM round.? The dollar will not go tits up you will always be selling vs. weight and numismatic value. You’re welcome

  2. MrVegiita

    thanks.. it appears you? bought on the dip.. good market timing 🙂

  3. notanother prepper

    excellent vid! very helpful?

  4. MrVegiita

    Thank you builliondotcom! I like that formula “Total price delivered to the door / divided? by ounces = what goes in the spreadsheet”

  5. 101platayoro


  6. MrVegiita

    Wow,? I did not know that. Thanks for sharing that info. I’ll check Silvertowne (with an E at the end right?).

  7. 101platayoro

    Generally a helpful and nicely prepared video…..but you forgot good ol constitutional…ppre 1965 dime, quarters and halves, which are .715 ounces of silver for every dollar face value in any combo at the lowext? premium(and they ship free frm Silvertown)

  8. greg williams

    We have a few Mints here, the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, thats the National mint that does the currency and a few Numi’s a few gold and silver. The Perth mint is owned by the Western Australian state government, is a colonial remnant that refined and minted gold sovereigns for circ. instead of getting the from britain. Then in 1970 the WA gov got handed ownership from the brits, and diversified its skill into the perth mint coins we see today. Just a bit? of trivia, but interesting 🙂

  9. MrVegiita

    That is wacked (x_x)… The premiums for your own country’s government minted coins costs a little more than what we? pay for here in the US… But I love the Perth Mint coins. They make spectacular designs 🙂

  10. greg williams

    Depending on which dealer, but at the moment $6-$7 above spot. Keeping in mind the AU$ exchange rate as i speak is US$1.06. So we actually pay a little more in comparison. so $37-$38AUD for an american silver eagles lol not including shipping, But get this lol – about AU$40 for a kookaburra or? a Koala as the spot price is now 🙁

  11. MrVegiita

    Thanks SilverSanctum? 🙂

  12. MrVegiita

    Thanks Greg! That’s a good thing Australian government would rather charge tax on junky silver 🙂 When buying overseas, I think there’s customs tax. A lot of the Perth Mint coins that we buy here in the US have a $5 to $7 premium depending on the dealer. ? How much of a premium do dealers in Australia charge for American Silver Eagles?

  13. greg williams

    Great vid – Australia dosent charge? sales tax on .999 bullion or coins…but if i buy .925 or less junk silver they charge 10% sales tax – its crazy lol – – – not sure about when they ship overseas

  14. MrVegiita

    yeah, if you live in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax, and the coins stores offer low premium silver $0.99 – $1.49, that? would be the best value for the money.

  15. EpicRV

    Good points for sure — best value for? the money are bars at local coin stores in my humble opinion.

  16. MrVegiita

    Cool, I’ll look into sales tax for? WA state with bullion. I know WA doesn’t charge state income tax.

  17. mcrfuse

    They have sale taxes of stuff but not gold or silver. Or at least? not any places I’ve been too.

  18. MrVegiita

    mcrfuse: Thanks for the info! I will add a footnote to that part on sales tax. I think this kind of information helps the? silver community.

  19. mcrfuse

    WA does not charge? sale tax on silver either

  20. MrVegiita

    Yeah, the Trivium coin is just super awesome! One of my favorite coins but it does have a higher premium than a buffalo indian round or an? apmex round. This video is meant for anyone who wants to buy silver and save…

  21. Lutz1973

    Yes, but your picture is the Trivium coin! It think that maybe premium silver 😉
    Don´t get me wrong, I love? that coin.

  22. MrVegiita

    Thanks 🙂 ? Wanted to make a vid to help as many silver buyers as possible.

  23. SilverSanctum

    Good? vid.

  24. connectingdots2

    JMBullion is the company which owns Youtuber Jsnip4’s Website called Realistnews,net, the same site that as banned me after posting loads of information on Fukushima,Alternative Cancer cures,Gold,Vaccines,silver as well as buying tips before price rises!
    Jnip4 allowed forum “personnel”/Trolls to harass me on a Daily basis as well as call me? foul nasty names only to ban me a year later and accuse me of calling folks names & ruining his website.
    JMBullion doesnt want folks to know about CML’s

  25. spiritartman

    Why avoid? JMBullion?

  26. pauldb707

    Great video, keep? up the good work!!!!

  27. pauldb707

    harper is a toad and and its so funny how it seems everybody in Canada hates him yet he got elected again. I am half Canadian and I’m so sick and tired of Canadian’s thinking that they are so smart, and only dumb Americans could have a moron for a leader. obama is just as bad as bush,? but Canada you re-elected this scumbag even with all of the evidence of his corruption and war mongering. Pathetic.

  28. TheTempacct

    “I’ve been urging Americans to leave for several years now. Lord knows it’s not easy but I called the crashes of ’87 & ’08 & I seem to be more right than wrong about stuff. ”

    Our Jewish Mafia owners have installed a “Green Wall” to keep us in their US plantation!

    There’s a HUGE TAX to leave this incarnation of their slavery system, but with Europe even more under the DAS BOOT of Masonry, where would? one go?

    Iran gave “Free” Masons the BOOT and kicked them out of Iran!
    (WHOSE Evil? ;D)

  29. WashingtonEnema

    Well you don’t know how much the average citizen is planned. Its not like they will tell you on youtube or the news. The govt might? be planned but they failed in Iraq, US will be much worse for them in terms of guerrilla warfare, drones will need maintenance and can be shot down. It boils down to who has the moral authority and they currently don’t.

