Nice Economic Collapse photos

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Some cool economic collapse images:

The Enduring Faith of Phil Gramm
economic collapse
Image by Mike Licht,
Mike Licht,

Real Estate Auction 2005
economic collapse
Image by 666isMONEY ? ? & ?
I was stunned at the prices these were going for . . . I owned lots in the areas and thought I was going to be a millionaire, lol. Unfortunately, I held on to my vacant land as an asset to sell as needed, now I can’t afford the taxes. Now, I realize that it’s bad karma to hold onto a lot of vacant land, the land should be used.

This brochure has been drifting around my office as a reminder. I want to contact a business friend in regards the people I know who profited from selling land at this auction . . . wonder how they are doing now. The (super-good-looking/healthy) friend had 4-children and a lovely wife.

Map link shows where the auction was, the hotel is now becoming student condos, it was completely gutted . . . wonder what the (mapped) convention center will become.

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under siege
economic collapse
Image by buckshot.jones
Funny how often the wreckage in Detroit appears violent. It’s not…not in the literal sense. In a figurative sense the city has been under siege for decades. The surrounding armies laying siege to the city have spent decades launching an artillery barrage. They bombarded the city with free trade, automation and neglect. Left with few resources and little cover, this once great fortresses of industry lay in ruin.

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6 Responses to “Nice Economic Collapse photos”

  1. Mike Licht,
  2. Cherie S.

    Scott, perfect description of our urban landscape. I love visiting your stream. You make me think, sometimes you make me sad and many times you impart some of knowledge. But best of all, you make me feel something. Thank you!

  3. Doppelganger.

    I love the depth of this photo, with the dormant foliage in the foreground and what appears to be a church in the distance.
    Even houses of Worship have not been immune to the decline.

    that is a church, isn’t it?

    anyway, great shot and commentary.

  4. buckshot.jones

    I am so bad with this, stuff. It is on Gratiot and I think it is an old factory. From this angle it looks like a church.

  5. RSII Photography

    The way you document the city with pictures is great.
    The stories associated are always nice.
    It elicits emotion and I thank you for that.


    Awesome shot and commentary!