Marc Faber the Great Depression all over again

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25 Responses to “Marc Faber the Great Depression all over again”

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  3. zeno57

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  4. Ranger4564

    That interview was so? kick ass, i had the volume turned to 11. Go figure. 😉

  5. MrGchiasson

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  10. marrazzousa

    For a version you can hear, go to Money & Wealth’s version at watch?v=J1VdKDmF7jU .
    It’s a great interview that you will want to hear, so don’t settle for the audio quality on this version.?
    Faber’s an senior statesman among market prognosticators.

  11. onecalledsam

    Couldn’t hear? a word he said….

  12. marionetemanJ

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  17. Oswald Spengler

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  18. EliteDoomer

    I love how she says that the working force =? real people 🙂

  19. MsMilagrita

    Love this Optimist guy. As we? joke an optimist studies English, a pessimist studies Chinese and a realist studies AK-47.

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  22. Daniel Hussey

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  23. Daniel Hussey

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  24. mjh62889

    What if the only safe place left at a certain point is the precious metals as some have said and you can’t get any more physical metal? Do you hold such things already? If the markets? go to 0 how will you make money through that?

  25. mjh62889

    Pure egotism. You can’t win 100% of the time unless you are taking part in rigging the game so to speak. It’s nice that you have great success trading. However, if the market gets wiped in a massive crash, it is ego to think you will come out perfect. That is unless you are obtaining illegal insider information to which I say you would? be morally bankrupt despite your ill gotten gains.