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Greek Riots, Economic Collapse & Revolution Baby tags: Austerity, greek riots, burning banks, take over, corporate media, greece, bankers, police, attack, pr…
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)


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  7. JCZAA

    Great information

  8. Lally Rico

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  9. Jay Sagun
  10. NiaSilva

    We, the people will build again. Not just the Americans, all of us, around
    the world. No flags, no races, no religions, we work together, we win!

  11. c19gregjockca

    yeah, you’re right. it’s a common tendency for the masses to be dumb as
    carrots most of the time. remember ww2, the scam that was used to distract
    from the Great Depression? hahaha, the masses sure bought into that one.
    “sure! sign me up! derpdeederp! that darn adolf guy has to be stopped,
    derpdeederp.” cuz it totally went over people’s heads that the ultra-riche
    around the world purposely backed up adolf with money to keep dumb people
    busy while ingeniously culling the biggest losers, right?

  12. mphello


  13. bulletproof2353

    LOL , they are not nazis , they are jews, what do you think goldman sachs
    is? a nazi bank? LOL

  14. TadRapidly

    want people to really laugh it up? Mention the word “evil”.

  15. monster1175

    beeing from Argentina see it and done that, you can burn distroy everithing
    but nothing will be resolve because the people do not understain the
    problem plus the the people is got not wepons sorry guys fron greek you
    diden help us now you are along, and will happen for every one country out
    there, they operate every 20 to 30 years and the stupid people can not
    remember from 2 years ago. school sould teach this since kinden.. garden

  16. John Farley

    When is America going to wake up ? I expect a major event to have
    disenfranchised middle classes to beg to be sent into fema camp
    enslavement.. Laugh if you like, but mark my words.

  17. AnfoMerc

    There will be repercussions. 2012 is the year. People who call others
    deadbeats are JERKOFFS. This game is ON. Nazis are REALLY going down this


    Greek people is against the bail out as it will not go to greece but all
    the bailout billions will go back to the German banks…who want their
    money back! and Greece should never have joined the euro the Eu let them
    join with shakey criteria.

  19. kroovyandcal

    Bankers think they can receive 10 marbles from 10 different people and put
    it in a can and then use this to dole out 100 marbles to 100 other people

  20. NiaSilva

    we are!Must of us born ready for this.

  21. Saywhatyoumust

    I fail to understand why Greece and other EU countries are NOT making
    Goldman Sach et el accountable for their part in the EU’s demise. GS have
    played a HUGE part in all of this, yet Greece and Co do nothing!! Huh! Put
    blame where it is truly deserved and that is NOT on the people. When the
    people demand accountability to those who are responsible, they will more
    than likely make some headway, but until then, you suck it up people!

  22. mphello

    I say let the stupid creditors starve and the banksters starve and the ECB
    and the corporate CEOs starve. They knew what they were getting into, too.

  23. mphello

    And adolph was dumb, too, spreading his lies against Jews and union leaders
    and communists. Duuuuh.. and then he wonder what the hell happens when
    people fight back and blow them up.


    But it will not be greece that breaks the eurozone ..it is going to be spain

  25. Spjungen

    Greece is being choked under the EU stranglehold right now, and the result
    may be nothing short of a full on popular revolution, making Greece the
    first to break away from the EU, whereupon a chain of other countries will
    follow, ultimately resulting in the total collapse of the EU as a
    ridiculous failed experiment intended to give a bureaucratic elite
    political and economic control over 500 million people. I personally can’t
    wait. It’ll be just like when the USSR collapsed…

  26. chillipeanuts

    interesting video. but what to do?

  27. Lisa White

    This is from the devastation to be caused by the Black horse, from
    Revelation 6. Bible: in the end times before Jesus returns. Be ready,
    Repent and turn to Jesus, turn from Sin and purify yourselves, seek
    Holiness for he is Holy. He Loves you.

  28. TadRapidly

    Yeah, Greece is on fire and they just sucked germany’s dick. Stick a fork
    in them, nothing except more slavery is going to come out of this. Riots
    will produce nothing, its over, Greece is no longer its own country. Move
    on to the next victim of fake money. Pick any country (except germany).

  29. TechbyTigz

    @johnmalcstan Im not sure that the masses will ever wake up

  30. Mason Clark

    RON PAUL ?????????????????? ?????????????????? ??????????????????
    ?????????????????? ???????????????????