Long term food storage: Pasta and egg noodles stored in #10 cans, Mylar and Mason jars

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

check out Low Buck’s channel – Here is the link to his video using a spoon to open a can! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEPeoFAH0yU.
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Keep your information in one spot. Make your own resource book. Think about adding things like…how to make candles, fire starters, stoves, soap. Put in thi…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

50 Responses to “Long term food storage: Pasta and egg noodles stored in #10 cans, Mylar and Mason jars”

  1. petepoe4

    Instead of using a spoon you can rub the lid of the can on some concrete
    really fast and it causes the lid to come loose and then you squeeze the
    can and the lid pops off you should try it?

  2. zuzilda

    I have egg noddles in their original 1lb bag over their expiration date
    (over two years) in my over the stove cabinet, still like new. Why worry
    about all thous cans unless you expecting a world flood??

  3. Oldcoinsandstuff1

    How did you seal your own 10 cans ????

  4. Bobby C.

    Food for thought….Go to `Staples` or facimilite buy extra wide rubber
    bans by the bag. place 2 bands around yer jars to keep them from banging
    against each other. P-38’s work great. Used them consistently in Vietnam
    in 1965-66..?

  5. Jane Derry

    Thanks so much for your video!!! I’m learning a lot from you guys! I feel
    so lax, because I haven’t prepped like you. I was years ago, canning my
    food. But dehydrating is new to me. Thanks again!!! I’m learning.


  6. Mountain Top

    What a wonderful video..Thank you. What kind of sealer do you use??

  7. MSolisize

    Can I store the color spiral pasta in mason jars? Also, when storing dry
    items, do I need to boil the lids?

  8. Julie Sweers

    Newbie prepper here… where do you purchase your cans and during your
    video you explained how you sealed them but it sounded like you “borrowed”
    a machine.? Help, where would a regular person go to get bunch of #10 cans
    sealed. I LOVE the idea of pasta in a can!!! can’t wait for your response!
    If you are not already on FB you NEED TO BE 🙂 Do you send out your meal
    in a can/jar recipes? Would really appreciate your recipes! thanks!!!

  9. LaG SpeCiaLisT

    how do pasta last 8-10 year? The pasta I got from grocery stores has
    expiration date only a year or two long

  10. Melissa Dalessandro

    how do you seal the cans? i have been looking at can sealers and the are

  11. Pro Active Mom

    I cant stand cheap stripped can openers either, when I go to peoples homes
    I stay away from opening cans as I know my frustrations.

  12. Pocono Prepper

    I just subbed you. What good information, thank you.

  13. perbain

    Now that is very very interesting. Thanks so much. I wonder exactly how
    long they would last. Seems like 7-1o years just might not be a crazy

  14. goldenbutterfly2013

    I like to sprout nuts and seeds like almonds and sunflower, etc. Can I
    store sprouted nuts and seeds for long-term storage in Mason jars? And if
    so, would I dehydrate them first to dry them out or could I freeze them and
    put them in vacuum sealed jars long term? Any advice is greatly
    appreciated. Thanks!

  15. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Never seen that before! Call Campbell’s direct and ask them! Love to hear
    what they have to say!

  16. jarrett446

    Thank you for your response. Its corn flour and water that’s the only
    ingredients in that pasta.

  17. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I don’t know for sure. But, I would have to say for a pretty long time!
    Dehydrated corn itself can last up to 25 to 30 years. With no flour, oils
    to go rancid. A long time! What are the other ingredients in the pasta?

  18. Obsessiveprepperaz

    One time only! Use them for other things!

  19. mswebcam31

    Checked out lowbuck’s vid that is definitely cool!!!

  20. Jarrett Gurewitz

    Hello AZ prepper… I am a hundred percent gluten free… I have Corn flour
    pasta from a local store… And I’m starting my prep and I’m curious to
    know how long corn pasta from Trader Joe’s would last… In a mylar bag, in
    the mason jars or in the number 10 cans? I would greatly appreciate some
    information on this if you know. Or if any of your subscribers know I would
    greatly appreciate that is well..

  21. TheEqualizer64

    I just love your vids!!! I love what you have to say and find it complete
    and not just left hanging (wondering will it work). I know you are very
    busy, but if you can make more it would be wonderful. I also like when you
    and your best friend work together on one. Thank you so much, Gail

  22. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Have a blessed day and thank you!

  23. Obsessiveprepperaz

    OMG! They are useless!

