Prepping 101/ Food Storage/ Part 1 – Canned Goods

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

This is Part 1 of medium to long term food storage. Stocking canned goods is a good start to an overall emergency food management plan. I am new to prepping …

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

20 Responses to “Prepping 101/ Food Storage/ Part 1 – Canned Goods”

  1. frank loewen

    Nice job, made it feel like it could be done with out the mass panic,
    little by little, step by step, just stick to it, good music choice,

  2. NiNolascivio

    lol! I loved the Creamed Armadillo on the Half Shell!! Great guide to
    beginning food prep. Thanks.

  3. SurviveN2

    A good video Tiger and some real thought went into what your doing, keep up
    the good work ;-)) Thanks for sharing this and Take Care my friend :-))

  4. Stl RayEdwards

    Man, I gotta get busy! I have some preps, but you guys show me just how
    unprepared I really am.

  5. gunnwild1

    Isn’t the canned food ready to eat? It’s a great idea because you can eat
    it cold if you don’t have a source for heating it up….although most of us
    know how to build a fire

  6. MakingMasterClass

    Great video and advice.

  7. sixfteightinguy

    can foods is good since they are ready to eat as is without having to cook.
    but like you said above, sodium is much higher which i prefer frozen
    veggies for normal eating but can goods for emegencies.

  8. craigcsu07

    Very nice!

  9. FringeSniper

    Canned goods are the best because they are already what I eat.

  10. eltenda fabrizio

    great video and tips


    Very practical thanks.

  12. SurviveToLife

    Excellent video my friend! Thank you for documenting and sharing your
    experience! I am looking forward to the next! Peace!

  13. knifenforge

    Awesome video thanks for all the great tips i’ll keep those in mind 🙂

  14. Paper Tiger

    Me too, I just have to watch the amounts of sodium in some of these cans ?

  15. Godzillaslovechild

    outstanding video brother!!!

  16. Tammy Jo

    This is what I store too along with home canned goods and dehydrated foods.
    I can’t afford all the big #10 cans of freeze dried stuff. I usually buy my
    veggies by the case when I find them on sale. Leave them in the flat so
    they are east to rotate. Good video Tiger. TJ

  17. woodswalker67

    Great start Tiger, a little bit at a time stacks up quickly.

  18. Winthrop Defreitas

    This is awesome!

  19. Wolverine Prepper

    Good stuff. It is amazing what you can do with 20.00 and wise shopping. I
    do the same type of system. It has added up. I have about a 4 month supply
    of foods my son and I eat and use. Fruits , veggies, meat, etc. Feels good
    to have a bit put back. Nice job .

  20. boyinblue823

    I have started on my food preps, putting back canned food, packaged tuna
    and some noodles and rice. My biggest problem is once I get a little bit of
    volume to remember to rotate. And I would see about getting better can
    openers….. they just dont make them like they used to. I go through about
    3 a year. My parents still have one of the “Older” ones since I was a kid
    and that thing refuses to break.