PREPARE! The Economic Collapse of America

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I am going to tell you what is really getting ready to happen not becasue I am trying to scare you, but becasue it is the truth. It is so that you will be ab…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “PREPARE! The Economic Collapse of America”

  1. Ak476239777

    You speak the? truth sir. Thank god for u sir. im buying up dehydrated food and ammo as we speak.

  2. akaratekid1

    Never mind did not know it was an egel but? u should get older coins

  3. akaratekid1

    Dimes my? bad

  4. akaratekid1

    Don’t waste ur money on the flashy? coin get things like mercury iMessage

  5. statisticool

    > 2 years later and…? nothing.

  6. Morris Ray

    You are the? modern day Noah, there are going to be a lot of people sorry that they didnt listen to you.

  7. junior lora

    the? dollaris the nwo currency,thats why they kill cadafi to protected, russia iran and china dont want a cantral bank to control they life…

  8. jessejohn77

    i couldnt have said it any better… Pastor Dowell always cuts to the chase? …

  9. stephenb857able

    well done sir.? thanks for highlighting this issue and greetings from Glasgow, Scotland, great Britain.

  10. Fernando Prudhomme

    absolutely right!?

  11. Genesis Mcgee

    The Federal Reserve’s charter will run out August? of 2013. That’s when most people I’ve talked to are predicting this collapse to happen.

  12. Genesis Mcgee

    It is so great to hear a pastor talk about this topic, finally. My husband is a licensed and ordained minister with? his master’s in divinity. We have talked about the same things many many times. Both of us have been homeless for four years due to layoffs. We have been trapped in this homeless system for awhile. But that’s what they want. The system wants to kill off the middle and lower class. It’s about to go down seriously. Thank you so kindly.

  13. yackme muck

    I like your video, I agree with your statement with change. with huge event’s but are own goverment reducing are fish and deer and elk heards. Why? I have a small food storage. but. I’ll hunt cat’s, dogs, birds I also have a saved seeds to? grow crops. I have found good people but most of them are still living the lie. An would rather live the lie. Thanks, God bless.

  14. MrWacoldest254

    Well said Sir.the Most High told me to plant trees that bare fruit & make a garden with vegtables.he has burned that in my soul.i suggest everyone learn that if they want eat.he also told? me also theyll will be canabilism when the system of society crashes.

  15. Fernando Prudhomme

    Pastor Dowell, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! milk is rising, and all basic foods-both organic and generic are sky rocketing!

    I watched this video three years ago! And everything you said has come to pass-EVERYTHING!

    God really does speak through you (He does to all of us in our own way).

    thank you? for your courage!

  16. Ace May

    @gueo224s No joke! There is a guide to what you have to do after America collapses, I’m buying that stuff, I don’t want to dye just for saving some coins, I can’t? post the link here but if you go to my profile the link is on the description

  17. trollsbro

    lived in eager anticipation for is not as fun and exciting as supposed. Also, imo, a collapse won’t be opportunity to restore the US. The whole thing is contrived to consolidate power? in the hands of evil men. A revolution similar to 1776 is not possible. The average current American is (in many ways) far more like a nazi than like one of our forefathers.

  18. trollsbro

    I have no problem with Christians prepping. I have noticed however, that many seem preoccupied with a collapse and societal meltdown, and seem to live for it. It gives a sense of excitement, purpose, and even adventure that many within the realm of “Christianity” don’t seem to find in simply? living and walking with God. Some say a crash will open doors of ministry. Possibly true, but if a believer is not living for Christ now, he won’t in a crash either; especially when he finds what he had

  19. statisticool

    just become? a coin shop then, get silver +1% over lulz

  20. statisticool

    wrong.? didn’t happen.

  21. Erich Deitsch

    If ever in Boston, your stay and dinner is on me, would love to pick? your brain. Keep speaking truth my friend. God Bless

  22. Tim Tomakin

    I’m sorry,? but I lost it when he held up that paint brush to “paint” us a picture lol

  23. Mark Ellis

    Good video? my friend A+++

  24. Mascew530

    While u are alive, u have time to ask for forgiveness from god and repent everyday. Do not forget your prayers. Read his holy book Koran for surely he will guide you? to the right path and will protect you from evil. Please ppl fear god, hell and heaven exist and this world does not matter, the matter is the 2nd life. Wether u will end up in heaven or hell. U choose, repent and wake up!

