How To Prepare For Any Disaster Part 4: Power & Light

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Having power and light in an emergency or disaster is calming and could save your life. I cover what I do for power and light to prepare for any disaster. Sa…
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SOS Solar Ovens – Solar how to is Being able to cook off grid is an important skill when learning how to prepare for…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

50 Responses to “How To Prepare For Any Disaster Part 4: Power & Light”

  1. LDSPrepper

    I have a 880? watt solar panel system. Please view my “DIY Solar Panel System” video series.

  2. roamerxxx

    is ur? battery charger solar??

  3. TheQuite1walksalone

    Another great Video!!!?

  4. LDSPrepper

    I have not. I have alkaline and rechargeable batteries for my flashlights? and lanterns.

  5. Gentilseulement

    Did you buy them? I did! I can’t wait to receive it. I’m trying to get at least one of each? model like solar, crankable, shakable, and with batteries. I like the small 4-inche long led flashlights that you can buy at the dollar store for $1 or $2. You can buy many of these. They will be excellent for trade during power outages. People will be desperate to get at least one. You can trade one for one day-worth of food or something you need but don’t have.

  6. Gentilseulement

    Personally, I have a baseball bat whenever I answer the door, which I rarely do. The people who live with me think I’m a bit paranoid. Well, until a few days ago. Thugs knocked at doors, claiming they are with the gas company. Once the person opened? the door, they were tazed and then tied up with duck tape, then brutalized and robbed. People usually think that bad guys come only at night. Knowing that, those invaders did their things in the morning and afternoon.

  7. Gentilseulement

    We cannot use pepper spray either for self-defense. Actually, it is totally illegal to own pepper spray. We can’t have tazers either. Among things we can use is bear spray, dog repellent, baseball? bat.

  8. Gentilseulement

    True. Here in Toronto, Ontario (Canada(, the only times we hear about guns, it is when there is a shooting on the street, and people are very impressed by movies where only bad guys and cops use them. Those two things give guns a bad reputation. We never hear of the stories where guns saved lives. A home invader sneaks into my house, I shoot him, and I? have more judicial problems then he will, especially if it is found out that the invader did not have a weapon on him.

  9. LDSPrepper

    We are afraid of what we are not familiar with.?

  10. Gentilseulement

    Here in Canada, you would be brought to jail immediately if the police saw you with a firearm.? Canadians are scared of firearms.

  11. Gentilseulement

    In a situation where there is? no power available for a long time in your area, I hope you don’t let your solar panels outside, because there is a high risk they may be taken away.

  12. LDSPrepper

    LOL, I’m guessing you are? new to my channel. I have a generator and solar panels so I am able to recharge the batteries. Although rechargeable batteries actually last longer than non-rechargeable. I know that for a fact as I have tested several types over several years.

  13. mrjoeyb

    What the hell? good are rechargeable batteries if there is an extended power outage?

  14. LDSPrepper

    I am returning the Coleman LED latern tomorrow. I bought? two Rayovac laterns to replace the Coleman. The Rayovac uses only 3 D batteries not 8. It lasts 2x longer. It is brighter than the Coleman.

  15. Vanleavy55

    I can’t thank you enough for documenting all this information. I am in the process? of getting my lists of needed equipment together. I have to prepare for 4 people in our immediate family and plan to help my parents get themselves prepared for the inevitable. So thanks again and please keep the information coming!

  16. LDSPrepper

    Awesome recommendation. I just checked them out. They? are on my shopping list now. Thanks!

  17. LDSPrepper

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing. “Happy kids.? Happy me.”

  18. LDSPrepper

    Exactly. I have a pack just for me and I? have used them like you mentioned.

  19. LDSPrepper

    I just couldn’t stop! It? was fun. Thanks for watching.

  20. logun1970

    oh and also Glow sticks (12hr kind) REMEMBER KIDS: They are not just? for Raves!!!!!!

  21. logun1970

    don’t forget about Solar powered lanterns & flashlights. Energizer makes a flashlight that is crank & solar powered as well as solar powered lanterns. Harbor Freight has a solar powered lantern that can be charged? via 12 volt system or wall charger. These will be handy when the batteries (rechargables) run out too quickly or just don’t work any more as well as the standard batteries.

  22. ibemamo

    Great? Video!

  23. PreparedTexan

    I like the 3 pack of tac lights. Someone could have 1 for edc, 1 for a 72hr kit, & one for their car. Nice? find. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. neffofrog

    Dude, What the hell? You may be my most? favorite prepper ever. Such great ideas. Why all in one day? I have always liked your videos, but this is like brain overload. Thank Mrs. LDS, and thank you again Wow!

  25. jackclark1981

    nice? handgun, i use a cobra, made in salt lake city

  26. SoulSurvivorX2

    Nice to have?

  27. blacksunwheel1488

    brilliant.? iv got to get one. :))

  28. SoulSurvivorX2

    Thanks? for watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. ravagesoyjoy

    Wow! Ur? da shit! Im gonna get me one. Tnx!!!

  30. SoulSurvivorX2

    Thank? you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. goriverman

    Enjoyed you? video very cool

  32. SoulSurvivorX2

    Certainly a great item to have if the grid? goes down…. thanks for watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. rudy52350

    good vid …i have one almost like that …a pork roast? with ,carrots,celery ,potatoes, green and red onions …i love onions ..cooked about 6 hours …real good ….thanks cindy …rudy…

  34. SoulSurvivorX2

    Thank? you…. that thing is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. RAMKING61

    Great vid.?

  36. SoulSurvivorX2

    Yes they are awesome… thanks for? watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. tapduncan

    thumbs up ,,,i didn’t think those things really worked ,,,GREAT VID,,,belive i;ll start watching these ,,god? bless ya

  38. Evan Harris

    cool oven! after microhydro and ? wind ,solar is the the best ae way da gooo!!

  39. SoulSurvivorX2

    That’s awesome!? Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. J.J. Sears

    In the video you? asked what I’ve cooked off grid. Just one example: I prepared our (wife and me) recent holiday dinner in an SOS and a makeshift, car shade funnel oven. I roasted turkey wings, sweet potato souffle and green bean casserole outdoors – a typical holiday menu using an atypical method. Because I’ve been cooking with solar heat for a few years, I wasn’t surprised with the great results.

  41. Tod Grim

    make? mike some pumpkin bread maybe i wont burn food with that thanks for vid

  42. SoulSurvivorX2

    This thing is? great…thanks for watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Snippersly

    Another contest between two hot items… Cindy and the solar oven. Another great review! Thanks for posting. I really want to cook on? / in a solar oven.

  44. evanlhm9999

    no kidding. good carbon credit?

  45. Shinobi HOG

    I enjoy your channel, I think its great that ya’ll do this? as a couple….

  46. SoulSurvivorX2

    This solar oven is the shizzle! Thanks for watching :)?

  47. Shinobi HOG

    that’s amazing, you didn’t use a real oven or anything? ? cool.

  48. SoulSurvivorX2

    Thank you…. we appreciate it :)?

  49. GUY HAHN

    you guys have some? great videos, i’m going to subscribe!!!

  50. SoulSurvivorX2

    WOW! Not? sure if I could deal with that. ๐Ÿ™‚