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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)

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Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)


  1. EatMyNads

    Smart? choice!

  2. Alex462047

    You’re dreaming if you think that a world leader will prevent wars. One leader can’t even prevent violent crime in his own country. War is only a large scale version of that. It doesn’t matter – rockets and bombs, or knives and bullets – human beings have always disagreed with one another to the point where life is considered cheaper than the point? they are trying to make.
    America is the NWO – it is written on US dollar bills. We don’t want their politics, society and intrinsic problems/crime.

  3. thelivingmanpart2

    lol fucked? up

  4. Twinpact

    As a child i dreamed of living in the? states but now with your freedoms decaying and your morals in free fall i would rather stay in my own country.

  5. illuminatisos

    aha the Truth channel.. It should be called the conspiracy nutter’s propaganda channel.. YT is TV for conspiracy nutters..?

  6. illuminatisos

    He warns of this every year.Him, aj & all them other conspiracy nutters are always ranting & raving ab the coming nwo & all the death it will bring! Well, I have news for U conspiracy tin foil hatters. Death? has always happened. Humans have always had leaders. So a single leader is the natural progression of this planet. One leader, means no wars to fight against. Its the hateful ppl that don’t want peace & its the people that r rejecting the nwo r want death & destruction <---- Fuck these ppl

  7. Philip Zyrski

    Thomas Jefferson once stated that banking establishments are more powerful than standing armies. Woodrow Wilson repeatedly expressed his regret for supporting and enacting the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Dwight Eisenhower warned us of the Military – Industrial Complex. John F. Kennedy warned us of secret societies? or cabals that influence public policy before he was assassinated. Ross Perot warned us about our terrible amount of national debt. Now Ron Paul is warning us! We need to wake up!

  8. mystmoorth

    Don’t you be crying… invite them to be fighting instead, drawing futile pride from having foreseen the shit or mocking the ones who didn’t is not? the best move here.

  9. freeman77177

    The constitution is for the people not the? government

  10. kace842

    When America Revolted against Britain…. the approval rating was 20%.

    At this point in time…. it is 11%. The only other time it was lower in American History was during the Bush campaign, his approval rating? ? 5%.

    Open your eyes people…. it’s time we do something. People saying we don’t have the power or the strength to do it, are right, however, will power will overcome brute force in any event… Think about it.

  11. kace842

    75% of the military, will fire on American Citizens, they have been trained to do a job, we’d be the enemy in an uprising. They’d fire on us. ?

  12. rjm420silverback

    I love? this man, Dr. Ron Paul. He would be the type of president needed for US and help us evolve and heal foreign relations with Iran, Syria and Russia to name a few. Utopia for all would become a reality once free energy would quickly bring about the end of petrol and starvation. Hemp alone would do that year one. Critical mass incoming…


  13. zerogascar

    Trusting an electronic voting machine, is down right delusional!!!? THE ONLY CHOISE AMERICA HAS IS WHAT FLAVOR ICE-CREAM YOU GET AT BASKIN ROBINS

  14. Walt Fechter


  15. datpiffny

    world over populated?? bahahah sry no

  16. agrim420

    than what? was the original revolution? Britain was the strongest millitary might in the world during the revolution and what did the american millitia do?

  17. agrim420

    they do? everyday in other countries why not here?

  18. agrim420

    why because I make my life happy?
    because i do not hope for a good future but actually go out? and make my life the way I like and want it to be?
    because i do not believe in a “higher” power controlling my life and everyone else?
    seriously get out of all of this bullshit and work for the world and its future!!!!!!!!!
    god is not going to do anything for you unless you do it for yourself

  19. ReLOVEution2012

    Our kids will be reading about this man in history books to come! He warned us. It doesnt take a scientist to know how our monetary system works? now a days.

  20. MrFeshamon

    I feel sorry? for you my braddah.

  21. agrim420

    fuck jesus
    if you want a good real world you have to do something about it NOW
    there is no grand life after death no heaven to go to so the only time you have to get what you want and live the way you want to is to stop praying for what you want and go get it YOURSELF NO ONE IS GOING TO GO GET IT FOR YOU! ESPECIALLY NOT THE OLD ASS MAN IN THE SKY ?

  22. HISvoiceindreams

    KNOWING JESUS is a good start but will only? make the difference if it raises one to the platform of devotion. KNOWING Devotion to GOD will. IT IS by the Son that WE can find the path back Home. Seek the Sons (Pure Devotees) and They will Shine the Torchlight upon the darkness and Remove the Blindness so one can See the Path Back to Godhead. This is the desire of HIS servant of the servant since the beginning of the Age of Kali. OM Hare KRSNA

  23. tank5617

    ya know its sad im 19 and know its going to happen and was hoping id have enough time to escape from here at least another 5 years was what i was hoping but i dont knowand also you seem to underestimate the American people ladies and gentlemen your forget our movement of educated people grows by the thousands daily and obamas last screw ups have made our cause every more apparent.Now? more people than ever dont trust the government so people ask yourself this will the military fire on citzens? NO




    good video until the end that pure stupidity where you have Lady Lucifer crying and a AD for Jesus by some slick sales man, in real life it takes action to face and solve problems not sitting back letting things go to shit and hope? God cleans up everything and saves you GOD IS NOT YOUR JANITOR PEOPLE – Ron Paul is correct in what he says