Robert Kiyosaki US Economic Collapse of the Dollar! Get Prepared!

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3) Robert Kiyosaki Conspiracy Of The Rich on ABC News. US Economic Collapse of the Dollar! Get Prepared! Silver and Gold will b…

Dr Doom Marc Faber predicts economic disaster in 2009.He advocates selling into the likely Obama rally and accumulating precious metals.
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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

50 Responses to “Robert Kiyosaki US Economic Collapse of the Dollar! Get Prepared!”

  1. Slim Pickens

    Protect yourself from the coming #technologicalwar? and the economy collapse!


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  3. Maqbool Jafri

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  4. KittySN

    OR — go to war with Iran, Russia and China, and reestablish the petrodollar. The US is constantly distablizing the? Middle East and eliminating new currency adopters / regimes for a reason. It’s why NATO’s in Syria: to draw Iran into a conflict with Israel.

  5. librazone

    There is no escape for any country with the collapse of the American dollar as it takes the American consumer out of the picture. And remember that the American consumer accounts for over 20% of the global GDP. The only way out of this economic nightmare is to collapse the markets and allow the American dollar to soar through deleveraging.Then we can have a lowering of commodity prices and? greater consumer involvement. Deflation is the only way out.

  6. MetricButtload

    have you stopped taking your medication? again?

  7. belfasta

    buy nothing with any usa connections as? them yanks are nothing but terrorst parasites and if we all bar the dollar then the terrorist usa will fall

  8. Tommy Castello

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  9. Alex Kunin

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  12. Bryan lastname

    If this reporter knew? anything about currency, instead of the hottest place to be seen at lunch, maybe she could have asked some more pertient questions. Maybe, “Whats the interest every day of a 16 Trillion dollar loan?’

  13. Derek Newport

    Hilarious, the talk show host (with the perfect tits)? was so bored in that talk. He’s right though .. the FED is the one to watch.

  14. novasaturn

    I SAY PUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE and the treasury in MEXICO as a state of good will with the MEXICANS because of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION. Why would I say this? Because if China invades the? U.S.A. they will take all AMERICAN Treasures!

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  21. BosnianBoxer92

    So do you see the us falling anytime soon and if it dose what? happens then are we like greece

  22. MapleJokerRofl

    Sadly that’s? how the world works..

  23. MapleJokerRofl

    The? reason why you buy gold is because they don’t lose value instead it increases .. Who will buy it? rich people/government etc..

  24. Mihail Viteazu

    The Communists are against religion (Christianity),and they seek to destroy religion;yet, when we look deeper? into the nature of Communism,we see that it is essential nothing else than a religion Judaism
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    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
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  25. C10985

    Good? way to sell your book. Is this a Disney channel ?

  26. JinxOz

    no, i choose progressivism, which will become Socialism. ?

  27. manoman0

    in other words, you choose? death.

  28. JinxOz

    Our future heads either to Socialism or self-destruction(death). No other alternatives. Choose: Socialism or? Death. I choose Socialism.

  29. sfiorare

    marc faber, wrong again?

  30. johnsenkenn

    The US GDP have been? negative since 2000 except a few months.

  31. JediKnifeTricks


    The stock market has recovered? Do you not understand the ramifications of massive liquidity injection? It IS crashing but we don’t? realize it because we’re so mesmerized by pretty charts with positive slopes while the government and the Fed is cooking the books.

  32. dty06

    So is this guy? still being listened to or is he done now?

  33. Luvanicebum

    His long term prediction is still correct. He probably didn’t anticipate the enormity of the bail-outs. Just because this sugar high is raising equities, doesn’t? mean any of the underlying fundamentals have changed, if anything, they’ve gotten worse.
    That’s ok…he’ll still be the last one laughing

  34. TheBearWatch

    He was wrong. Stock market recovered? in 2009

  35. furmountain21

    Every single day.?

  36. furmountain21

    Ever been? out in the real world?

  37. realkingkado

    The fall of the Ameri-cunt empire right in front of? our eyes

  38. lookingforthemeaning

    you only have “A” rifle?
    in your case i would goback to the shop.
    a semi .308 or .50? and a 9mm HK Glock or sigsauer. or if your to cheapa .45 1911 military surplus.

  39. jerho7

    I don’t want to sound? the alarm but I keep my rifle a lot closer these days.

  40. frankqio

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  41. Tnoy34rt

    Nobody is suggesting the Gov control healthcare, that’s a pure lie and you know it. The Gov simply acts as a counter balance to the unethical behavior of? capitalist based healthcare. Look at Medicare, it’s well loved by all that use it, but the private sector still runs it…

    You’ll be on Medicare someday, so you might want to ponder that.

  42. Tnoy34rt

    One of the? primary reasons is we have needlessly expensive healthcare, which adds about 4% to all of our exported products. Thankfully, Obama is now fixing this.

  43. Tnoy34rt

    and when did I post that? a few days ago? come back in? a few years and you’ll see I’m correct. Metals are still jittery from 8 years of Bush, but now that we are under strong leadership with Obama, metals will continue to slide.

  44. Tnoy34rt

    Sure, and it was also backed by? Gold, so what is your point?

  45. TruthAxe

    You amuse again, Tnoy34rt.

    You’re expressing your false beliefs on YT and nothing more.

    Expansion happens when output increases and not when “more people” buy.

    How’s that degree in? Economics from Fred’s College working out for you Tnoy34rt?

    I suspect that you don’t know what economics means. Most likely, you’ll parrot the false belief about the “science of scarce resources”.

    Because you have no basis in money and credit, you don’t get economics.

    My how you amuse, Tnoy34rt.

  46. Tnoy34rt

    So being correct is amusing? Got it…

    Nobody cares about any specific school of economic thinking, the fact is “unemployment” doesn’t matter that much in? any economy. It could be said it’s an “obsolete indicator” since there are plenty of jobs out there, but people are comfortable enough they choose not to work.

    Expansion happens by more people buying, it has little correlation to “employment”.

    You seem to be a bitter person that is lazy, that’s all.

  47. TruthAxe

    You amuse, Tnoy34rt.

    So you have a degree in KEYNESIAN Economics. You’re indoctrinated.

    You have fallen for the rhetoric.

    No such thing as a LAGGING indicator exists, in spite of the claims. Only dummies accept such? false beliefs.

    No expansion happens without increased employment.

    Your problem is that you have a degree in Keynsian Economics. No doubt, you attended a joke college.

  48. Tnoy34rt

    No, I have a degree in economics. Throughout recorded employment history… a recovery always happens first, then a few months to a year or so later employment will edge back up. That’s why we call it a “lagging” indicator.

    “A lagging indicator is an economic indicator that reacts slowly to economic changes, and therefore? has little predictive value”

    You are mixed up with “leading indicator”, which is the CURRENT state.

    Get an education and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

  49. TruthAxe

    Have you failed logic?

    Something that acts as an INDICATOR tells you the? CURRENT STATE of things — like your speedometer in your car.

    No such thing as a “lagging indicator” exists. Only indoctrinated dummies parrot such false beliefs as “lagging indicators”.

  50. Owen Lloyd

    Housing is what drives the economy. As long as the housing market struggles, there will be no full recovery.? In past recessions we were able to build our way out. Not this time.