Long Term Food Storage

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

Long term food storage room and other items. Ideas for preppers long term food storage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa9oL8nFq_g http://www.youtube.com/wat…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

25 Responses to “Long Term Food Storage”

  1. annestaceyb

    Your pantry? is wonderful but I don’t buy Mountain House anything because it’s loaded with artificial and genetically modified ingredients. I have some of it currently but would probably utilize it for bartering and not for consumption.

  2. HeavyFuckinMetal2011

    I’m 17 how can I start my food storage for me and my mom? Thanks?

  3. usfreedom22

    LDS,? emergency essentials, sams club,

  4. TheLadySurvivor

    In? a closet.

  5. Justin Myers

    where do you? shop for the long term food

  6. pranksterguy1

    Great? vid!!!!!!!!!

  7. bs431980

    i know i commented below but i wanted to let ya know the info in your vids is so much better than in a lot of the other ones. no crap, no gimmicks, just straight to the point so thanks for posting. in 2 of your vids i have gathered more info than i have out of watching? 20 other videos.

  8. bs431980

    damn thats a? nice stockpile of food!!

  9. usfreedom22

    Glad I could help?

  10. usfreedom22

    yes i have,? I just think this way was easier/safer to do

  11. usfreedom22

    If you took all of the food you? see in my videos, it would be 8 adults and 6 kids for over a year and a half

  12. John McDonald

    Thanks! Really appreciate your video – excellent utilization of your space. Q: How long have you estimated your? food to last based on your needs? I am trying to get a handle on storage requirements for a family of four. I have a room if similar size that I am preparing for basement food storage. Thanks again!

  13. Garjahn

    have you heard about dropping dry ice into your buckets before filling them?

    as the dry ice heats up, the carbon dioxide turns back into a gas and forces all the air out.

    not sure? how reliable that’d be, but it’s better than nothing, right?

  14. Anick Lacombe

    Thank you for the clarifications about the buckets/mylar bags.? Where I live, preparedness isn’t common and I find it hard to find the right material to start prepping. Knowing I can use any bucket as long as I have mylar bags will save me some stress.

    Thank you so much!

  15. usfreedom22

    Yes gas goes bad and yes I have? plenty of gas stored

  16. kingmaxx

    Heres another tip** Have a hanful of 5-10 gallon gasoline containers and have them filled at all times.? I know its a little bit of legwork, but when your car runs on empty you fill your tank up with the gas from the gas cans and then you refill the gas cans instead of putting it into your car. I dont know if gasoline goes bad thats why i suggested recycling the gasoline every few days. cheers.

  17. usfreedom22

    I put the bag in the bucket, fill it, add and O2 absorber and them use a iron. I put a level across the bucket and seal the bag then and I wait a day to make? sure everything stayed sealed and then put the lid on.. Good luck

  18. Matt Walker

    Hello – thanks for the great info. How do you seal your mylar bags? Do? you, in fact, seal the mylar bag and then place in the bucket? Or, do you fold the mylar bag over the bucket edge and then just place the lid on as normal? Thanks.

  19. knightnvy

    under your? bed.

  20. usfreedom22

    Yes even stored? that way pancake only stores for 2 years

  21. Silver Destiny

    Does anyone know how long will gravy last in mylar bags with 02 and in? buckets packed?

  22. Craig Kohlhorst

    I also store rice, beans and oats in the thick Mylar with O2 absorbers surrounded by the tried and true Homer bucket. But I was wondering if? flour or pancake powder could be stored the same way successfully. Have you tried storing powders in this fashion?

  23. MC4Ever123

    I dont have a basement in my house anybody have any cheap ideas to where i can? store some food?

  24. oneeyedpatriot

    Thanks for the information!?

  25. usfreedom22

    I tried that myself but found that the buckets are not? 100% air tight.