How To Prepare For Any Disaster Part 3: Water Storage & Purification

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Having water on hand, storing it and purifying it is all important to preparing and surviving any disaster. Please see the links and instructions below. WaterBob: CERAMIC WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM & VIDEO DIRECTIONS FOR PURIFYING DRINKING WATER WITH POOL SHOCK: * Add 1 heaping teaspoon of dry chlorine (calcium hypocholorite/pool shock) to 2 gallons of water to make liquid (stock) chlorine. * Mix 1 pint (16 oz.) of stock chlorine to 12.5 gallons of dirty water. * Let sit for 30 miniutes. – strong chlorine smell let sit longer or mix between two buckets to areate. ================ 5 lbs of pool shock makes 640 gallons of stock clorene/bleach. 1 gallon stock clorene to 200 gallons of water. 5 lbs of pool shock will clean 128000 gallons of drinking water. *1 heaping teaspoon of dry clorene to 2 gallons of water to make 2 gallons of bleach 1 part liquid clorene to 100 parts of dirtly water which equals *1 pint of liquid clorene to 12.5 gallons of dirty water let sit in mixture, clorene will evaperate in 3-4 hours RATIO OF CLOROX BLEACH TO WATER FOR PURIFICATION 2 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per quart of water 8 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per gallon of water 1/2 teaspoon Regular Clorox Bleach per five gallons of water If water is cloudy, double the recommended dosages of Clorox Bleach. Only use Regular Clorox Bleach (not Fresh Scent or Lemon Fresh). To insure that Clorox Bleach is at its full strength, rotate or replace your storage

The American Red Cross is launching a new public awareness campaign designed to make it easier for Americans to prepare for emergencies. The campaign – Do More Than Cross Your Fingers – features actress and Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet Member Jamie Lee Curtis. The Do More Than Cross Your Fingers campaign will track and measure peoples preparedness levels, encouraging Americans to take simple actions like building an emergency kit, creating a communication and evacuation plan and being informed about disasters common in their communities. Jamie Lee Curtis, a long-time supporter of the Red Cross and a vocal advocate for personal preparedness in her home state of California talks to us live. She will encourage and show mothers how to prepare their loved ones and households for the unexpected. According to Curtis, We all cross our fingers for luck. But when were facing lifes emergencies, its easy (and important) to do a little more. What you will see & learn: ?How to assemble a household emergency supply kit; ?How to write an emergency plan and what to do with it; ?What the Red Cross is doing in your area to prepare for disaster and emergency relief, plus more!
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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  1. LDSPrepper

    Great advice. Thank? you.

  2. tattooedgun

    the plastic? from the milk jugs and the ozarka plastic containers only last a few weeks only use hard clear plastic.

  3. jtsct

    Excellent? info!

  4. mkmason2002


  5. mkmason2002

    Keep all plastic drums on a wooden grate if on a concrete floor. The plastic will absorb contaminates on the cement. Also keep water away from garages where gas fumes, oil, chemicals, etc. can be absorbed into the water resulting in horrible tasting water.?
    I wouldn’t use bleach as it contains many chemicals you don’t want to ingest. Stick with pool shock.

  6. mkmason2002

    Don’t use the 52%. Actually I wouldn’t use household bleach at all, except perhaps for water for washing. It contains many? ingredients that are harmful. Use pool shock.
    Also bleach breaks down over time and is unreliable potency over time, you just have no way of knowing if it’s 100% effective. Never store bleach in a garage in winter as cold will destroy it.
    Also place all containers off a cement floor as it can leach into the plastic. H20 in plastic should not be near chemicals, gas, etc..

  7. LDSPrepper

    I don’t? know. Sorry

  8. TIKIMAN198

    I have heard that you need 78% Calcium hypochlorite for water? purification. I have 52%.

    Do you know if it really matters?

  9. LDSPrepper

    Great idea of using coffee filters. We? keep a couple of boxes of them around all the time.

  10. COPPER314

    Restaurant sized coffee filters are great for filtering out sediment. Cheap, easy to store, lightweight, effective. Also, more and more larger water bottles are being made up of the same BPA free plastic? that the 2-3ltr bottles are made of.

