Long Term Food Storage Room

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

Ideas for preppers long term food storage. Here is a look at my long term food storage room and other items. www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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  1. JPPT1974

    You are more than? welcomed!

  2. usfreedom22

    No I did not?

  3. usfreedom22


  4. usfreedom22

    Thank? you

  5. usfreedom22

    It is for 2 rolls per week not? per day. Thanks

  6. usfreedom22

    It is very? hard to rotate a years worth of food. That is why most of my food is good for 25 to 30 years. I only have to buy is once. Some of those can goods are from when I first started and they will be getting replace with long term items when they expire.

  7. 29render

    The good kind of hoarder!? 2 rolls per day…I was thinking something was really wrong…great supply stash!

  8. Salobrena Smith

    I didn’t get the feeling that you are using and replacing these items.. wouldn’t that be more cost effective??

  9. JPPT1974

    Really? nice pantry! Good video!

  10. eli zsia

    You can Water Seal the Food Storage Bunker, with some? thick Plastic Sheets Also…And Cement in the Gaps Between Each Slab… Theres alot of things you will need to do to maintain its Structure…. But this System Works well in an Urban Food Crisis..

  11. eli zsia

    You also Need Cement in the Under Flooring… This Food Storage Area, will Take you about a Week to Build… But In a Survival Crisis, its the Very Last Place someone? will look for Food Storage, if the come to steal it from you,

  12. eli zsia

    Call my Idea, A? Patio Food Storage Plan… for your Back Garden

  13. eli zsia

    If you Dont have a Food Storage Area, Heres some Advice on how to make one… If you have a Back Garden… Create a Patio… BUT FIRST… DIG OUT a Huge Trench where the Patio would Go….. Make it deep… Now. Depending on how Big the? Slabs Will be… You Need to Build a Wooden Beams and Collumns for Each Slab…. You Can Make All the Slabs Permanent with some method… Leave one Slab Free… I.’l Leave This Idea at that.

  14. reklawj9

    I love it you are so right it doesn’t? matter what you are prepping for, its that you are preparing to care for your self and your family NO MATTER WHAT…..

  15. usfreedom22

    Thanks and? Thank You for you service!!!

  16. M77214

    I hope you didn’t put oxygen absorbers? in your sugar. 🙂

  17. Tara Harding

    Lol. You’re funny. But it’s good that people do storage. I don’t have a food storage. Being military we’ve had to get rid of lots of our stuff,? living over seas they wont ship can’s. But now that I’m state side I can start some. But you’re right on target about WHY we do this. We do it to take care of our families. Wow spam. I’m the only one in my Mom’s family that likes it. =) hahaha. Good storage I’m writing a list down of things you have that I can start with mine. Good stuff.

  18. HiFa666

    @1994abbygirl vu?

  19. EileneWright

    their butter powder is the best!? and its on sale for Jan 2013.

  20. EileneWright

    Lowes sells them

  21. EileneWright

    I opened my green beans that were getting close to expiration and drained them very well (put them on a paper towel) and I dehydrated? them. I know it sounds crazy but they dehydrated perfectly but more importantly they REHYDRATED perfectly too. Excellent for Meals in a jar.

  22. WS6Racing

    I think preppers have a sense of survival and a mentality of? maintaining life as close to normal as they can get it. Atleast if something does result in preppers living on their stashes the prepper community will be one that reunites and starts over. The criminals dont prep. Preppers are generally law abiding and willing to trade in market. This will bring us back.

  23. Unclebobs2

    What about adding moisture? absorbers should I add them to the bags as well?

  24. silverexplosion

    Don’t forget sprouting seeds for growing sprouts to eat, very very cheap,? nutrition packed

  25. SequelFinalNight

    Can someone PLEASE tell? me? what is the safest food storage you can buy with almost no toxins like Corn Syrup and GMO’s? Organic if possible anyone please help…..