I’m Preparing for Economic Collapse – Robert Kiyosaki – ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’

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2014 Global Financial Collapse Prepare With Food.

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25 Responses to “I’m Preparing for Economic Collapse – Robert Kiyosaki – ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’”

  1. justin izda

    the thing is there’s nothing that we can do. we are all controlled by the government and? those rich ass benefit more from the government than standing against it. once there’s a collapse, nwo will start. the Bible had already predicted 2000 years ago, including the past world war 2 and the imminent world war 3.

  2. Scott Strick

    17 trillion coming? fast!

  3. Roy Bennett

    Right on Bro!?

  4. Vexx1978

    How long do you all think we have til something really bad happens?? $16 trillion and counting!

  5. imm0rtalbeast1333

    love Robert, reading? his adviser books!!!

  6. shawso7

    SAFETY -How?
    Although I agree with your position, what PRACTICAL steps & strategies do you recommend for safe guarding your family & neccessities. True, God protects, provides, & instructs us & he CAN miraculously intervene & yet scripture shows us that we should never EXPECT it. -Luke 4:12
    To the contrary God expects us to make effort:
    Proverbs 22:3 Shrewd is the one that has seen the calamity? and proceeds to conceal himself, but the inexperienced have passed along and must suffer the penalty.

  7. bmihalj

    “Who ever kills with a sword, will die from a sword!” – Jesus Christ. We reap what we sow. You really believe you can protect yourself with guns? Will they protect your souls from the reactions of your own? actions?

  8. provc

    The problem with Kiyosaki and these other rich fuckers is that they don’t have a clue about how criminal the US government is or they are too big of pussies to stand up to it. I have seen? it over and over with rich folks of this age. Major pussies when it comes to standing up for right. And the ones that do stand up end up in prison because the others don’t stand up also. It doesn’t matter how much money you have when government is criminal. the founding fathers knew this one thing.

  9. avocat maritim

    If you people , think like that , no wonder that all the world is going down .
    Have you learned nothing in? the last 4 years ???
    You all made money with no solid ground , and now when you see the result of your “creation” you shit your pants , and get a gun . How stupid can you all be . Don’t talk and laugh about this situation (and scare the public) , better do something about it .

  10. SamFreedom

    @3leopardsblue money is not the problem – power is. Communists were responsible for 100M+ murdered. Money can be used to help and invent? to prolong life etc. don’t blame a medium of exchange

  11. Gerry Stevens

    i respect this bloke i think he is straight but you know money is what the problem IS…greed and selfishness and spiteful ”rulers”…prepare for the worst; but keep trying lest it brings on the worst by itself…in UK almost nobody i know is really getting ready. its still peaceful. but if america is wrecked…it will all hit britain. and we have NO guns.? none. the big problem is the idiot police. what do we do???

  12. DarthVapur

    Holy crap this video impressed me, good to see smart people staying smart,? bravo

  13. Cleric775

    Heck? alot useful in places like the U.K.

  14. Josh Lance

    why not start going your own food. it does not take long to? grow your own garden full of fresh vegies. >< come on now.. hyper inflation or not, god gave us 2 hands, 2 legs, and brain for a reason.

  15. Jsmooth7444

    To all Preppers: Don’t tell sheep. Let them die. The majority are morons who cant think for themselves anyway. Think about yourselves and? protect you and your family.

  16. Keele Fishel

    I started to prep in 2002. I have paid attention to the world and economy. Your never too late , but? to assume that this is “all of a sudden” is just not correct. Even in a good state of the economy – you should always be self sufficient as much as possible. Why depend on others if something happens to your job ? Or illness ect … just think ahead and do not knock others for their decisions to protect their family.

  17. sherpajones

    I bought 6 oz of silver today (bullion, not stock.) I feel like I am late to the party, but I would rather be late than miss it altogher. To everyone? who feels they missed out on the best opportunity, buy silver now. Don’t think you’ve lost. Buy today, buy tomorrow, keep buying as much as you can.

  18. KickDownDoors

    THE most valuable commodity during a crash is guns and bullets. The second most valuable is canned food. Freeze dried? food is way too expensive for the lack of daily caloric intake it provides. Oh…. women’s make up and hair coloring is third. That shit is practically priceless.

  19. kushy04

    nicely said… just an FYI, look up the word,? ‘normalcy bias’

  20. zarni000

    He was selling books and courses on buying real estate after 2000 yet? now he tells us he was buying silver and gold in 2000. Why didn’t he sell books on buying gold and silver then? He is just a fake like Trump and all they do is sell bs to the public.

  21. beatriz daniels

    ask? soros why he still loves broke countries and their money

  22. Love our Humans

    Many have no idea. Many do not understand. And many know about it but fear keeps them? from looking into more information and decide to ignore it all. It’s sad.

  23. rpo11234

    no your not too late….just in time to buy in on gold? and silver at great prices…watch this situation carefully tho for when to buy food and supplies

  24. cyclops9100

    Don’t you think maybe he wants to continue to be able to sell books and seminars by giving people good information? If his strategy was leading people to the slaughter, how? many would continue to buy his books?

  25. Vexx1978

    I am sick of people making money off the upcoming collapse of our economy. Makes me feel like i’m late. Yes, he and many other people will try to profit off of the collapse but rest assured the collapse of the dollar has started. I? used to think these people were just gloom and doom people, then i did my research on the dollar, fed reserve and fed reserve act of 1913 petrodollar,