  11. LDSPrepper

    Follow the directions in the description box below? the video.



  13. LDSPrepper

    If you are storing city water that has already been treated than do not add any bleach. Do not store in? milk cartons but in 2 liter bottles. Milk carton will fall apart.

  14. BeVigilant309

    If I wanna store water in jugs do? I need to put bleach in it as it sits in storage?

  15. bigbaddawn

    Bio-degradeable plastic will last? a long time IF the sun doesn’t hit it! FYI, just sayin Excellent info……..thank you!

  16. Mercedes Adames

    Great video one of the BEST God Bless you This is? soooo useful so I for one am so grateful.
    I plan on buying this ASAP. Mercedes

  17. LDSPrepper

    Check the video description box? for more info.

  18. bxxj

    also avoid bleach for high efficency washing machines? … it has extra stuff to make it stick with less water. don’t want to drink that. in fact I don’t even trust clorox anymore. they keep adding stuff. I buy off brands

  19. Mercedes Adames

    really good video thanks but you say drops however, how? much bleach eactly for 1 gal of water to purify it. I quess I’m just slow but would you know say 1 gal how much bleach and 3 gal jugs I wiill follow instructions and rotate every 4 months to be sure. thank you

  20. johnny mars

    Good tips. I will buy the pool shocj tomorrow and look into the? waterBob. Check out my Bob and DIY water purifier videos at my channel.

  21. LDSPrepper

    Great comment.? Thanks for sharing.

  22. AnnBearForFreedom

    ..then 3 Tablespoons of master solution per gallon of water? needing to be disinfected. Give it a good stir or shake, let it sit for half an hour, and youre good to drink. Discard to master solution after a month.

  23. AnnBearForFreedom

    Actually, no…the Clorox website is correct. After a year or so the bleach actually chemically breaks down to salts. Thats why you sometimes get the gritty stuff around the neck of bleach bottles, its the salt of the dead (or dying) bleach. Pool shock keeps longer because it is still dry so there’s nothing to start a chemical break down…as long as it is stored faaaar away from damp, heat and air. A teaspon of shock to a? gallon of water for a master solution, then 3T/gallon

  24. AnnBearForFreedom

    The little 2 1/2 gallon water jug breaks down more quickly because the plastic theyre made of (commercial gallon milk jug plastic) is designed and manufactured to break down quickly to reduce the bulk in landfills from gallon? milk jugs. Sodapop bottles, on the other hand, are designed and manufactured to exist FOREVER. I keep a lot of water in plastic 3 liter 7-Up or Sprite bottles, the green helps a lil bit to reduce light. I freeze ’em cuz in a power outage, they’ll help maintain the cold.

  25. FrikinTastik

    But no personal protection?! Maybe a…oh, lord…a? firearm and know how to use it?

  26. kovoka

    very good? advice

  27. OngarTheWorldWeary

    Notice how NONE of these mainstream media preparedness specials tell you to have a gun. Apparently we neednt be concerned with defending our homes? and our families from looters/criminals during a disaster.

  28. Carol Dickinson

    Besides emergency? kits,? food, water and? shelter… there is a need for gasoline free… portable solar panels for energy… to run Frig, Lamps, Fans, Radio, Computer, Phone, TV etc. See… Off The Grid? Survival Products . com

  29. Andrew Stiles

    Haha I was gonna say the same? thing I remember the movie she played a prostitute with Eddie murphy and dan aykroyd “trading places” she had some beautiful jugs

  30. mosbysmen

    hand cranked radios are like car batterys , if you dont crank them? they go dead .

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  32. thoostorm4

    i hope? no one hasto depend on yer ignorant ass to survive they would be lost

  33. mosbysmen

    if you have a hand cranked radio , you need to crank it and? run it often or the internal battery will go bad and it wont work when you need it .

  34. TheRANDOMKid9


  35. gingerykid454

    Good for Jamie Lee – this is a great service. I know I am not prepared, but I guess it? is time to assemble some items.

  36. PirateSmoothie

    wow….am i? the only one who has seen this….? I guess i care about my life =]