RON PAUL – USD / Dollar COLLAPSE is Imminent. Currency Wars Are Happening. Are you PREPARED?

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RON PAUL – USD / Dollar COLLAPSE is Imminent. Currency Wars Are Happening. Are you PREPARED? SUBSCRIBE for latest on Dollar Collapse and Ron Paul – http://ww…
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25 Responses to “RON PAUL – USD / Dollar COLLAPSE is Imminent. Currency Wars Are Happening. Are you PREPARED?”

  1. TheQuasiiii

    “What are we going to do? today Brain?” “The same thing we do everyday Pinky.” “”Try and take over the world ! “””

    Gomer Pyle

  2. TheQuasiiii

    “What are? we going to do today Brain?” “The same thing we do everyday Pinky.” “”Try and take over the world ! “””

    Gomer Pyle

  3. zazszdzfzgzhzjzkzlzx

    Stage 1: Denial?

  4. Phillip Banks

    For the picture on the Fall of the American Colossus,? read DIE DOLLAR DIE

  5. shanebh007

    They where framed by the FBI, On? the same day as the bombings Obama and George Bush where indicted with war crimes That’s a fact. Boston was a cover. The real victims are the Tsarnaev family. BOSTON BOMBINGS STAGED/ACTORS USED- ACT NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE! WAKE THE SLEEPING GIANT US THE 99%! I STAND WITH YOU!

  6. Common Sense

    Ron Paul? knows what hes talking about but the assholes who own this country all know to well is to shut him down.

  7. TheQuasiiii

    I write to insight. Out of chaos comes order. I just wish it would hurry before I pass this world. All I’ve seen? is chaos.

  8. TheQuasiiii

    GW and gang bankrupted the world, or just simply stole the money that? is the point. It’s already too late.

  9. youngbono18

    I hate Bush to…? what’s your point?

  10. TheQuasiiii

    It’s already come time. Remember GW Bush and his neo? con Republitard gang.

  11. youngbono18

    Then go about your life… just dont bitch when it comes? time for us to say “told you so”

  12. malton0

    it be awsome if the dollar collapse i would make? so much money

  13. yaryar1976

    Im seeing the signs at work,the same as 2008,of something? coming this summer.our managers were tasked to go out & “find money”, meaning start cutting they gave 16 people a paycut this week.this is after other expenses were cut.they knew last time that something was about to happen,& theyre leaving tell-tale signs again that somethings about to happen

  14. MegaLensman

    How did the Nazis fix the hiperinflation in the thirties?Exatley the same will hapening again just that we,re a long way from that lets say when the dollar is 1 to 20 with the euro we,re there or one euro for 30 dollar that,s hiperinflation we haven,t seen nothing yet for a couple of years ago the dollar was 1.39 per euro and today? is 1.29 that,s no diference at all i don,t think they,re going to let it any further down contracting it like they,re doing right now with gold down no colapse .

  15. antigovt4ever

    Very true, while short and? sweet.

  16. Inception1338

    yeah, arguing about net cases should? be your highest priority.

  17. jason pavlik

    yes at first, then acknowledgement sets in?

  18. ? National_Socialist ?

    Seriously, quit making the enemy bigger than it actually is. People like you and Alex Jones are a threat to the? truth movement.

  19. hpd707

    The mental state of a person is irrelevant with respect the issue at hand. Whether he is right or wrong, that is all that matters.?

  20. ifitscool

    I’m referring to? Jones being anti-gov.(& Paul in a sense). The actual gov. is always assuring the public that everything in time will sorted out, and that they’ve been saying that for decades. People trust it but as time goes by they’re being more and more unsure.
    …and you didn’t answer my question.

    I’m done. This is a pointless conv.

  21. ifitscool

    Glad? Being glad has nothing to do with it. You have no idea(we just met) where I stand on either of these characters… how could you be “Glad”?! …that was a weirder statement then your first.

    Curious who you have trust in? Seriously,? very curious.

  22. ifitscool

    Assurance is what the Amer. Gov’s been giving the? people for years.
    …seems to be working.

  23. ifitscool

    Weird? comment…

  24. ifitscool

    Perhaps this is not a one up. I’m sure this could be a legitimate question considering all the lingo and slang that presents itself daily? across the “Net”.
    Speedy knew it wasn’t… but in general, you never know.

  25. John Remanescente