How To Prepare For 2012 – Economic Collapse, Food Shortage, Engergy Crisis – You Can’t Eat Silver!

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Author Dmitry Orlov (hightlights): * The inability to grow the economy will lead to a debt increase. * Sustainability should be the focus of the US economy (but this is not being done). * A US collapse is therefore inevitable and a new society is needed to survive. * During a collapse a lot of positives become negatives. * The collapse of the US will lead to increase of threat and violence. * Collapse of America will lead to worldwide rebellion. * I want to explain possible consequences of crisis to people. Dmitry Orlov experienced Russia’s collapse and is seeing the same signs develop in the US economic crisis. Dmitry Orlov will instruct us in this interview how people can prepare themselves to make this process easier. Orlov also gives advice to those with small funds who are unable to make investments, and how they can prepare themselves for the coming financial crisis. ———————————————————— Please read this article to understand the extent of our debt: “Former Comptroller David Walker: Unfunded Liabilities Could Ultimately Sink US”: ———————————————————— WHEN, WHERE, HOW? When exactly will this dollar collapse happen? It is very difficult to pinpoint because much of it depends on the international economy. However, some financiers have been brave to calculate financial projections and estimate that 2013 will result in a major stock market collapse. Around 2014 we will see a
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

47 Responses to “How To Prepare For 2012 – Economic Collapse, Food Shortage, Engergy Crisis – You Can’t Eat Silver!”

  1. MrNDUDE16

    Eat all the dead? people

  2. lgarvey1979

    I would? eat my family.

  3. Thecoldwaterfall

    O geesh this in? a commercial…

  4. vincentyeo88

    say NO to all GMO foods!

    Monsanto, go? shove it!

  5. midway27272727

    You can’t eat? cash either !

  6. Jacoby515

    Why don’t you people understand. It’s called lying? Romney is not a man of god. Obviously by how he is acting. Why don’t you look at his actions instead? of his words. Would Jesus ever lie and deceive the public in order to advance the evil interests of the elite? Just seriously do some thinking and stop being so stupid.

  7. lorenzo8500

    Free Food!!! So whats the? catch? Do I have to fill out a FEMA card? Lol.

  8. mkmason2002





  9. mskahla frida

    shh…the word of God is what they used against the sheeple to manipulate them into voting for the bastards, sponsored by the church off course and to wars, have fun with those words with the angry hungry hippos come to get ya, go vote for romney he sure seems like a man of God, rich evil bastard hey obama is not far behind they all are just puppets who have the hand of corporation up their asses manipulating every word? and move they make.

  10. mskahla frida

    find? someone willing to trade the little food they have for your silver, in the other hand, there is history of rich people profiting from dumb unprepared sheeps that hoard possesions and don’t learn to self survival.

  11. whatnextist

    Using? fear to sell a line of products?!!

  12. kaburugi

    True but remember Joseph’s dream ? 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine ? What did God instruct? him to do ?

  13. MrLivePositive8

    I hope? it happens when I am prepared for myself and to help others.

  14. santellano007

    JESUS says? ” Man cannot live on food alone, but with the Word of GOD” !!!

  15. 1990trip

    when everything collapses, nobody’s gonna give two shit’s about silver. they’ll want food for? them and their families.

  16. WVlandnwater

    We ll almost would have to forage without? pesticides fertilizer around not to mention herbicides and every thing else

  17. GameTech2u

    Its a mathmatical fact that this will happen. Its not? a matter of IF, its a matter of WHEN.

  18. mj4ever1332

    I don’t exactly believe this? will happen, but why not be prepared?

  19. phillisthebarbarian

    this is classic COMMERCIAL!!! You may not be able to eat silver, but it is very very valuable. ? Shows your true colors by attacking it.

  20. legoman9299

    2 months now :D? lets hope it keeps going

  21. diptdipt

    The devil is losing and at the end will be judged for all the crimes. Live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form, following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments -? including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and deception of devil. Jesus Christ is the savior, love and hope.

  22. wintersnow2012



  23. PrinceDreLance

    these days? are the beginning and my beginning stages of preparing

  24. lovok123

    We survived? 8 days!