  24. Lumberman2011

    Great job Opaz. If you ever rent that #10 canner Machine do a vid plz. You
    have a nice cache of food..Congrats! Happy Memorial Day!

  25. Ellis Pawson

    Thanks for Sharing this, I was wondering about egg noodles storage. Like
    your videos.


    Just getting started and I don’t know how you keep up with so much! Your
    doing so much to help everyone and I love watching your videos. You have no
    ideal how you help so many with what you do and I am pleased to have found
    you. As I said just getting started but loving every minute of it! I just
    hope I can get somewhat as organized as you are and just a little of your
    storage lol..thank you for doing this for us all…?

  27. grammapat

    Great video! I would like to suggest some books most people don’t think of.
    Dressing & Cooking Wild Game from The Complete Hunter series is excellent
    (even shows how to skin and cook a raccoon!), wild food books such as the
    The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide by Linda Runyon. Also Billy Joe
    Tatum’s Wild Foods Cookbook and The Wild Food cookbook by Dr. Hamerstrom.
    And my favorite; The School of Natural Healing by Dr. John R. Christopher
    (I use this one all the time) Thanks!

  28. Obsessiveprepperaz

    🙂 the beauty is you’ll have it! Knowledge is everything!

  29. Obsessiveprepperaz

    You are welcome! Thank you!

  30. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you, there is always something else to do! 🙂

  31. 1994abbygirl

    Your very welcome! Blessings!

  32. AlohaPrepper

    Another great source is Girl Scout Leader training. It might sound silly,
    but when you endeavor to camp out with 14 girls and no way to just run to
    the store to get what you forgot, it’s definitely good to be prepared or
    have ideas on how to make what you need. Their info is usually free, and if
    nothing else, the less stressful chore sharing techniques and ideas are
    wonderful. I was an avid camper prior to being a leader, I learned a LOT
    from their training in spite of myself! 🙂

  33. Obsessiveprepperaz

    We have so many resources on the web! We can make our own preparedness
    books with exactly what we want in them!

  34. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you for the information! I do not have any of those books. I own
    several hundred cook books but not those. I will check them out! 🙂

  35. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I love bookes to! I didn’t even show the books that I have. Let alone a
    couple hundred cook books! Knowledge is everything! Blessings

  36. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I get a lot of my resources from the church! They really do have a wealth
    of information open to the public. My husband was raised in the church and
    so I have the opportunity to use many of the resources they have. That is a
    blessing when you are a Prepper! I did not know about the 500 page manual.
    I will get on that asap! Thank you! OPAZ

  37. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I will be making this brick stove next week!

  38. Rose Ramble

    Thank you for the great video. I’ll be watching it again with notepad in

  39. Cdngardengirl

    I’ve been working on my Prepping Resource manuals and so far I’m into three
    2″ binders. When I think I have all the info I need, I find still more I
    hadn’t considered. At this rate I’ll need a crate! LOL

  40. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thankyou I will check into that!

  41. Id aho

    Yes wonderful IDEA.

  42. Obsessiveprepperaz

    It is such a great way to have so much information in one place! I may be
    interested in fire starters. So I will print out all the different ways to
    make them. You may not be interested in fire starters but, you want to know
    about water purification! That is the beauty we have so many resources
    available to us! Blessings

  43. Rheacat1

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of this but the LDS preparedness manual is an
    excellent prepping tool to have I’m not morman but I found this book
    invaluable. It’s sold at cost not for profit.

  44. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you!

  45. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you, I do!

  46. poppy5153

    Great video (as always)….Making a folder with printed DIY information is
    an excellent idea ..you can’t always put everything to memory ..You may
    also want to add two old books to your collection called …The Doctors
    book of Home Remedies vol. 1 and vol.2 for when SHTF and medications are no
    where to be found.

  47. Obsessiveprepperaz

    I hear that! 🙂

  48. Obsessiveprepperaz

    Thank you I will check into them!

  49. 1994abbygirl

    Awesome video.. one thing you might like is at ldsavow.com.. It is a LDS
    Preparedness Manual.. you can download onto your computer.. you don’t have
    to be LDS.. I printed it off it was over 500 pages long.. but it has a
    wealth of information on being prepared. Some of it was very eye opening to
    me of things I didn’t have. Just an idea.. but I love anything on
    preparedness! Thanks for another great video!

  50. sonnysand

    Check Goodwill for old books