Rioting Across America – The Great Depression

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America in the 1930’s.
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24 Responses to “Rioting Across America – The Great Depression”

  1. curtisleeyork1978

    lol? those rioting idiots just cause an acceleration in the collapse…..dont they know that??? Why break stuff and fight…..

  2. PepijnvanderVaart

    can I? use this for my school project?

  3. Felisha1717

    I thought everyone? walked around a little faster back then… eh

  4. rs69cam777

    Ah yes the old? peaceful demonstrators, breaking the Law……..

  5. David R Mellor

    its on? its way again

  6. Tom Thompson

    Turn off the sound and listen to ‘The Man Comes Around’ by Johnny Cash while watching – really makes? you think about the human race

  7. hardcharging

    It’s worse than that. We’re? so far in the hole that the only way we can begin to get out of it, outside of divine intervention, is to hit the bottom in terms of our economy. It isn’t if, but how. We can either pull an Iceland and slide slowly toward the bottom, or we can crash hard and fast.

  8. jme6141994

    The country doesn’t have any money. Only? what it can steal, borrow or print out of thin air. You’re nothing but a Socialist.

  9. jme6141994

    And what causes easy access to credit? Artificially low interest rates set by the Fed. Interest rates should be determined? by the free market not by a government bureaucrat.

  10. Stentor7

    Hey, I call it like I see? it. If you choose to make ignorant & stupid comments, I’m going to point it out to you. Saying that government agencies mostly get in the way is an incredibly obtuse & ignorant point of view. The Great Depression was caused by bubbles, all started by easy access to credit; there was an oil bubble ($3.07 a barrel in 1920), a real-estate bubble (Florida Land Boom, burst in 1925), & of course the stock market bubble in 1929, all an exact repeat of what happened this time.

  11. Stentor7

    Spoken like a true teabagger, you are talking about one person. What about all of the others that they catch on a regular basis? You focus on one case, the plural of anecdote is not data. The air & water are not some magical state of being that perpetuates forever once it’s been accomplished, there will always be businesses attempting to get away with dumping, it still happens. Politicians are humans like you & me, but the average IQ is? 100. It’s not my money or yours, it’s the country’s money.

  12. jme6141994

    Ahh. Resorting to name-calling. The SEC couldn’t even catch Madoff, even when they had tips. Another reason to hate Nixon. Both sides like to spend other people’s money. Okay,? so the EPA cleaned up the water and air. What are they doing now? Please, why do you think the politicians are so much smarter than we are? Can’t we run our own lives without them butting in to every aspect of life? Wouldn’t you really like to decide how to spend all of your own money?

  13. jme6141994

    Right. That’s the problem. They could all be done more efficiently by private interests. That’s why we’re $16 trillion in debt with much more than that in unfunded liabilities. When you grow up in the system it’s hard to see until you? educate yourself.

  14. Stentor7

    No, they’re not, & no, they won’t. You don’t know anything about why those agencies were created? with such an ignorant & mendacious comment. You think the Securities & Exchange Commission existed before the stock market crash of 1929, & the Great Depression? Business regulation isn’t a partisan issue, Richard Nixon founded the Environmental Protection Agency because of incidents like Love Canal, & the Nuclear Regulatory Agency because of incidents like Three Mile Island. Stop being such a moron.

  15. Stentor7

    No, unions give employees collective leverage against the influence & power of the corporations in the labor marketplace. Go read some history of what business or capitalist competition was like back at the turn of the previous century, to see what despots company presidents were like then, because your remarks display a stunning ignorance? of the past.

  16. Stentor7

    Uh, got news for you, you live in a socialist state. Go to a public school? That’s socialized education. Have police in your town? That’s socialized security.? Have firemen in your town? That’s socialized fire prevention & control. Obtain your electricity, gas, & water from a municipal agency? That’s socialized utilities. Who picks up your trash? The city? That’s socialized waste removal. You don’t understand socialism, so you demonize it. Those things did not always exist as they currently do.

  17. jme6141994

    It’s mostly government getting in the way. The depression? was a government disaster. They’ll regulate us to death. What a waste of money all those bureaucracies

  18. Stentor7

    That is a simplistic view of the economy, & your opinion about the role of government is completely one-sided & self-serving. Business will always view government as an adversary, that’s its purpose, to regulate business. Business has tried to get away with egregious abuses in every arena, & always will. That is why we have regulatory agencies like the USDA, EPA, OSHA, SEC, NOAA, FAA,? & others. All of these have been created because of business disasters like the Great Depression & Love Canal.

  19. toluca670

    20th century? chimpout

  20. lawnshark19

    wow new? york hasnt changed

  21. jme6141994

    That’s a ridiculous comparison. The economy is not a machine. As Hayek said-“It’s organic”. The economy is us and how we chose to serve each other. The government just gets in the way. They try to? turn it into a machine and then they throw a wrench in it.

  22. Daveparts1

    Although, I’m no fan of Hayek, that is a nice quote, but your comment,”Economies are complicated. That’s why you shouldn’t try to plan them.” Replace the word, “Economies” with the word “Automobiles”and see if your theory holds? water.

  23. jme6141994

    Yes you do, as misguided as it is. Since you answered me once with a quote, here’s one for? you.

    “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”

    — F. A. Hayek

    Economies are complicated. That’s why you shouldn’t try to plan them.

  24. Daveparts1

    Because I am an American, I have the right to advocate for any political government which I choose.?