Obama’s Plan For US Economic Collapse 2013

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23 Responses to “Obama’s Plan For US Economic Collapse 2013”

  1. Jay Byrd

    None? of that shit the chick in red stated would happen, didn’t happen.

  2. Jay Byrd

    But our president can still take? a $100M vacation to Africa. What a joke of a president.

  3. cinematic35

    Thats stuff is? all scams!

  4. Tom Jakcons

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    How does the muddled account volunteer the disgust?
    The fact helps the voice.
    When does the grain familiarize? the dangerous organisation?

  5. literaturesurvey

    In Jews doom’s day, they’ll BUY UP all the GOLD & SILVER, but the WORLD (Obama+Putin+China+++) will generate a money system backed by REAL WEALTH (Grain, Oil, Tech,? ..) & declare Gold n Silver WORTHLESS: Ultimately God WILL WIPE? OUT ISRAEL like Sodom
    Ezekiel 7:19 They’ll THROW their SILVER into streets n their GOLD will be treated as unclean.Their silver n gold wont deliver them in the day of Lord’s wrath. It wont fill their stomachs 4 it has caused them to stumble into SIN=CRIME

  6. Alexander Osborn

    Believe that Jesus Christ is your savior for all your sins. If? you truly believe in Jesus Christ to be your savior for all your sins then you will go to Heaven. If you believe in Jesus Christ then you are saved and you are in salvation and you have gained? God’s righteousness. It matters not how much you have sinned in the past, in the present and especially in the future. Believe that Jesus Christ is your savior and you will go to Heaven forever and that is the whole truth. Spread the truth.

  7. Jeffrey Hayne

    Everybody quit the military, quit the police and? stop paying taxes.

  8. Jeffrey Hayne

    Somebody find out what this guy is drinking and order me a? case.

  9. arnulfo ontiveros

    Russia in the form? of a renewed soviet Union should rule the world is Russian destiny. ENOUGH of amerikanki

  10. kde439

    Down size? the FED GOV. Down size The DOD. Stop sending money to foreign countries.Americans need to wake up! Time for the People to “ALTER or ABOLISH”.

  11. Leonar12345

    hahahaha.? nicely said

  12. TheVibratory

    of course. but at the same time ths US is better telling the Russians? the news, lol!

  13. Leonar12345

    is this a US news organization?

    because it seems like foreigners are doing a better job at telling us what’s happening with our? country

  14. plcolsson

    Its okay. Capitalism could never function anyway. The belie in perpetual growth & progress is a logical fallacy? considering that we live on a planet & not on a selfreplenishing deity

  15. bogdanovr

    Fear mongering…?

  16. Chris Butilier

    You can not successfully and reliably sustain a debt-based? economy. The only reason we have is because of the government’s intervention who now is much further involved than they should be with regards to the national economy. Once credit begins to constrict and shrink, and the government chooses to no longer assist in prolonging the collapse, is when we will see the devastating effects of the bad choices that have been made.

  17. Chris Butilier

    It’s not a belief that is arising from a “2% cut from the proposed INCREASE”.. it ties directly to the dissolution of the backing of the? dollar with gold ~40 years ago, creating a dollar that’s vulnerable to instability, which has occurred, such as consumer credit rising to over 50 trillion dollars from 1 trillion at the time and the Federal Reserve keeping the interest rate low when it should have risen. Consumers can not sustain the debt we have incurred. That’s the issue.

  18. Gary Schultz

    All of this economic chaos from cutting 2% from the proposed INCREASE in federal spending? LMAO. Sheeple will fall for anything! Tell you what. Lets cut 5% from the actual budget and end? this scam nightmare once and for all!

  19. Murphy Park

    US is hurting which criminals misleading? from the bottom and up. The kids are going through gangster way of life and they wake up with felonies and tattoo on their body. Who is running this country that other nations hate US not because of its people but because of a gangsters in this government. And most of them are different nationalities with US citizenship (mostly europian) zionist, cartel etc—

  20. 99percent2012

    People keep voting for Democrats and Republicans.? They get what they are asking for. Until they quit backing the establishment with their votes, it will come as it will come. The voters are just as guilty as those they voted into office.

    People have options: Libertarians, independents, Green, Constitutional.

    Hint: A candidate standing up for the constitution is on your side.

  21. Jay Stimson

    When? you’re tired of the government’s BS.
    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. wramsite.com

  22. aMuslimSoulja011

    shiekh imran hussien predicted this with addition of usa losing its so called? super power. israel will replace usa and will be super power nation soon to come

  23. speedtuff

    The first part of fixing a? problem is stop denying you have one. It’s to little to late our economy will collapse. I just hope people will stop listening to the same minds that orchestrated it, to offer solutions. Centralized power made this by the monopoly of force, everyone will balance there checkbook unless there forced not to.