How To Prepare For Any Disaster Part 1: Shelter

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This mini series is what I have done to prepare for disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages, EMP, ROWL, etc. This segment focuses on shelters, in particular covering doors and windows for a hurricane.
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23 Responses to “How To Prepare For Any Disaster Part 1: Shelter”

  1. LDSPrepper

    Thanks for commenting. I first thought of using them. However with? 30 windows each needing four clips which cost $1 each that would cost me at least $120. I got the 1×4’s at no cost and they worked great.These 1×4’s are very easy to store. They are bundled in my garage taking up no floor space.

  2. 2larryt

    Huricane clips would? work much better are universal so they would also be easier to store.

  3. TheQuite1walksalone

    Don’t forget lots of Gorilla Duct Tape, back in 1963 I watched? Air Force personal use aluminum duct tape to patch up B-52 Boomers as a temporary fix so the planes could fly back to their home bases some three thousand miles away.

  4. LDSPrepper

    I agree. It takes only seconds to? take the board down after the storm.

  5. katiatomsk

    Oh yes. Plywood was no big deal to? replace. But on our next home, I want to use your 1×4 idea of holding the wood to the window. It takes so much time to drill holes, get the correct plywood lined up with those holes each time, and then unscrewing them after the storm. It seems like your 1×4’s would be better all the way around. Thanks for the idea.

  6. LDSPrepper

    Sounds like? the plywood worked. I’d much rather replace a piece of plywood than a window. Thanks for sharing.

  7. katiatomsk

    I love the 1×4 idea to hold them in. Our last home we drilled holes and I did not like the results. But, we had one board of plywood crack when part of a tree smashed into it, but the window and house was fine. ?

  8. MrsNewAmericaNow

    Sorry about…here’s the correct address? geowindowfilmsdotcom

  9. LDSPrepper

    Thanks for commenting. I checked the link and is an adsense site with only paid? advertising links. Please verify the website address.

  10. MrsNewAmericaNow

    check out geowindowsdotcom, that’s where we bought from? and very happy with speed of delivery, quality and price.

  11. LDSPrepper

    You are correct. It was several? hundred dollars for our windows.

  12. HalfQ

    good ideas, thanks? for sharing.

  13. Sheila Maillet

    I googled UV film for windows and this can become quite expensive. Anyone know where we can buy rolls at wholesale cost and? do it ourself?

  14. LDSPrepper

    Great idea.? Thanks.

  15. LDSPrepper

    Thanks for commenting. I learned? the hard way too.

  16. LDSPrepper

    Thank you. We are at that time in our lives when the kids are grown and gone and I work at home so we probably have more free time then most people. That? really helps us be organized. Thanks for your comment.

  17. houndsman03

    Good thinking on the pre-cut plywood. You may want to look? at the painter drop cloths as tarps also. I use them and they really last and not as noisy as the plastic ones in the wind and rain. They are a white 90% water proof (at least paint can’t get through them) cotton canvas. You have to put in the tie downs. They come in many sizes and can be sewn together to make a tent or ?

  18. Beeper Man

    Good advise. I learned my lesson with cheap tarps. Saved a few dollars on the tarp. Lost hundreds in wet stuff I had in my storage? shed. You got to be able to depend on your gear when it counts. Get the quality stuff.

  19. rchopp

    Great info and? let me add that you and your wife are so well organized I’m just amazed, I think I’ll come live with you…LOL

  20. LDSPrepper

    One of our neighbors had them on their windows. We got the company info and had a rep come out and talk to us about them. I don’t remember the company name.?

  21. Sheila Maillet

    uv window screen where did you purchase??

  22. leadpersuasion

    Good? info. Nice house BTW.

  23. romeodelta1178

    great vid! thanks for sharing? with us