  25. shoeupon67

    BREAKING NEWS -. BANK RUN? -TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.CARIBBEAN. WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC , ROYAL , FIRST? CITIZEN and SCOTIABANK . Customers are? simultaneously closing their accounts fearing bankruptcy and insolvency. [ Global News Network ]

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  28. luckslave

    can’t wait, soon american pussies will more? cheaper in Europe 😉

  29. michael zenn

    Thanks for this important information…who is the girl doing? the interview?…she did a great job.

  30. Omar Haughton


  31. shadowromeo22

    Just move out of the US, i’ll prob do so once i? graduate

  32. JCToxik

    This is insane… No one acknowledges that the word “debt” = “Banker” rip off… there is no debt only labor and production and the people ripping off the people are laboring and producing.. This is all BULLSHIT… !!!!! This guy isn’t wrong he’s talking about equitable co-existence, which is very communal? in its essence, (Marx) … but he never once challenges the notion of a centralized currency that is based on debt in the first place. All of this talk in a vacuum about what money really is?

  33. WallStreetLtd

    When you? get desperate enough, you’ll do pretty much anything…

  34. binzsta86

    this guy talks about sharing cars.. Yeah Right!? I will never let anyone drive my babe. Don’t get me wrong, if it comes to food, drinks, etc. I don’t mind sharing. However, if they can’t support themselves, god help them.

  35. Getthefuckoffmylawn

    I can’t wait to live with a bunch of strangers in a cramped apt., and sharing a? car!

  36. thearchitect27

    this girl is so HOT!?

  37. sport142

    I? have read “Reinventing Collapse” and found his perspectives as very valuable. I do not agree with many of his ideas, particularly his “green” ideas, but his experiences from the front lines of the collapse in the former Soviet Union are invaluable. America is in decline, it only remains to be seen how fast it will happen. The course will not be reversed as politicians don’t have the will, and too many americans are dependent on handouts…grim indeed.

  38. BlahBlahBlah55209

    Sustainability? Sharing cars? Cutting? fuel usage? Hello Russian Lib

  39. bigbadk55

    You would have to be blind to see that its not? on purpose. This guy has not a clue. He isn’t watching close enough. That much is obvious. Americans have been sold out. So has the rest of the world. To create a world full of slaves.

  40. 4390100

    The minute the FED was founded, was the start of the gradual decline of the dollar. they entered into gold backed systems, then they tried the Breton Woods agreement, then in the early 70’s they went to the Basel Accords which is just paper backed by the paper it’s written on or as some would call it a debt system. Whenever they changed the system, it is always after? a large War that created debt that the country found hard to pay back. Under all the systems, the Banksters are never hurting.

  41. WallStreetLtd

    Wouldn’t? the answer already be contained in the word “share”?

  42. BarrySoetoro187

    Share the car among friends? lol! ? Who pays for the car?

  43. WallStreetLtd

    And number 1 and 2 is already? happening.

  44. 19atoo

    The US economy is under a gradual erosion due to the dollar losing its reserve status little by little. The collapse will occur when this process is accelerated. How? 1) When the world stops lending the? US by buying US treasuries at a rate of more than 600 billion a year. 2) When the federal reserve accelerates its printing process to cover for the budget requirements. 3) When the US becomes desperate to borrow money from foreign countries by raising interest rates.

  45. senses2000

    Excess spending caused by unlimited fiat money by non-Constitutional central? banks that have been doing this since before the birth of Christ. I say END THE FED and don’t pay those debts – which in reality are the FED’s debts. They forced the debt down our throats without proper approval by Congress. It’s all a scam. Let them pay it. We will keep our silver and that is the solution.

  46. WallStreetLtd

    The U.S. has $15 trillion in national debts and $123 trillion in unfunded liabilities. None? of that has anything to do with banks. It’s excess spending. You may want to read this article: “Former Comptroller David Walker: Unfunded Liabilities Could Ultimately Sink US”. I’ve added the link under the video for you.

  47. senses2000

    I don’t like what this guy says. I think it would be better to just follow the Constitution and kick out these foreign owned banks, like the Federal Reserve, and exchange all your fiat dollars for silver. If you don’t know what fiat money is, then, look it up on wikipedia. After you know what fiat money is, you will forever buy silver or gold or chickens, cows, land, etc., etc. We have to do like Iceland did and jail the bankers and get our bailout money back since it was theft to? begin with