Ron Paul Warns of Martial Law and Economic Collapse

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TROOPS DEPLOYED Ahead of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE & Gun Confiscation! CIVIL UNREST is coming! [INFOWARS] The economic collapse, and ensuing civil unrest is coming -…
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38 Responses to “Ron Paul Warns of Martial Law and Economic Collapse”

  1. Lap Gong Leong

    Not really, the deficit is largely due to debt and war, not healthcare. And government healthcare services like Medicare, Social Security,? and Medicaid take up more money than ever.

  2. usmc2076

    Fuck? Obama…

  3. rod brown

    It will be intentional and false, ? Ron Paul knows this, he’s a fear monger er part of the scheme.

  4. whatever

    JoyofSatan . org?

  5. TheStoryUp RR

    if? they didn’t implement a good national system like other countries, their deficit would be gone. i think Paul is wrong on heathcare.

  6. TheStoryUp RR

    the US spends twice the amount on health care as comparable countries.? if thry

  7. revhappyrs2k

    16:10 Ron Paul:? “Ok, Thanks dawg” xD

  8. TheNDex


    love or hate?

  9. TheNDex

    If you enjoyed this, you’ll enjoy this!



  10. Fahad Altaher

    a country that did not? respect God’s blessings, now is standing down the “Goodness”

  11. Lindsey Schlabach

    I enjoyed the interview, I? must say that the fact that these types of video’s are allowed is a testament that we still live in a free country, I can home school my children, and I can actually opt out of Obama care if I am a part of a church health care sharing program.

  12. Sean Brewster

    Love these two guys…?

  13. maxxlexx1


  14. thegrizzly3436

    that was a training exercise with the first clip of us troops they had flash covers on their guns that are used? in training, and the flash covers are red they only use blanks

  15. thegrizzly3436

    jesus? was a jew

  16. Arcsec the Grey

    Is it wrong that I find this comments section hilarious??

  17. john johnson

    You get a weird feeling when military are around. YOu used to see it in other countreis in? their airports. You see the Federales in Mexico walking around, but not until recently in the USA.

  18. john johnson

    I can’t listen to Alex and that? groggy voice of his besides he’s a shill anyway

  19. F Maack

    Pass.? Infowars is for lunatic, conspiracytard morons.

  20. R L

    lol this guy looks like? he’s trying to be alex.

  21. R L


  22. unable1234

    >large corporations
    >DNA Rights
    >Government influenced Education
    >Military impression at young age (recruiting tables in high school, AND even middle. iv seen both)
    >War on Drugs
    >Health care system based on saving money rather then helping the people
    >Public participation in Government Affairs
    >Civilian Opportunity in public Offices ( u MUST have A LOT on money to become prez, and? funding is difficult)
    i could go on…

  23. unable1234

    u have no idea. Soon.?

  24. Pinky Brain

    If you are looking to buy firearms without a ffl or background check: freedomreloaded(dot)mybigcommerce(dot)com. I? ordered from them a while back, they’re legit.

  25. mastermo5aic

    jesus? if fake

  26. Nikola Zuzic

    this is look unbelieveble to me!!i,m not an american and i,m not living in your country,but is this all really happens!!???if? so,,than you american people really have to fight for freedom….reeeeeaaallyy unbealiveble

  27. Sarah Gold

    The Lord tells us they will say peace and safety then I will come? like a thief in the night Obama is saying the same thing. So how much will it for you to believe Obama is the A/C just ask your self why would the Bible tell us the mark of the beast 666 stands for a mans name Obama’s names add up to? 18 is 666 why would the Bible? say the A/C will be a man claiming to be a man of peace he will a Christian but he not a Christian he will say blasphemy about God’s Holy Bible. God wants to no A/C IS.

  28. Geostrategic1

    Previews; Cyprus and? Boston. Only mutants are unable to fathom what’s in the near future.

  29. malton0

    remember the devil rules the? world

  30. whyey

    Shit will hit the fan!?

  31. SunnySinclair1979

    also, he who laughs last? thinks the slowest lol

  32. Elizabeth Otto

    You and the government are in for a big surprise. There are many Americans that are wide awake and more are wising? up daily. Tv’s are turned off and there are preparations being made. He who laughs last laughs longest!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  33. MrDeterministic

    You claim that? the Militarty Police training manual for Civil Disturbance Operations (FM 3-19.15) was “recently leaked”. That field manual has been around since 2005-2006. You’re a little slow there Infowars. That clip at 2:09 is how we conduct standard checkpoint operations, it has nothing to do with training for “civil unrest”. I’ve personally done tons of training scenarios similar to the ones in this video…”cordon and search” is another example. It’s standard military procedure.

  34. Sean T

    No, I’m just? a fool….wait, being a fool is a prerequisite!

  35. Michel THUNDER

    freedom of expression & the constitutional right to bear guns are? the ultimate weapons of citizens against tyranny !

  36. LightUpTheWorld247


  37. paismonster

    the artificial manufactured society has been tempting with its lure of “modern/future society” but as much as I don’t wish it? to be so you might be right, I’m a pretty optimistic person but I think were gonna complain from our couches while out society evolves into a sterile inhuman dystopian future 🙁

  38. YambidiBlamBlam

    He said, “American Culture”. What culture? Our very way of life is ALL ABOUT the DESTRUCTION of culture. People here define themselves by what entertains them, and that is dictated by corporate owned? and controlled media. NO CULTURE to even lose.