Marc Faber – US Economic Collapse By End Of 2013 – Economy Has Been Destroyed!

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Marc Faber – US Economic Collapse By End Of 2013 – Economy Has Been Destroyed!
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50 Responses to “Marc Faber – US Economic Collapse By End Of 2013 – Economy Has Been Destroyed!”

  1. Chris

    If we were making a movie about WWII, Marc Farber would be well casted in
    the uniform of a high ranking Nazi (NOT SEE) . For what is a “earning” ?
    other than a judgment which is bought, sold and traded having received its
    mark of our beast.

    If you have difficulty in discernment of this, your answer would be found
    in the comprehension on the manner and ability to understand why the German
    soldier was made BOTH able and willing to direct a Jewish people to their
    death. ?

  2. RexTheWonderDog1

    Save time, and fast forward to 6:20 for Marc Faber’s start?

  3. dakippins


  4. Ioulum

    They are gonna be raped.

  5. dutchrjen

    Our economy is so completely distorted and it has given so many mixed
    signals to people for a long time now. The “great” investors have often
    just been beneficiaries of this runaway increase in the money supply. While
    other equally smart individuals have been burned.

  6. dutchrjen

    With this type of economic picture markets might do anything. I would
    expect over the long term housing prices/car prices will go down (because
    there is a HUGE supply of these items). I think deflation is possible so
    some cash is a good idea. However, because of the US’s world reserve status
    and QE/gov spending over long-term inflation is more likely The stock
    market may go up but it is risky. Select foreign stocks may do
    well.Commodities (including PMs) will do well with inflation.

  7. dutchrjen

    In my opinion this explains much of the wealth disparities in America and
    why many of the markets are so distortive. The poor, middle class, young
    etc are deflating while the rich/Baby Boomers/gov/large
    corporations/banks/brokerage firms/insurance firms etc are inflating.
    Because the money supply is increasing the economy as a whole is INFLATING
    but much of the mainstream is not inflating much. It’s a VERY distortive
    economy caused by the Fed/gov and screwed up FIAT money system.

  8. dutchrjen

    The US expanded this money supply to pay for the Vietnam War (one of the
    most expensive in history), the moon landings, LBJ’s new social programs,
    SS, Medicare, the Cold War, etc. This is why we went off of the GS because
    by 1971 the US had nowhere near enough Gold for the dollars it had (only
    way that’s possible is if the money supply was expanded massively) The
    rich/Baby Boomers, foreigners, and the controlling elite control most of
    the money supply. They are investing it in the SM.

  9. dutchrjen

    Also a little history on where much of this Baby Boomer wealth came from.
    In the 1960s into the 1970s the US expanded the money supply which caused
    inflation in the late 70s. Then the Fed jacked rates up to 22% to prevent a
    run on the dollar. It did NOT stop inflation. The money put into T Bills
    earned this MASSIVE amount of interest from NOWHERE. The money NEVER
    existed. Many Americans have “wealth” that is fundamentally hidden runaway
    inflation to be redeemed at a later date.

  10. dutchrjen

    Asset prices are high because the Baby Boomer Generation and the rich have
    large amounts of money. QE IS money printing where broker dealers buy bonds
    from hedge funds or the Baby Boomers/rich/foreigners and increase the
    monetary base at the Fed (receiving about .25% interest). Then the Fed
    loans “different” money (at .25% interest) to the brokerage dealers and
    this money goes into stocks, foreign stocks, real estate, somewhat into the
    economy, ect. QE is an underhanded money printing scheme.

  11. ganidema

    you guys all suck

  12. Derek Thomas Lirio

    These people are such alarmists. You don’t need cash. You need gold and
    silver, or some other sort of hard asset. Cash is worthless paper. God,
    it’s so sad to listen to people with no clue.

  13. kenneth ferguson

    the chineeze will also
    print…..bailout…..setback….rebound..catalyst….bla bla blahh

  14. xman8109

    They will all be living with me.


    oh they are strong and independant they dont need anyone they can DO all
    that a man can do they will live together join the liberal lesbian movement
    and build GREEN communities and make millions

  16. Mr.Tits

    What will happen to strong independent women when the collapse comes?

  17. Glenn F. Russell, Jr

    other option besides a currency COLON-APSE

  18. nixymagoo

    But you have a computer and the internet. Your priorities are all fucked up

  19. melkel2010

    This is aired pre-Nov election 2012.

  20. supper don

    as long as people from the western world keep buying from chines canada and
    australia will be booming

  21. Davidka1978Xoroshiy

    good, factual observation. its hard to say why. maybe because of
    speculators, maybe some paper products with the word silver on them
    offsetting the price. as far as collapse. i do not think people in charge
    will that easily relinquish control. there were money devaluations in my
    lifetime. it usually meant if you were in the wrong currentcy, your money
    got devalued 5-20 times. if you had money in supplies or physical
    commodities, you made out better than your compatriots.

  22. dakippins

    You’ve got to stop listening to these doomer , collapse, end times
    assholes, Seriously. There are to many snake oil salesmen out there
    peddling their own various scams.

