Say Goodbye To The U.S. Economy: ROOT For America

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I’ve predicted disaster for the U.S. economy since the day of Obama’s election in 2008. I’ve got it all memorialized, in writing, in two books and hundreds o…
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50 Responses to “Say Goodbye To The U.S. Economy: ROOT For America”


    First you’re attacking someone who agrees with your basic point. Secondly, your right that I cannot know how much higher the growth % would be for the Reagan admin. That said it’s a matter of public record that the way the government tracks GDP growth changed? in a way that makes growth look better(or even there), just search “Changes in GDP measurement” to read for yourself. If we took Reagan’s numbers and calculated GDP the way we do Obama’s 1.1% Reagan’s % would be a lot higher than 6.8.

  2. MetalDetroit

    What you wrote? is 100% meaningless, And you have absolutley no way to back up what you wrote.

  3. shorty430551

    That really isn’t “ENOUGH SAID”. When you figure in the fact that the way they track economic growth/ rescission changed in the time between those two Presidents. If you where to look at Reagan’s numbers through the rose tinted glasses they use to look at today’s numbers it’ would likely be in the 10-15%? range.

  4. MetalDetroit

    Please explain how Bush “started” the recession…….

    (This ought to be good)?

  5. MetalDetroit

    Economic Growth during Reagan’s 5th year in office: 6.8? % Growth !!

    Economic Growth during Obama’s 5th year in office: 1.1 % Growth !!


  6. nanthony777

    it’s being? done by design

  7. asazeel

    obama did all this? And i was sure? it was Reagannomics. Wait, I am sure it was Reagan who screwed us.

  8. Salv8tion

    Excuse me dumb nuts bush started the recession did u forget? So you predicted oogotz?

  9. dansam95

    Didn’t Root tell us that Obama would lose on election day? Just like he lied then, he is lying now.?

  10. Luka Grguri?

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  11. Joshua Dillman

    I’ve heard for years (years) that the us economy is in the process of collapsing. I just don’t see it happening. Regardless, I’m not gonna let? it stop me from pursuing my dreams.

  12. storm1086

    I love these primary school level? presentations.

  13. ConcreteScout

    you remind me of a salesman with a law background.? all i smell is bullshit.

  14. Jordie Mayor

    The Canadian dollar weakened for a second day after a? report showed U.S. retail sales increased for a fourth straight month, adding to signs the nation’s economy is falling behind that of its biggest trading partner.

  15. Silverinvestor2020

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  16. chriswma1

    This guy needs an? inhaler

  17. DJ Rodgers

    You would? think this guy would be sad to be right.

  18. Daniel Santos

    Politicians must? be alcoholics and/or drug addicts to willfully destroy their own country. I guess the combination of the two make corruption an easier pill to sell and swallow. Based on the American lack of concern for the current state of affairs, I’d say that the future looks very dark. Keep fighting!

  19. spirittoo

    obama is? nothing but a puppet … just like bush … the banksters and military industrial complex … the elite are running the show.

  20. walterbrunswick

    No, you dense? baboon! Ron Paul’s massive government spending cutbacks would have been the right start. So much for that.

  21. theboyyan

    So? you saying Mitt Romney was the best choice for the poor?

  22. Steve Hufford

    Love ya Wayne, sorry its under? conditions.Keep up the great work!

  23. Sorravee Boonbunjerdsri

    So what is? your solution?

  24. TheShinobiSan

    The core problem is that too many Americans are looking to the International Model of political wisdom– hoping the? gov’t will handle it while you sit and do nothing. America’s success came from the realization that while government keeps a country functional, people make it great.

    It’s bast time we started cleaning.

  25. MrNoelJMIS

    RE: the ending…America better start blessing GOD if we want to hold on to OUR? blessings!

  26. The888777

    i’m suprised tyt , has finally taken this position , and seen the left media ,cnbc for what it is …mis guided …reflective of the democrats…..usualy tyt is left wing bent…why the sudden turn arround ……??

  27. Jaremy Golightly

    very true about? fake tv

  28. sendrid1

    Bravo Cenk!!! Keep? spreading the warning. I wonder how long Bernanke can keep the printed trillians & bank $ out of circulation? We are in uncharted territory.

  29. seekanddestroy09

    and hopefully replaced with politicians that are not just as corrupt—-jan 28th pelosi was talking about pole vaulting and parachuting,whatever it takes,to get HER? version of health care thru—–her arrogance hopefully will be enough to convince people to not allow that to happen

  30. Blahblahblah3210

    Too bad Pelosi and the other liberals in Washington are? too set on a government take over of health care to consider that. The Republicans have been talking about allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines for months now, and yet Democrats continue to say they haven’t received any suggestions from across the isle! Even President Obama was guilty of making that very accusation in his State of the Union address.