  25. MuchTooLearnUSH

    Much truth here for these things and much, much more dire, a ‘day’ of great darkness is almost upon? the peoples of the world, much destruction yet to come…for Abaddon, the DESTROYER, the son of satan, is unleashed upon us, and in the name of ‘peace’, he shall destroy many…woe, woe, woe to the Earth, for YHWHs judgement approaches…for who shall not fear the Alpha and the Omega in that day…?

  26. deliah562

    He sounds like a Nwo puppet. Spend? more money

  27. TheJ11119

    anyone who complains will get? the pear of anguish shoved in their ass.

  28. Sally Edwards

    I can’t believe my ears – he wants? governments to borrow billions of dollars and invest in such evil empires as vaccines (depopulation), genetic engineering (ditto), and renewable energies (global warming was a con – it ended 17 ears ago as admitted by the UK Met Office, and even the U.N. IPCC….this is promoting the Globalists’ agenda against humanity in my opinion

  29. Rudy Alpha

    Can you see a cockroach climbing the wall at 3:30? Funny!? XD

  30. sonofsamuelljackson

    I’ve noticed one major trend amongst videos with all these theories, the people? who always post them also damn the media for lying but always show media clips to support their theories….Sort of a hypocritical way of doing things.

  31. alex104er

    It’s time to start prep in…..?

  32. David Ross

    It’s not looking good for Canada right now!? We got a goddamn immigration infestation going on here! Companies abusing the temporary foreign workers program! Economy is going to shit!

  33. aon10003

    Friedman taught? Ben Bernanke, doesnt sound god.

  34. jack kass

    gee what will be done??? If it improves things for the bankz IT WILL BE DONE
    and by the will you… just pull out the skewer? and serve

  35. yaahme

    If you look at the debt graph after breaking the gold standard with the population expansion graph you will see they rise in tandem, which means when the credit/debt bubble pops so too will the general population bubble pop. You must understand that all bubbles do POP! This is the biggest disaster facing humanity and is why the USSA is building the Police State to quell the effects of the people who will? be going berserk when resources will become unavailable. Be prepared INDEED!

  36. tayronachan

    It’s not looking good. Every 84 years or so we go through something like this. Our gov could have been preparing us for this. But no, the greedy rats are owned by the big banks and corporations. It’s going to be a rough “Fourth Turning”.? God Bless.

  37. Chris Butilier

    Yeah, I think the point was well made at the end. A potential solution is there, however, with the current individuals who are in power in the United States from Obama to the The Federal Reserve – such strategic proactive actions, taken in the interest of the people, will not occur… while said solution is only a potential solution and in all reality, unlikely to prevent the economic collapse…. so prepare the best that you? can.

  38. john henry


  39. darkwoogster

    Now we call our times the Recession… Lol?

  40. darkwoogster

    Then the Great Depression before world war 2 happened??

  41. darkwoogster

    Wasn’t there some sort of? depression before world war 1 happened.

  42. Susan Dyck

    if you remember …in the? 80’s the rich barber got rich from compound interest accounts so if they bring back that….well that could just be the answer hhhhuuummm…not those greedy banker wouldn’t care about us humans

  43. Susan Dyck

    thank god their? is one more intelligent person on this planet ..i tell my kids ..and i can talk to the hand ….its not that they lack then intelligence they that lack knowledge from the old timers who gave us those story that warned us

  44. needparalegal

    I am glad I am? not the only one who can see this. Unfortunately very few humans have the intellect to grasp this.

  45. stanczyk11111

    youngster is? wrong /// they print money like crazy .. but they give them to the banksters(bad guys) to speculate .. NOT TO CREATE new technologies …
    conspiracy theories is the way to search the truth ..:)

    you know sheeple what to do with these banksers / traders etc when it all collapse ?1?

  46. amemy2

    2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, nothing; give up and? move on.

  47. dastv89

    getting out of debt is really important, get yourself free from it…..and prepare to? really dig in because a big change is coming…..

  48. phillisthebarbarian

    wow, some honest open discussion about the upcoming world-economic collapse… I really dislike the international money changers…. Plan now folks… learn to prepare and eat roadkill, get out of debt, run from the bankers and? confront the corrupt politicians…

  49. lights21002003

    America is done that? is true and yes i agree flood the system with money make the world cry with dollars give the people what they want lets go out with a bang! Good or bad, but dont forget we the people!