How to Use a Dehydrator for Food Storage

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An explanation of everything you’ll need in order to start dehydrating your own fruits and vegetables for long term food storage. Charley will go over what y…

5 Responses to “How to Use a Dehydrator for Food Storage”

  1. 1968toddcarter

    What would be your shelf life if you store it in mylar with a oxygen


    13 hours! spend more money for electricity than what the food costs. ?

  3. courtneybrad

    I run everything at 15 hours lol. Rather run over and make crispy then to
    get moldy in storage. 🙂

  4. courtneybrad

    Got any advice on making my own screens to dehydrate tiny things like
    coconut flakes.. Last time I used cheese cloth but I wanted something else.

  5. PREP Charley