Peter Schiff – Why Silver Is A Buy Now

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10 Responses to “Peter Schiff – Why Silver Is A Buy Now”

  1. jismjacket

    if it feels good do it!? that’s the mentality we’re dealing with


    the fed gets? the message printing more will not work they know how this stuff goes but why do they decide to keep printing WHY

  3. ZenResale


  4. michcool1012

    It’s easy to get. He is? just the middleman of a wholesaler.

  5. TiticacaBang

    Theres a small markup from actual price. Silver may cost $30.00 on the market, but hes selling it at $34.00, so? he makes a small profit.

  6. NoName NoFame

    think of his company as a middle man btw you (the retail buyer) and the minting companies.

    what he buys and holds for his? investment company and himself is separate.

  7. Andy Peterson

    I don’t get it. Peter is saying to buy silver, why? would his company want to sell it ?

  8. whereismybailouttv

    Will? they finally come up with a budget? Or, will they fail again and the cuts take effect?

  9. fightnight47364

    Agreed.educate yourself. You’ll) find economics? quite interesting.

  10. BanGovernment

    Excellent? analysis on gold/silver ratios. 10 TUs.