    These corrupt politicians need to be booted out of office asap.

  31. leykisfan1

    seekanddestroy, we are already paying higher rates to the banks. These banks that lost a ton of cash jacked up rates on credit cards and other loans, then dropped interested on CD’s and Savings. That is one reason they made money last year. It don’t matter what the gov does in the form of new? taxes, when ever a bank needs money they are going to bleed it from the people who do business with them.

  32. jefevonQ

    So long as you’re happy.
    This string about dead now??

  33. luvcheney1

    I enjoy being a dick, and I dont know what came over? me. Perhaps I can be a dick in the future. I am really good at it.

  34. jefevonQ

    I don’t necessarily agree with all of the content of your statement. I do agree with some, though. Thank you for not being a? dick about it.

  35. seekanddestroy09

    just another link in the endless chain of moneygrabs?

  36. luvcheney1

    Yes, customers pay the taxes of a bank, or any business. Thats why corp taxes are? silly, The people pay them.

  37. seekanddestroy09

    what obama wants will end up being a lifetime deal—-once taxes are enacted they rarely? disappear after the initial time frame—–he says that “we want our money back” but if this happens we will end up paying for it thru bank fees or some “creative financing”the banks will develope

  38. luvcheney1

    No I havent. The free enterprise system, market economy is an automatic result of free exchange among free individuals and the businesses that supply them. Price is the arbiter of what is going to be? produced, in what quantity. No need for the govt at all, except to enforce laws against coercion, and protect private property, enforce contracts, protect the country. A few other matters.

  39. luvcheney1

    Obama wants a $90 bill over 10 year tax on banks. That is about $30 a year per person. Count the people in your home, and that is the average in increased fees you will pay each year. Of course, some people have their homes paid off, pay cash for everything, so they wont pay these fees. So, if you use credit, mortgage, auto loans, credit cards, your share will be more! Thank a Lib for punishing the banks, and all? the other Corps out there.

  40. seekanddestroy09

    congress needs to pass a bill prohibiting? states from requiring residents to buy insurance within their state and according to state regulations—the companies would be forced into competition to provide adequate service at a fair price,or lose customers and go out of business—-this would stop the corruption and the monopolies without diminishing civil liberties any further,as well as not add to the national debt or add more tax burden to anyone—

  41. kazooga1234

    give u the same thing it was giving u before with less drops because they dont want u to go to the public option so the public option and insurance company where supposed to keep either other in check the public option to give good health care and for the insurance companys to lower there prices and not? to drop people

  42. kazooga1234

    i dont completely understand your comment but i no u r a republican so u r just a fucking fear mongerer i bet that u think canada doesnt even have good health care even tho 92% of? people in canada like it and no1 likes americas health care that live in other countrys i even talked to some1 in france that said the public option would have been a good idea because it would have just been there when u need it even if u dont get the best health care but u still have the insurance company and it will

  43. jefevonQ

    “No need to think, just allow.”
    What a? great, if self defeating, statement!
    You still haven’t seen the long term absurdity of your stance, have you?

  44. jefevonQ

    Being a centrist means being naive? That’s actually an okay image to have. As long as you’re watching and have a concealed hand ready to pull the trigger when the negotiations fail.
    I’m not British. I’m a long-hours working American who wants some fairness and forethought in the economy. The more we rely on the Darwinistic economic model, the more we’ll end up reverting to an economic monarchy. Communism is no better in practice with humans.?

  45. luvcheney1

    The central banks hold the most Gold, and the? US has the most, 266 million ounces. The offical US Govt price is $42.22 . No one listens to the largest holder. Who then specifically controls the price?

  46. luvcheney1

    Boo Hoo…….?

  47. luvcheney1

    Note your attitude, “keep things grounded in a well thought out base”. This is the crucial difference between us. Well thought out by who? You, me, Obama, Congress, the Queen? I say, let the market settle this. The pressure between? those who supply, and those that want the product/ service. No need to think, just allow.

  48. jefevonQ

    Nah, just felt a bit ‘fancy’!
    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be willing to move forward, but just keep things grounded in a well thought out base. I also am an American, but I’m not usually very rude. I don’t need to be.
    What happens when those people who are telling us to abandon our past need something to fall back on.? They’re also the ones who are most likely to create the hypothetical problem.

  49. luvcheney1

    Tough shit, isnt it? The telegraph? operators ought to be subsidized. By the socialists. Leave us alone. (The producers).Labor and capitalists.

  50. luvcheney1

    Finance Capitalism seems pretty cool for Hong Kong, doesnt it Mr Mop? Where have you been? Is the water too high in your cave? Get your Marx collection wet? Me too, I`ll? never replace the Harpo records. Ready to take a stand, or just be obtuse?