  23. dakippins

    REPEAT. . . The only COLLAPSE has been in the price of GOLD and SILVER

  24. dakippins

    2 months left in 2013 and, the only collapse is in the prce of gold n
    silver. Go figure.

  25. booboo4459

    somebody has to be making money off of all our debt :p

  26. amcanmike


  27. Leah H

    Here is the 1st of a 2 phase plan to Reset the economy and get additional
    money into the economy without entering as Debt. Please watch and share. CREDIT

  28. Gary Schultz

    The majority of people think “economics” is whether or not Walmart opens on

  29. sixersic

    Fuk masons

  30. arnie365

    “banksters” are just puppets. the puppet masters are the masons.


    Keep believing it’s all a dart board. Revelation 13:18 “Here is wisdom: let
    him with understanding number the multitude of the beast, for it is the
    multitude of a man, & his multitude come BESM (6 – in the name of) ALLAH (6
    – The Most High) ISLAM (6 – in the submission).” Isaiah 14:14 “Allah (The
    Most High) Obama (springing forth onto from above heights) ab (in dark
    outer garment) dama (I will become) elyown (god over all things).” Luke
    10:18 & Jesus said, “I saw Satan as Barack (lightening)…”


    “And I will raise up for them a foolish shepherd… but he will eat the
    flesh of the fat (America) and tear their claws to pieces.”


    “Kaf (I bring forth) Ha (behold) Ya (The Lifted High) A’yn (completely
    afflicted) S’ad (in our defense).” Quran Surah “Maryam” (mother of Jesus)
    Ayah 1 in Chaldean. Muhammed knew truth about Jesus & wrote in Arabic how
    upon Jesus being born on his 1st day Jesus denied being Son of God.
    Muhammed knew that was false & to deny the cross was false by his own
    admission above in the Quran. “The head is not accepted unless he be the
    elder, and the prophet speaking lies he is the tail.” OF A BEAST.

  34. dantro78

    Do you know why Chris Christie is the most popular Republican in the
    country right now? Because he tells people like you to shut up.


    I have freed my self


    Isaiah 14:14 “Allah Obama ab dama elyown.” Luke 10:18 and Jesus said, “I
    saw Satan (the deceiver) as Barack (lightening)…” Who is the foolish
    shepherd and is he foolish? Prior to ruling over American he sat under Rev.
    Jeremiah Wright for over twenty years listening to the sermons as the
    pastor yelled out during a supposed Christian sermon: “GOD DAMN AMERICA.”

  37. Roberto bräutigamo

    all the problems they are scratcing. he told easy. !

  38. Vladimir Putin

    I love his crazy eyebrows

  39. SuperTurbo1200

    I honestly believe the world would be a better place if we replaced the
    bankers on wall street and Lawyers in Congress with Monkeys throwing darts
    at a dart board to come to a decision on certain topics !

  40. SuperBking1340

    Save your children kill a banker NOW Bring back the tumbril and madam
    guilotine on every high street in Britain. We must make these bastards
    afraid. Kill a few and watch their whole house of cards tumble.

  41. Lysander Sponner

    Things must be looking rosy colored for the “statist elite”

  42. Goran Bregovic

    u need to do NOTHING – declare urself free and become a human – lose ur
    strawman and get off all ur debths, tickets,etc.. OPPT – the truth will set
    u free.. ignore them and start a world without them. Get common law back. U
    are the only thing, whats worth on this planet.

  43. Goran Bregovic

    dont bother about ur debth, strip it off and reclaim back, whats benn once
    urs. Sue them with common law on one level, coz all the corporations are
    foreclosed (who bothers, the money is gone). Dont get in line with a new
    system, u are the worth. Im sure, we all can find a way to trade without
    interest, cause WE are the only worth, which gives everything live.

  44. Geir Olmod Garatun-Walde

    We need to do like the French, and the Russians under the revolutions.
    Simply put out some guiliotines, and cut theyr evil, greedy heads off. And
    feel fre to pee on them!!

  45. geraldine stevens

    germany is in fact being led like a blindfolded bear along the same
    disastrous mess. the banksters are engaged in an economic war against
    EVERYBODY. [except satanist jews].

  46. Jeff Davis


  47. Jeff Davis

    The Jews are to Blame!

  48. Tanel Murd

    and now ppl will finally see that the winner of ww2 really lost it,because
    look at the USA and Germany today,who is doing good and who is doing bad.

  49. husker hammer

    I saw a documentary that speculated the Rothchilds alone own over 500
    trillion dollars worth of gold and its locked away. I guess you need that
    kind of cash to fund both the Allies and the Axis powers during WWII. War
    is a great money making business. In history whenever there is global
    financial crisis a huge war fixes it. But today is different. We won’t be
    putting 50 million people to work making tanks and bombs like in WWI &
    WWII. I think the elitists want to kill off half the planet.

  50. Thetruthwillfindu

    When are we gonna get it on already?