Peter Schiff HYPERINFLATION Is Here…Prepare For Economic Collapse w Peter Schiff Today

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27 Responses to “Peter Schiff HYPERINFLATION Is Here…Prepare For Economic Collapse w Peter Schiff Today”

  1. Alii Kaimi

    Next year in 2011 was said at 1:45 into this video. Its old. fucken up date the time the video? is made . This was not made in 2013.

  2. wisnerdiana

    Schiff for? president 2016

  3. duanescot

    That is the exact answer I give people, everything thinks we are scared to death and buy guns because of that, hell no, I enjoy them and consider shooting to be an extremely important? skill to have, the same as fixing a car, growing food, sewing, you name it.

  4. Alii Kaimi

    That women is sooooo sad. That question should have been directed toward her.? What do YOU think we are going to see in our very near future? Nothing bad? Yeah right. Idiot women, wake up! Making the owner of a gun look crazy was her goal. Instead people who have been paying attention know better. Ill bet she failed history class in school.

  5. Ace May

    @gueo224s Yes bro, I read the guide entirely in 1 night, I’m getting prepared for the? collapse of this system, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description

  6. Barskor1

    I agree so lets not get caught with? our pants down or dead on our individual door steps.

  7. smelzodeath

    Bow’s & sling shot, knife,… will be last line of defense. When the gubmint gets to the door “kicking in” & torture stage?………… They will have to get thru the hot lead rain, ……….first. Starting at 1/2 mile. Its amazing what a group of people can accomplish, with primitive weapons……just ask the Russians, that fought in Afganistan. Our USA founders, out numbered & out gunned,… beat back the most powerful army on the planet, with untrained farmers? ?

  8. Barskor1

    Yes Indeed though that only works when? those who go to collect the weapons will not torture you & your family as they did in Turkey Germany China Russia & so on.
    Wrist Rocket Sling shots can be adapted to use arrows just as deadly in 20 yards lower profile & ease to carry.

  9. smelzodeath

    Why no officer, all my weapons where ….stolen, years ago! Dont forget to purchase a good bow/arrows & learn it? inside -out. The thought hasnt even crossed the gubmints mind…yet. A hunting arrow will go thru body armor like a hot knife thru butter. Think of the weapons one could collect off dead NWO soldiers,… and know body would even hear it. Hope the liberal whine bags dont find out about these “scary” weapons…Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Tervaification

    Yes, guns might be a part of problems, but not the cause. These days banning firearms would be suicide. Maybe if they wouldn’t be invented, we would have safer world, but it’s too late now.?

  11. Tervaification

    BECAUSE GUNS ARE THE CAUSE OF WAR AND CRIME! Just joking. Here in Finland,? soon the only people with guns are the criminals.

  12. Stanley Han

    because some retards think that a? Gun is a Killer rather than thinking of it as a Life Saver/Defender or even World Saver!(if Zombies break lose)

  13. Barskor1

    If your gun is registered & government wants guns of your type or all guns you have given them an engraved invite to your house. They will attack when you? are most vulnerable with overwhelming force through every access point to your house endangering your family. Get off the list “Sell” your guns to a John Smith file the paperwork with your local office. Keep a home defense weapon but expect to lose it to the Gov. Hand it in when asked no substitutions they will check the numbers. Fight smart.

  14. MrGchiasson

    Would somebody please throw some cold water on that idiot reporter? Please!
    She didn’t ask one intelligent question. She couldn’t understand the relationship between
    a financial collapse and a massive increase in crime? Well Duhhhh… I guess not.
    She was condescending to anyone who thought a gun might prevent a? crime in their home…

  15. cramsa

    A gun is just a tool… I see it as a fire extinguisher to put up criminals who try to hurt me. Kick down? my door and see how fast you enter hell.

  16. cityking9ne

    Most women think everything good lasts forever,they are raised in a dreamstate,if? their job tells them it’s right(no matter what morals say),they do it,or think it’s right.Why do you think men with powerful positions and no morals hire them now?Because they can be easily programmed being they are not in an awaken state anyway.

  17. Elias Agredo

    , hey did u forgot that’s? where bush is from? no wonder.

  18. SuperSgtdan

    I would go with three and even more ammo. Enough to? carry out into the woods .

  19. davehutchinson67

    All you need is a solid 45 caliber handgun, Mossberg (my favorite) or Ithaca shotgun..and probably some good assault weapons..and of course a hunting rifle…306.? My favorite..the good old “30 odd six. 50 guns is arming your enemy…you people hoarding so many weapons need to learn what groups like the Vietcong and 80’s Afghani’s used against us? Our own weapons. NO..I won’t be holding any cache off weapons for someone to use against me. If I gotta git…I can take it all with me.

  20. cbarsonfire

    In Virginia? during the month of December there were over 41,000 gun transactions logged. Keep up the good work!

  21. 133j0hn

    That CNN lady seemed awfully skeptical about believing that the economy was going to collapse.

    I hope for her sake and everyone else’s she gets educated fast and starts prepping. Wouldn’t? want people like her to come knocking on our doors when the SHTF.

  22. joanarc1111

    Please watch my story “TIFFANY LEBOUEF SEEKS JUSTICE” They hid my only evidence and lied about it then they made me “TAKE THE DEAL” or go to Prison for 9 + yrs. This is crazy stuff. They have given me 2 strikes and one more brush with? the law of any? kind will send me to “PRISON FOR LIFE”….. HELP MEEEEEEEE!
    I have documents to PROVE my innocence but no one will even look at it. What is going on with this country???

  23. Kernal Costelow

    Dude u must have rode the short bus to school, I hate to break it? to u but there is no god, our retarded ancestors took aliens from other worlds and called them gods, sorry dude, as science gets bigger, Christianity gets smaller, why again our ancestors were idiots!!!

  24. Ruth Floren

    Don’t be afraid. God is still in control. He has His own time table.
    Please? check out the new book release on The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Kirindongo. It’s on, Barnes & Noble, and Teach Services.
    You will get all the information that? you need to get ready and be prepared.
    God’s blessings on you all.?

  25. Kernal Costelow

    The funniest? part is when the girl says do you really think it’s Gonna happen this is dumb bitch every empire recorded to man has failed and failed badly so it’s only a matter time before this deck of cards falls down

  26. waynebollman

    “We don’t like sharin’ thangs here in Texas.” Nice.?

  27. mkmason2002