Long Term Food Storage Secret – PET bottles

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

Here is a secret for people interested in budget long term food storage. Your average soda bottle is food grade plastic and can be used in conjunction with o…

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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  1. Bak Draft

    GET to the? point!

  2. Jon Kon

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  3. anon person

    food? grade plathstict

  4. shoboli nan tanna

    great idea,on cheap bottles could you dip in melted candle wax would be a good sealer.also a? small peice of dry ice would get oxygen out of the bottle too right?i have used that on dry beans in mason jars but not sure on length of time for dry ice as a long term storage.it did work as far as i know for couple years maybe longer.thanks for putting this vid up.

  5. Bob Hotaling

    I believe that if you use an oxygen absorber in a PET bottle, it will collapse the bottle as it uses up the oxygen in it. That may cause stress cracks in the PET material and ultimately let air in. I haven’t tried it, but if you look at a Mylar bag that has an oxygen absorber in it, you will see that the Mylar bag is pressed hard against the food? product. Just check it out before doing that. He is absolutely correct about people with gimmicks trying to get your money.

  6. altha2008

    I have use bottle water container over and over every sense they started coming out with them. I hate paying for bottle water. so I will buy one use it? for 3 or 4 weeks, I have not gotten sick from them yet. They just want people to buy more water

  7. spencerdasilva

    What about antimony, a chemical found in plastic bottles, has been known to cause depression and dizziness in low doses, and in large doses? can induce vomiting, anxiety, and death.
    Even though it says food safe… Its not. That’s why Now, bottling companies say that the soda bottles are one time use only. which makes no sense. If you can only use it once, then we shouldn’t be drinking from it at all. Have you considered this when using these “food safe” bottles, especially long term.

  8. Nikki Boyce

    Strange, I never would have thought of this.. I get my food grade buckets? from the grocery store. The bakery to be exact. Some stores give them to me free, some charge up to $5.00

  9. ctfcNIG

    Makes me laugh when I hear things like ‘cant afford $10 for a food grade bucket’ etc…. Here in UK id love? to pay $10 for that… That applies to most speciality things where we’re seemingly paying 2-3 times more. Also yeah as another guy said all plastics leach. Well if left in the wrong temps at least. HDPE is the plastic to look for, with the added benefit of not having BPA in them. Not that we’ll give a crap in that situation 🙂

  10. Robert Brown

    Supermarkets throw away tons of food-grade 5-gallon buckets every day….check? the recycling dumpsters behind the stores….

  11. Derek Moya

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  12. Lane Scanner

    Trying this for myself. Victoria Jo, I agree that if it? gets bad enough that we may be eating out of garbage cans someday, I would much rather take my chances eating from a food grade plastic bottle that “may or may not be harmful” after it is opened the first time. It can’t be any more dangerous than a lot of crap we can buy otc right now……just sayin’. I’m trying it. Thanks Bushcraft412

  13. Victoria Jo

    Bushcraft 412, I have a thank you video posted on my channel, I invite? you to go see.. it’s only a couple of minutes.. Thanks a lot, Victoria

  14. Victoria Jo

    Hi There, thanks for adding your video.. I’m going out on the limb and saying that (directing this to those who booo this? video).. when SHTF, things are going to get so bad that you may try eating out of garbage cans.. so, this video suggests washing and sterilizing these bottles before storing food.. which is best??

    You people just aren’t hungry yet.. I’d rather trust his bottle method than nothing! Now, if I can, I’ll take glass any day.. but, this is extreme conditions. So, be nice!

  15. Adder1st

    All plastics eventually leak chemicals. Period. Use glass or pottery (if you can keep the humidity very low) for food storage. But if you’re drinking sodas, why worry about chemicals from? the bottle? Sodas are killers themselves.

  16. sbenard1

    I am soooooo glad to find this video. I have? been saving soda bottles with the hope of figuring out how to do this.
    Last week, some friends told me that soda bottles are porous and can’t be used for long-term food storage. I was about to throw away my bottle until I saw this video.

    One problem that I haven’t figured out how to solve:
    How do I remove the oxygen absorber when I want to use the food? I don’t want to break the oxygen absorber and contaminate the food. How do I do that?

  17. drknakkie

    PS. The best option is ..
    to store your? food and drink in [ glass ] enclosures.

  18. drknakkie

    Don’t listen to this amateur, because? ..
    it’s NOT SAFE to use this bottle twice
    because of the toxic in the plastic.
    [ DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH !!!!!! ]

  19. aboutsoul19

    Hi, great video. I have tried research if putting crackers, almonds or cookies in a 5 gallon mylar bag with O2 absorbers would work for long term storage but havent found any info on that. Do you know if putting nuts, cookies or crackers in mylar w/O2 absorbers would work for long term? I? dont see why not.

  20. Mary Jasso

    The 5 gallon bucket for restaurants will? work too right? My husband work at a restaurants and gets them all the time.

  21. qrthrse1

    So basically, the bottles that we buy food in are safe? to store food in? Brilliant!!! Why did this take 11 minutes?

  22. Orvile Bud Baker

    Sorry I haven’t ANY? critters!!

  23. Orvile Bud Baker

    bay leaves work well to keep bugs out. I put 2 in all my dry goods for years.I read it in Mother Earth years? ago.I’ haven’t ant critters in 5 years

  24. caradine37

    lol Made me laugh? 🙂

  25. Prepper John

    I lived? in California for many years. All my provisions were tied down, or had safety lines running across them so they couldn’t move when quakes hit, and they did (8 miles from the epicenter of Loma Prieta in ’89 – no losses) Lots and lots of glass jars with zero loss!