  30. connectingdots2

    And I beleive the move will begin with the collapse of the US stock market affecting retirement funds ect ect ect… it all goes back to the stock market as most old age pension fund are now invested in the stock market so suddenly having MANY loose their end of life exit plan(401K) will force retaliation upon Gov offices ect ect
    To me this is so clear to see? & w/ recent massive weapons purchases it only worries me.
    THEY’RE planned, prepared & armed w/ drones & were not & that worries me a lot.

  31. a2zhandi

    just calling? it like I see it.

  32. WashingtonEnema

    Exactly, I wouldn’t want to be a foreign troop either. But unfortunately we will have to play very dirty to beat the traitors and it will cost us many lives as well. I guess if you have to live under tyrants its worth giving your life up to be free. If I can take 10 or more down before I go I’ll be satisfied but however it works out I will be happy that good people took a stand against a criminal tyrannical govt. Its all? on their side, everyone is waiting for them to make the first move.

  33. WashingtonEnema

    If you are calling me a shill you must not know? me very well. I’m one of the most outspoken against the shills and I don’t buy bullshit about foreign infiltration because of the threat an armed citizenry poses. Don’t forget people will defect from the military with those tanks and other weapons if the govt tried some bullshit. The corporations would lose money too so they would want to keep that cash flow going.

  34. sherri99516

    Ha,Ha, isn’t that the truth? Transparency is key for changes & reform. Our govs can not be trusted to do this,they all are totally corrupted & owned by their handlers. (for what ever reason). NWO = New World Mafia. Propaganda & spin is name of their game & if that doesn’t work, light? them up,boom! Why isn’t the RICCO ACT being applied.They are openly violating laws is the proof for RICCO ACT, allows interconnected group to be tried as one. Hey, is that a little corporate joke? Or poetic justice?

  35. a2zhandi

    This kind of mentality is what we need, and? what they fear, Because the know it’s coming.

  36. a2zhandi

    What are you going to do with silver when SHTF? I don’t want to lug around? a commodity that is useless to me. Food, ammo, water, survival gear are THE most important investment you can make. Along with a trusting reliable network of those like minds.

  37. a2zhandi

    I find it funny how shills continue to try and pacify? sheep. Which is only postponing their destruction…. 😛

  38. TheTempacct

    I’d SURE? not want to be one of those troops! lol!

  39. connectingdots2

    Your flaw is assuming everyone knows how to farm!
    Your Flaw is assuming land will retain it’s value when you don’t even understand how it’s already way over-valued and has ONLY been dropping ion price as market dies off.
    Your flaw is not understanding what real money is nor having research what precious metal is the most manipulated,which Element of the periodic table is predicted First to? be extinct,which precious metal/commodity is being the most ued in new Patents every year consecutively ect

  40. JustinLB82 .

    “land which will continue DROPPING in $”

    Irrelevant. Does that mean I grow less food on it or that I have to tear down a building or 2 because the markets say the land it’s on is worth less today than it was yesterday? Does it in any way change how I use my land? No. Your flaw is only seeing the monetary or trading value of the land itself as? dictated by the markets. My blessing is seeing real value. Land will provide and sustain life, metals/currencies/markets will not. It’s that simple.

  41. elizabeth macbride

    Well the rest of the world is experiencing the crash I? had 6yr, ago. I lost my home, business and child all in one clean easy sweep. hey guess what I have never felt so free, in control and you will too.

  42. slobomotion

    I’ve been away from “home”? so long I don’t know the place. Cut short a visit in ’10 & will never willingly return to the US. Sad & disturbing for me but I saw an incredible sadness & passivity. So many Americans w.o. 2 nickles to rub together! Maybe I just know & have been in contact with a non-representative tranche. My observations on human nature indicate the majority will not stick their necks out — “gotta think of my family, sorry, man” kind of thing.

  43. slobomotion

    Hi, American long time in Europe, would like to hear from Americans about their? ability to leave the country. I felt like a jerk for saying publicly more would be unable to leave as time goes by, various reasons or none given, & just heard from yet ANOTHER guy, working, unable to leave by State Dept. I’ve been urging Americans to leave for several years now. Lord knows it’s not easy but I called the crashes of ’87 & ’08 & I seem to be more right than wrong about stuff. Thank you.

  44. connectingdots2

    Thanks for posting the EXTRA INFO, so now THEY have enough rounds to kill every American 6 Times on purchases done by Many US Depts. including old age Social Security so it’s clear they expect? a massive crash followed by Social unrest and now they’ve signes agreement w/ Canada they’ll have extra feet on the ground.thanks for the info about Wall st. insiders selling Hot & Heavily so for sure they know it’s about to PoP so THEY take profit & in month the stock will drop leaving pension funds dry!

  45. vastell

    DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition
    davidicke. com/headlines/79513
    Do Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon?
    davidicke. com/headlines/79502
    Friday, 08 February 2013 …?(?????)?… it’s? official global madness

  46. MrCrabTank

    What will happen to gold and silver prices in the? case of a stock market crash?

  47. WashingtonEnema

    Cont. Also if I saw your house being invaded what would stop? me from taking pot shots from a block away? Do you think the neighborhood will sit still? There are millions of patriots and vets ready to trash your troops if the dare invade. REMEMBER that, you may want to think twice because your ego tells you Canada is a badass but in reality you guys aren’t scary to Americans. You will need millions of troops cause it will get bloody mate.

  48. WashingtonEnema

    Funny thing is, he can’t give them the right to act on? US soil unless he violated his oath therefore making this illegal. I’m thinking you are talking about Executive Orders? They are illegal if outside the bounds of the constitution. Read up on EOs.

    Nobody is trained? You have a funny view of things, this same view was exercised by the Bush administration and it didn’t work so well in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I’m not sure if you are fear mongering or trolling but if you are its pretty weak.