Consider Joining a Prepper Community

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Sometimes the mainstream media demonizing the prepper community ? they act is if they’re extremists. You don’t have to tell a soul about your preparations, and in fact you really shouldn’t broadcast it because in the event of a true emergency, you don’t want panicked people coming after your supplies.

A prepper community, though, can give you that camaraderie that you seek as you make preparations to survive through a disaster ? or simply live without relying on mainstream services like electricity.

There are three levels of prepper communities that you can participate in. You might start off in one and then advance to something else as you learn more about this lifestyle. There are meet up groups, online forum communities and membership sites, and local communities that you can live in if you’re approved.

Online forum communities and memberships are the first level of interaction most people have when they’re actively seeking to learn about prepping and survivalist ideas. You can use phrases such as “prepper tips” or “survivalist forum” to find like-minded people to communicate with anonymously.

There are even specialized membership sites, such as prepper dating sites where men and women who both share the same prepper lifestyle can meet and begin dating or forming a romantic relationship online.

Meet up groups are local groups or groups that host seminars and events in a specific location so that people can get together and view products, share strategies and discuss concerns about the community and its movement.

Some groups actively meet up to form disaster plans as a group. For instance, in New York City, there’s a group of survivalists who have plans to help one another during an event. Because space is limited in the city for storage, they all make a commitment to storing certain items ? enough for the group during a disaster.

Local communities to live in are sprouting up everywhere. Land is being purchased for prepper families to move into but many of them are very picky about who joins, requiring you to have a certain amount of items stored up, or bring something to the table that the community might need ? like the skills of a doctor or a tractor that can be shared.

You can also form a prepper community with people you meet and enjoy on your own. All of you can purchase property beside one another and form your own closed community.

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