Peter Schiff: Prepare for Collapse!

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On February 28th, 2011, Peter Schiff appeared on CNBC’s “Fast Money” to talk about commodity prices and inflation. He also discusses the possible attempt to …
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Financial Collapse in 2013? This video discusses the top 5 places not to be when the dollar collapses. Help spread the message about truth. NewAmericaNow: ht…
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10 Responses to “Peter Schiff: Prepare for Collapse!”

  1. realchron

    We need to get rid of the banks. They are the true slave masters of this
    earth. Money is debt from the moment of creation and must be eliminated. We
    need to survey the resources that we have available to us and build
    indestructible products. We already possess all of the technology and
    resources to feed, clothe, and shelter every human on the planet and
    quadruple the population. Its all here for us people. All we need to do is
    get 7 billion people to call in sick tomorrow

  2. Wilkes Barre Gold

    I give Peter props. They are all against him, but he has proven to be
    consistently right.

  3. Sonnedude

    They’re laughing at him again

  4. agnhd

    What do corporate earnings have anything to do with the amount of sovereign
    debt of this nation?

  5. Tnat1on

    After they cut Peter off some idiot said: “Cortporate earnings are growing,
    you’e got to dismiss Peter’s opinion”. WTF? Let the man respond to that you

  6. Motoicon

    These guys on Fast Money are such douch nozzles….They are completely
    blind as usual….Let em suck my big phat inflation sausage…..

  7. Michael Shipley

    These day trading weasels are an endangered species. Get ready to trade in
    your Lamborghini’s and ho’s for a tractor and a ho because soon you’ll be
    plowing fields of corn instead of piles of bullshit.

  8. MrCheckitout123

    corporate earning are good becuase they either cutt overhead by cutting
    jobs or sending jobs to other countries. all is good that stocks are up!
    wait the goverment just was about to shut down?? so let me get this stright
    – USA in the red Good and any other buiness in the red Bad? them apples
    just dont add up…

  9. noorgard1

    The economy can be fixed and I can help to fix it; but no one really cares
    if it gets fixed or not. Some who shall remain unmentioned; hope to see it
    fail. States should start thinking about separation from the union.

  10. BankofSpirit

    the one fiat money junkie on there is a combination fool/tool, he is a
    poindexter that seems to be a peon pimping/shilling CORPSe so to become a
    puppet. in the future, i tell you, those who love CORPORATIONS and worship
    their false profits, PEE ON life and the living.