Peter Schiff Economic Collapse 2013 is IMMINENT!!!

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Peter Schiff Economic Collapse IMMINENT!!!
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24 Responses to “Peter Schiff Economic Collapse 2013 is IMMINENT!!!”


    One? reason the nation is in the toilet is the Man has been taken out of Management.

  2. myeskimofriends1

    the dollar collapse has been “imminent’ every year since 2007…I dont necessarily dissagree we have a major currency? issue, but Imminent is over used

  3. webbit2012

    why are they trying to cut off peter and stop him from speaking.dont want to hear the truth and make them feel like fools on live? TV

  4. Murrovian

    Google: Financial Collapse: Post-Western Destruction:? China The Next Jewish Superpower

  5. sundizzle1000

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  6. TheSoberGoat

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  7. InvestmentBanker


  8. manu cr

    YOu are seeing with your own? eyes your complete collapse of your country what do you as typical american you blame others mexicans terrorrist politicians etc Globalization which benefits the USA the most because you push coca cola monsanto hollwywood apple MCDs to the rest of the world but at the same time why in capitalism should one pay someone 40k a year to make computers if you can pay them 2k that is capitalism for you.

  9. manu cr

    Yea at the expense of slaving people and destruction of the enviroment if we lived in world with with endless amount of resources and? people were willing to work for a shit wage than is ok . LIke you say Capitalism is about making alot of money easy and fast is not about social responsibility if doenst work for you as you can see the current state of your own country and for sure it dont work in other countries. Dont blame other is just the cycle of capitalism. Get yours and other are alone.

  10. Astrid van Triet

    There is just 1 programming rule needed in a banking application, and we all have life entrance (some call it basic income, but it is not income). This? costs nothing, not even time. Just one programming rule. And let with every transaction the money dissolve automatically for a part, like 1/1000. With this, everybody can make new choices in own life and no dependancy on ‘outside economy’ anymore. Taxes will vanish by itself, 90% of the structures too, all collective problems too. Costs nothing.

  11. sanbruno1775

    On July 26th at 6:11am San Francisco is going to? receive Obamacare just like NY received Bushcare on 9/11/2001

  12. sanbruno1775

    On? July 26th at 6:11am San Francisco is going to receive Obamacare just like NY received Bushcare on 9/11/2001

  13. amcanmike


  14. Konrad Schmidt

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  15. dakippins

    Economy going? from strength to strength , HUH?

  16. Amagnon X

    Capitalism produces the greatest amount of goods and services at the lowest prices. The amount of goods and services created measures the wealth of a society.

    Capitalism is the natural order of things,? and provides the greatest benefits for everyone. This system does not exclude people from helping each other, but it does not coerce people into it.

  17. Amagnon X

    Currently the US is a fascist state – it has been fascist for many decades, the conditions however have been steadily falling for the citizens.

    Capitalism is the cure, not the problem – get rid of govt powers, insurances and interventions -? then these powers cannot be purchased.

    While politicians have favors and powers to sell, then they will sell them – that is nothing more than an observation of human nature.

  18. Amagnon X

    @Robert – you are misguided in your understanding of capitalism. Pure capitalism is pure freedom to sell and buy anything, so long as you do not practice deceit or fraud.

    The problems occur when power is concentrated in hierarchical govt systems? – because this allows small groups and individuals to purchase that power easily and conveniently.

    Capitalism needs to be constrained by law (against fraud and deceit) – and legal power needs to be distributed so that it cant be easily purchased.

  19. Róbert Bilka

    CAPITALISM means:
    Economy overrules everything, even state or rights of majority..

    What is state? State should be representative and execute force of majority and rule system for everybody, including wealthy individuals. Private wealthy individuals does not need state, because they can afford to hire private police or private bodyguards. State is just opposite, what rich? peoples wants.

    But when only wealthiest individuals with bankers around can be presidents, that is corporate fascism.

  20. Róbert Bilka

    You have scale, where on right end is pure CAPITALISM (=totalitarian fascism or feudalism, there can not be democracy) and on left you have pure? SOCIALISM (=direct democracy = communism).

    SOCIALISM means:
    Good of majority must take precedence over the economy and minorities or individuals.
    Therefore economy must work for majority, not minorities or individuals, therefore also rights of individuals or minority are not so important compared with right of majority.

  21. Kj Carson

    “Limit the power of government.”

    – Until financial institutions fuck up royal and ask for help to save a company and pay for bonuses.

    What we have now is capitalism when it’s convenient. When times? get tough or there’s fuck up — not so much.
    Government out of the way? Tried that. We need regulation, even Alan Greenspan admitted that he was wrong about the markets regulating themselves.

    Bogus ratings of banks and predatory lending were the biggest factor in the collapse of a few years ago. ?

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  24. Ramiromasters

    How do we avoid the collapse?
    Frankly the only way to attempt to do so? its to come clean. Explain to people that we can’t pay the debt and not collapse, and that if we do collapse those people expecting to get payed bonds, loans and why not will end up losing even more. Then explain our biggest non necessary expense is war, and social programs on a capitalist fashion… if its going to? be a social program so bet it and not write checks to corporations. Then explain debt must be forgiven…