‘Preppers’ stock up on guns’n’gear as financial doom looms

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

With political instability spreading across the globe and fears of more Fukushima-style nuclear disasters, the number of doomsday believers is on the rise. But now it’s also the struggling global economy that’s increasingly making people stock up on basic neccessities. RT’s Anastasia Churkina met some Americans, who are ready for the worst. RT on Twitter: twitter.com RT on Facebook: www.facebook.com
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Essential supplies to stock up on while you still can. Anything can happen in these uncertain times. It’ll happen when you least expect it, and you’ll need to be prepared. Natural disasters, Martial law, Economic Society Collapse, Domestic terrorism are just some of the things that can happen. This shows some of the cheaper supply options. There are some pretty good alternative options if your willing to spend the extra money. MREs have at least a 5 year shelf-life. Also a water filter would be great. I tried to add as much info as I could, and the video still went over 10 minutes. There may be a few items missing(garden seeds, vitamins, over the counter and prescription medicines, toilet paper, tampons, ect.). Also there are items that only pertain to your situation. Thanks. Thanks!!! And Be prepared and stay safe!!!

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

48 Responses to “‘Preppers’ stock up on guns’n’gear as financial doom looms”

  1. canadianknifeExpert

    IF someone can walk into your house. There is something seriously wrong with your security? plan.

  2. ItsALLgoingDownHill

    You know if every farmer suddenly decided not to work, how fucked you would? be… I’m no farmer, nor would I want to be; but realize how necessary ‘farmers’ are to our system and stop belittling them. If our agricultural system stopped working for any reason what so ever you’d be completely fucked. So be thankful it hasn’t.

  3. TheConservativeArmy

    Wake up. I pity you on the day you have to learn to take care of yourself. ?

  4. MrKlox555

    u ‘re an ignorant peasant! We have evolved, we are not like our “grandparents”.. we dont need hunt animals… I’m not a fucking farmer? like you!!!

  5. siraj gehani

    its the 21 of dec!! and its NOT? DOOMSDAY _!_

  6. NinezeroPlayer

    his “food storage” is a joke and so is his gun collection. I think TV reporters were? roaming the area looking for a prepper and he just wanted to be on TV

  7. Christopher Reid

    I was out the other day with a few prepper aquaintances of mine, and I noticed how little they knew about SURVIVAL. Now I have nothing gainst preppers in general, I count myself among survivalist. But none of them knew how to start a fire without matches/lighter, or how to trap game, or general skills do with working with the minimals. I know that most of these people had stockpiles of ammo, food, and other neccesities scattered? across the area, but little practical knowledge. Is that a common?

  8. dionde26

    These people are smart…they have enough food and supply to last them for years…good luck tring to rob them..yo ass? is gonna get capped..ijs

  9. Wookieman Nelson

    these people are smart.? its matter of when not if a disaster or some sort of event happens where society collapses. remember people start killing for food after 9 days, so be prepared. if you depend on the govt your as good as dead.

  10. cpaint904

    @creeper711 he has like 5 guns.. He has two hands.. Shotgun for defense. Pistols for close range and an AR? for long range. It’s not how many guns you have, but how much ammo you have.

  11. cpaint904

    Well I know? who I’m robbing during the apocalypse.

  12. VoidOnTuesday


  13. TurboedMX6

    Exactly. I do product reviews,? but all you see is my bloody carpet or coffee table.

  14. StickYaSelf85

    I don’t know about you but those smerfs have been terrorizing my backyard lately. Just picked up my .22lr today.?

  15. StickYaSelf85

    true but now they have a good idea of what to expect? lol

  16. creeper711

    Half the battle is preparing, the other half is keeping it from others. He doesn’t have enough guns.?

  17. TurboedMX6

    His name was enough. His information is public as he is? a NRA instructor.

  18. TurboedMX6

    Why do people make videos or get news involved on their? shelters, stock pile etc. I have no problem going over basic necessities in my videos just a few rules.

    1) What I have as far as protection is MY business
    2) Exact details how I prep is MY business
    3) You will not view my house….just my carpet in the video

  19. RJTrezise1983

    Well, the reality is that since we comment on things like this and probably visit survivalist websites etc. we are most likely already being watched. The main thing with having your face splattered all over the tv and showing all your preps is that “average” people? will know what you have and if they’ve seen you before or they know you then there could be trouble. Sure, you might have guns, but are you skilled enough to fight off five times your number without getting wounded? I’m know I’m not.

