Scenes from the Great Depression

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From the Dorothea Lange Collection – photos of migrants in California during the Great Depression (1935-1945). It is interesting how the thread of comments f…

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  1. tjenn71


  2. Kostya Tszyu

    The Great Depression was artificially created so the larger Wall Street firms, which control the stock market, could eliminate competition and? make profits out of lending America money to recover from it.

  3. wildtrain

    My grandfather lived through it… thanks for sharing the? stories Pop!!!

  4. ApekOmega

    that’s why i don’t spend that $100 on cloths or shoes and my dad taught me to hunt for food.?

  5. TheFuzz39

    I remember my great grandfather telling me a ? week or so before he died that he would never want to live in that time again. My great grandmother said it was so bad she thought that 10 cents was like $200 today

  6. canon21100

    Cool song at the end of the video.?

  7. Chris G

    Outstanding soundtrack. People like Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans commissioned by the FSA? to document the people of rural depression era USA and bring us iconic images that still resonate today.

  8. matt heiland

    Here’s a more modern? musical take on these events – hope you enjoy! 🙂

  9. 120446219

    Thank you so much for posting….I love and respect all this? of those times…
    God bless those people….

  10. ReebsRae

    We have different problems now, and as little as they seem. Our? problems are now harder to solve.
    We have more starving people than we ever have had before. More poverty stricken community’s than ever before. It’s worse than it has ever been.

  11. BoyMixer

    Well said sure, well said!?

  12. Bama Tide

    Take the mortgage crisis from 3 years ago, the bank failures and the current 9% unemployment rate and the 40% drop? in the stock market. Now double all that and that still doesn’t tell the whole story about how bad the depression was in 32 and 33.

  13. 13Kitties13

    If they learn from the? past, the people will survive. I’m one of them.

  14. Marite Rossi

    Yes, how would someone? live without their LV and Gucci bags? erm…

  15. Dark Ponzu

    Tell that to the 14 million who are? out of work

  16. KRISTI Davis

    Your right I agree. As I have said the samething, to others. And very true, about Reagan, this was the start. I was in HS during during the days of Reagan. And I have? been watching the politics and economics of this country and world since those days. As they say history tends to repeat itself. And alot of people do not pay attention to whats going on. The Republicans love the socialism label on Liberals. And many of their supporters don’t know what socialism is.

  17. Licmycat

    Would you like it to crash? And, I have to? ask; would you have to sell apple to live thru the depression if so? I’m very curious what you think; I like to make things happen that make people happy…especially for our NATION.

  18. KRISTI Davis

    Wall Street will not crash. If? it gets to the point that it could they will stop trading. Because of the safety nets that were placed after the last great depression, and of course that is when FDIC came about also.

  19. KRISTI Davis

    Wall Street will not crash. If it? gets to the point that it could they will stop trading. Because of the safety nets that placed after the last great depression, and of course that is when FDIC came about also.

  20. mkmcfr

    this suffering was caused by unregulated capitalism, profiteering and speculation, the same that brought us our current crisis. it wasn’t caused by socialism, or too much government, or too much spending, or too much debt. but it was government spending on infrastructure and public works putting people to work and regulation of the “fat cats” on wall street that got us out of it. there followed? 30 years of great prosperity, until ronald reagan’s election began the decline of the last 30 years.

  21. wind4watts

    Your right, then the knew how to eek out food seeds roots to eat from anywhere when desperate,? today if the freezers-Cupboards are empty or Mc Donalds was closed half of us would STARVE!

  22. tommyleewelch

    WELL PUT…?

  23. deaddoc

    They’d find people that still remember them. There’s bluegrass festivals everywhere. Maybe in more remote places like towns in West Virginia, etc. I had a girlfriend when I was 19 (1971) who’s parents were from OK during the Dust Bowl. It’s not that remote. To contrast, I knew some wealthy people who lost their wealth and? they told me that it was harder losing their luxuries. People committed suicide when they lost their riches back then, but the Okies survived.

  24. Ali44442

    Aint that? the truth

  25. deaddoc

    Did you ever see the (original) Twilight Zone episode about the man who is leading a failing wagon train across the Great Basin? and a modern highway is there? He goes to a cafe in the desert, looking for water and help for his sick son. You have a point, of course, but the majority of people today have lost touch with that part of themselves that can cope. Losing is more traumatic than winning. Interesting ideas anyway.