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26 Responses to “Jobs report, David Stockman, U.S. economy, gold”

  1. supobostarman

    Amazing that there are actually breathing humans who think Shiff is crazy. But I shouldn’t be. In 2000 I remember “experts” crowing about the dot-com market not having to follow the? time-honored economic rules because it was a “New Economy” and the old rules no longer mattered. Then in 2001 these boobs watched their “New Economy” collapse into dust. Fundamentals are fundamentals. Shiff is right. You can fool the rules for a short time, but eventually the rules always win.

  2. Skibum Willy

    Find the answer in the short film “Mankinder (Occupying Chairlifts)”! A guy working in the? white house calls on an underachieving old college buddy, to solve the economy from it’s debt and unemployment troubles. A couple brief conversations with the reluctant skibum corrects the course of humanity’s future. A simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Watch “Mankinder (Occupying Chairlifts)” on youtube.

  3. TakaluKevin

    By promising to keep the interest rate fixed, for another year, your carry trade now has just? ‘half’ of the above 2 risks. This is how money moves out to US and into India which results in exporting inflation out of US.

  4. TakaluKevin

    …However, this is full of risk and not for the faint hearted. What happens if you Bank increased the interest on your line? of credit and you are locked in with your term deposit? Also, what about the exchange risk? In India, your money is converted to local currency. After 1 year, the term deposit will again be converted to dollar rate of that time and this can wipe out all your interest earnings if the currency rate moves against you. Again, our beloved Ben has come to the rescue…..

  5. TakaluKevin

    Now, money printing should lead to inflation but we are not seeing it. Why? The answer largely is due to rampant carry trade. You too can do it if you have (no questions asked) line of credit? with our bank.
    Cut a check for say $100,000 and send it to a bank in, say, India for 1 year fixed deposit. Now, you will pay about prime+something interest to your bank say about 2.5 — 3.0 percent, but in India you shall be earning 9 to 10 percent on that amount. Simple really…..

  6. TakaluKevin

    If you are not a financial wizard, and want to understand what the Feds money printing is doing, in a layman’s lingo. then read on..
    Ben is printing about 85 billion dollars a month. That is about $600 million each and every? hour of Bens working day. This is like someone buying 1200 high end houses, every hour, of every day. If you are in small town, all your towns houses would be owned by Ben, before you finish reading this article.
    Obviously, Fed is not buying houses but you get the idea.

  7. 77GGSS

    Peter, You, Max and Jim have been my? financial gurus since 2009. Thanks!


  8. thinkingthingsthru

    The market is all about the proper timing. Maybe the market will collapse and Gold and commodities will rebound. But when will that happen? If you would have taken this guys advice in November of last year you would be broke. Maybe the market will collapse next week or maybe it will continue a bull run or just not move. I guess you just have to put your “bet” down and hope? for the best.

  9. pretorious700

    Stockman knows his? shit

  10. MrNewbsikle

    This man has lost me thousands. I? hope he figures his shit out soon.

  11. WilliamSchlott

    Yeah because hybrid automobiles are such a large part of the market.?

  12. Kyle Anthony

    Peter, I like what you have to say on the dynamics of American society, including everything from the monetary system, the economy, and natural resources. I haven’t seen? all of your videos, but I would like to see you discuss the silver market and what is going on with the value of silver being artificially suppressed, in order to keep the focus more on ‘gold’. Maybe you don’t agree with that statement, but if so I’d like to hear what you have to say.

  13. Elisa Tylor

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  14. imabookie3

    Peter Schiff must be giving advice to John Paulson? lol

  15. magrpe

    Peter Schiff is like a stopped watch, he comes out with correct information occasionally but is mostly wrong.?

  16. John Smith

    Agreed. Gold is not a great investment, but I understand the idea of owning a little as a matter of insurance.

  17. John Smith

    I think he meant that gold will reach zero when no amount of money? (no matter how large the some) will get you gold because the people who have gold will have no use for the worthless paper.

    It is kind of a wierd way to put it, but yeah that is when the “Price” of gold will reach “Zero.”

  18. theback bencher

    So if these regulations that are in place prevent and uphold lending standards how is this happening ?(I ask? you again) Wahington Post April 2nd- Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit.

  19. Anastrodamus1

    Well.. regulations that include implementing stricter guidlines to lending which wasn’t? present pre-08, illiminates those “non-golden” borrowers out of that market. That alone would have curtailed the housing colapse if it was implemented early.

  20. wsturner1

    Peter Schiff is the? man.

  21. louis stevens

    cause the price went up why do you need an explanation? for this?

  22. magrpe

    No? thanks, I would prefer to hold a diverse portfolio of strong, dividend paying companies rather than a fear-based asset that costs me money to hold it and only allows me to realise a return when I offload it to a greater fool.

  23. theback bencher

    This is not an economic argument. Everyone laughed at him in 06. Laughter and supposed mockery has zero effect on him.He hasnt been played by the FED simply because Goldman Sacchs and bankrupt countries decided to? sell gold…The FED is still quantitative easing and wont stop.

  24. theback bencher

    And the dollar? is going to survive? Its called the long term…I would suggest you buy now since its low now…

  25. theback bencher

    Not really. Your buying into the notion that speculators or commentators have influence on an intrinsic value of a thing.I dont like you very much but that? has nothing to do with your economic outlook.You still have not explained how the FED printing money has kept us afloat or how supposed regulations is going to save us when we are doing exactly what we did leading up to the crash in 08…

  26. BarrelofSnakes

    WE WERE SOLD OUT PLAIN N SIMPLE, THE ELITE R GOING OFFSHORE AND BUYING BUNKERS AND HORDING PRECIOUS METALS… WAKE? THE FUCK UP AMERICA The old system has to crash to give birth to a new Aeon! Prepare and educate yourself get ready for the shift folks!!!