  20. RJTrezise1983

    I know I posted this six months ago but I just saw a spelling mistake. I meant precious not previous. I probably wrote this comment on? my phone and it autocorrected.

  21. Ivan Mockba

    I believe the government has an easy plan to get the people in the fema camps. I think they are going to cut off food supplies, and have some false flag operation to make people? think that is the cause, and then they are going to tell people you can come to this address, and get yourself some rations in exchange for firearms, but if you do not have firearms to exchange come anyway for your rations. Once they get there, the tyrants will lock them away in their fema camps.

  22. Ivan Mockba

    Yeah I would tell no one what I was doing, or show any one what I had. Now they are on the FBI’s confiscation list to take the supplies, and feed the rioters to calm them down since the government will be broke, and cannot give them their food stamps, and welfare checks. Folks you best find? a real nice hiding place for your preps, and do it when no one is looking. Be sure to watch for the FBI tailing you. Never never keep all your eggs in one basket.

  23. StickYaSelf85

    I hope they didn’t show the outside of his house… “JACKPOT!!” lol Not a good idea to advertise how? many guns you have. Burglar magnets (when they know you’re not home of course)

  24. yahwehsonren

    Prepper not have reason to fight each other.not? prepper will kill each other and attack prepper because jealous.or just because hungry and thristy

  25. TrenerTV


  26. tonydigatono

    Use freeze dried foods it lasts way longer, most of the food in this video could? be rotten before anything ever happens. Most freeze dried food lasts 15years! Use .22 ammo for hunting and larger calibers for self defense. thanks for the vid

  27. outandaboutandout

    Just a suggestion from a prepper to a prepper when it comes to rise place the bag in the freezer for 3 days this kills the little bugs that are in a rice and it will keep it from being destroyed by the little bugs, after doing that take the rice out and place it in Mylar bags and then put the bags? in a container or a bin so mice and other animals can’t get at it.

  28. 686killo


  29. HeGivesSalvation

    Do you know that JESUS CHRIST can give you everlasting life ? – If we confess our sins, He is faithful? and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

    Open your heart to JESUS CHRIST

  30. pattimassey16

    Oops !my? bad !its not agenda 33.

  31. pattimassey16

    You? can look this up .authorities can confiscate all your goodies in a situation so hide them well.I think its agenda 33

  32. dallas robinson

    prey god bless good freinds here a merry merry x-mas? and a happy new year
    pleas worship god love him jk hahahahahahahaahah

  33. SurviveWithMeDotCom

    This is an excellent list of items to have? with adequate reasons for having them. Thank you!

  34. rotory wankel

    Martial Law is a term used when the government assumes ALL the power during a? crisis. After Martial law is in place they can do whatever they want. Curfew, arrest without a reason, indefinate detainment, confiscate any and all property etc etc.

  35. rotory wankel

    Thanks for? the info it was very helpful. God Bless !!

  36. Patrick Caron

    hello everybody! i am new on youtube and am looking for people into survival, outdoors, and adventure, to subscribe to my channel! i already have a few vids on these subjects? but i could use some suggestions… thanks!

  37. preparedmind101

    Nice channel,? Subscribed!

  38. Jack Wade

    I found future data in the? hall effect of electric lines, AWESOME!!!!!!!
    I accidentally cut a 240v cable in the garage it was arcing next to my laptop and the website image changed I was? older and my daughter as tall as I am.
    I thought this phenomena was disabled years ago! I guess not!!! AWESOME
    Energy Equals Life dot com

  39. joslynn417

    on? the bleach, you only put a few drops per amount of water. your not putting a gallon of bleach in a two gallon water bucket.

  40. Addon Walker

    Where’s the aluminum? foil hat?

  41. Deborah Bigham

    Watched the video. Informative. Thought you might want to include a couple of items: sos pads -will work even in cold water to scrub your cooking pots and totes -to store stuff in now and? to use later for washing (pots, clothes, etc) and my favorite silver foil – can be used for cooking especially.

  42. Christina Mancuso-Henry

    this info no matter how fickle is? very educative , watch on and add,

  43. hectorpops

    i know i sound very ignorant, but what is the martial law you mentioned at the start? i =ve heard of it before but never? got a solid definition

  44. Phazonaddict

    Sorry, couldn’t watch this video with that NOISE the camera keeps making because of however you’re holding it.?

  45. badhillboy

    good video? brother thanks for sharing

  46. mx93040


  47. Franck Ribery

    Mitt Romney is a zombie.?

  48. Skunk11ya

    Mitt Romney was siad to be more likely to get us into a? zombie apocalips