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If a natural disaster or economic collapse occurs:

* The 1st food item that will fly off the shelf
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* How to lockdown your supplies when the starving mob hits

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  1. ashley zajac

    We are thankful for what we have but the food prices have been souring here and the nutritional value way down.. Well the job market for blue collar workers has almost disappeared. In JESUS l believe. LOVE, PEACE AND? EAQUALITY WILL PREVALE !

  2. JohnTercas

    Consumption is down and no one has money! Our administrators really should listen to specialists in the economic crisis who are able to face the numerous problems due to the crisis, like? the specialists from the Orlando Bisegna Index who have solved problems of unemployment, family purchasing power, public finances for counties in financial distress, avoiding further debt and default.

  3. john bobson

    I obviously don’t want it? to happen but if it does it does and we can’t do anything about it. This world is too overpopulated and greedy.

  4. KoruEcoSpa

    Forget this site then type in international food banks nearly empty. Look up Max Igan’s research, Look up 8th year of global grain belt in drought with extreme flash floods further destruction in some cases, look up the US soy crop failed & Russia’s Grain basket burned & Japan’s radiation disaster & Haiti & Chile & NZ quake food interruptions all further emptying the food store. WAKE UP telling people to not worry. You ARE a fool. Wheat fungus in Italy, crops failing the world over? U R FOOLISH.

  5. soulblossom22

    Sorry, I don’t acknowledge as a credible site, and especially the author and his “secret source”. In my opinion, he’s paid to post that crap and create more fear. Don’t get sucked into that site people, or at least use some reason and common? sense when reading his stuff.

  6. Jay Stimson

    It would be nice if you posted the links? to your referenced articles.

  7. smartpeeple

    Thanks so much? for the information.