NASA Warns Workers To Prepare For Disaster (11th June 2011)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “NASA Warns Workers To Prepare For Disaster (11th June 2011)”

  1. Thyalwaysseek

    @HardKore5250 I wonder if the dinosaurs all said that to the one dinosaur
    who was warning them that something was coming soon and they had better
    prepare…lol…nothing is constant on this planet it never has been and
    never will be, just because you have been taught to believe everything will
    always remain the same doesn’t make it true.

  2. HardKore5250

    This is just like the Y2k scare.

  3. slobomotion

    @TennesseeWakers Wow, could we ever exchange some stories, I bet! I try to
    never go to bed unless I am sure I did some good. That is the only way I
    can feel I am on any kind of firm moral ground, dig?

  4. Isabel S

    I wish we had more time. Thanks D

  5. nelly13tube

    @jublywubly Catastrophic dont mean the end of the World you dumbo! The only
    people who say the end of the World are the religious nuts! Now its not
    just the Mayans who mention this time its many ancient civilizations who
    all ended with some catastrophic event! Now if you think 2011 as been a
    normal year like any other then go back to fuckin sleep or go and watch the
    TV or something!

  6. partyinginthetardis

    this was posted on my birthday

  7. AustralianPhenomena

    Great Vid

  8. 160161dob

    I would`nt worry.What will be will be.You could die of desease,or get
    knocked down or anything.Life“s too complicated anyway it needs to go back
    to basics.

  9. archemis07

    @jublywubly Er … not really. If you study the relevant Mayan calendar,
    even a basic perusal, you will see that it spans 16 billion + years, and
    its’ ‘steps’ run both consecutively and / then concurrently. It’s not just
    a case of ‘they ran out of space or stone’. You are right it is not ‘the
    end of the world’, and 2012 propoganda is rife, but these times are the end
    of our World as we have known it, and they are very significant to the
    conscious and spiritual evolution of humanity.

  10. Nedingham1957

    I work in the outback of Australia, and because I am so isolated, I have a
    VHF radio.With this I can listen and talk to any one with one of these
    radios, all over the world, as long as I use the right aerial frequency. I
    can call up the flying doctor direct, if need assistance, and I can patch
    into any phone world wide.They run on 12volts, and work the same as an old
    CB radio or UHF. But the VHF is far the better radio, has good clarity, and
    I can monitor everyone by changing frequencies.

  11. Thyalwaysseek

    @makeunameless Huh? I didn’t get that from it at all.

  12. vyperius

    Good advice but ominous timing.


    Hello from 2012 🙂 Hello from the future

  14. TheVernon52

    If you watch the SDO images of that June 7th M-class solar flare, There is
    all this space debris in the field of view. It looks like a space storm of
    some kind. Kinda like an earth snowstorm or something. It was all moving in
    one general direction for the most part, but some of it was going against
    the general direction. These energy particles were not from the CME. They
    may have caused the CME. Go back and look at the SDO images and you will
    see what I mean. Strange stuff!

  15. Thyalwaysseek

    @TheVernon52 I saw that it is very strange and unlike anything I have ever
    seen on there before. Peace.

  16. Thyalwaysseek

    @isabstmr Me too : /

  17. wasupthere

    @acrandy2002 that is exactly what i’ ve been thinking for a while now

  18. Brendan Parker

    @Thyalwaysseek hey hun, you know the areas the mention the grest lakes,
    west/east coast are the areas that will be under the ocean come the
    passage? have you seen the map that terrol03/navy intelligence have created
    of the new US? there new DC will be Denver which explains that airport
    DUMB. where in AU will be safe? im in syd you? my partner thinks im crazy,
    noone is aware or prepared.

  19. slobomotion

    @makeunameless Trust no one but I tell you, I even worked for the New York
    Fed and they were just fantastic. I have seldom seen such corporate
    accountability, such altruism. We earned very little there, too.

  20. jublywubly

    @nelly13tube Bullcrap. All that 2012 stuff is nonsense. Mayans did not
    predict the end of the world. The cycle of one Mayan calendar finishes in
    2012, but others finished earlier. I have a printed calendar that finishes
    on the 25th of December 2011, but that doesn’t mean the world is going to
    end. It just carries on into a new calendar, just as the Mayans would have
    done if they were still making stone calendars. :-/

  21. 1rickydog

    Tha code word is eagle horizon.Peace

  22. slobomotion

    Most people in Iceland have radio phones which don’t work on a portable
    phone network. They are very tough. I feel certain the grid will fail big
    time this year. It’s fragile. I worked for Alcatel with their Iridium
    satellite project and a lot of the technology is actually not very
    reliable. Uprated this.

  23. Thyalwaysseek

    @jublywubly I think you better go and research what the Mayans say about
    their own calendar because I think you have just made up what you just
    stated. The Mayans do not state that this calendar will end and then
    another will begin….they call the end of this calendar ZERO TIME. They
    say this is the end of time not the end of the calendar or the end of the
    world. There will be a catastrophe of immense proportions that will herald
    the new age. Please do the research.

  24. Thyalwaysseek

    @VoicingTheSounds Thank you and yes I think I need to get back into balance
    which I have been doing over the last few days. Peace.

  25. slobomotion

    @makeunameless I grew up with the family of a NASA chief engineer and that
    guy was this total prepper. It was amazing. They were nearly self
    sufficient, the widow and three kids beautifully looked after and provided
    for. It was really admirable. I was a simultaneous interpretor for NASA
    here in France and they were top notch to work with. Very nice people and
    very community minded, too. I was impressed.

  26. BabeeBlueOnTheTown

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  27. FUNforYOUandME

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  28. BabeeBlueOnTheTown

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  34. Danny Whidden

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  36. prettyboyalldayadigg

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  39. BabeeBlueOnTheTown

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  40. prettyboyalldayadigg

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  41. Andrew McClintock

    Add some super glue to the pouch! Great liquid stitches for cuts!

  42. BabeeBlueOnTheTown

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  44. PatriotNC1

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  45. PatriotNC1

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  46. BabeeBlueOnTheTown

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  47. BabeeBlueOnTheTown

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  48. andreon300

    Beautiful American Woman cheers from Ukraine!

  49. PatriotNC1

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  50. prettyboyalldayadigg

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