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In this exclusive interview with Ann Barnhardt, founder of the former Barnhard Capital Management, Barnhardt exposes the blatant fraud in US financial market…

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  1. Frisbieinstein

    > whether? Obama is conspiraring to collapse our economy!


  2. chrisbabel34

    Ann you are? a saviour to the world

  3. Freedom1776

    She’s pronouncing it just fine.?

  4. makesumwake

    she keeps mispronouncing mercantile, makes? me wonder how she could have worked in that industry and not known how to pronounce the word.

  5. Simon Purist

    No, statism is statism,? i.e. anything in which the people don’t 100% consent to their government.
    And that’s what we’ve got.

  6. Simon Purist


  7. Simon Purist

    Obama is not “intending” to collapse the US economy, he actually BELIEVES in Keynesian economics, and any money spent by the government is an “economic stimulus”– i.e. he’s a Keynesian who actually believes in Say’s Law!
    That? makes him a DOUBLE idiot, since Keynes’s claim to fame was that he DENIED Say’s Law!
    So as Darwin said, “Never attribute to malice what can be chalked up to mere inocmpetence…” and Obama’s the most incopetent president we’ve EVER had.

  8. tim master

    She calls these guys imbeciles and says they cant save the system because they are too stupid. Then she turns around and says they are trying to collapse the economy.? Which is it then? Because the latter makes them sound actually fairly intelligent, because they are doing it and no one is doing a thing about it.I tell you what, if this goes down, there are far better things that people should be putting their money into.

  9. sisseton69

    Barry Soetoro hates Christians. ? So what, most Muslims do. You voted him into office, get over it.

  10. TheWersum

    Don’t worry all liberal lefties already converted to Islam. I mean islamonazism.?

  11. NortonSmitty

    You just? made about a half million Southern Baptist men think about converting to Islam.

  12. Justin Laketimber

    When I hear? this talk it turns me on. She’s so sharp!

  13. TheWersum

    Islam is Nazism. Anyone who? supports or defends Islam is a nazist and fascist.

  14. Jan Martin Ulvåg

    She has a video on youtube AnnBarnhardt_Vendee_PT4

    Well. Have? a nice day

  15. Bambam Boom

    So she is telling people to remove all their money from the U.S. economy, close out any investments in U.S. companies, empty their bank accounts, stop paying taxes, and prepare for armed revolution. Yet, she claims Obama is trying to collapse the U.S. economy??? LMAO what a hypocrite. She wants the economy to collapse just so she can prove herself? right. Then she has the nerve to preach about morals? Then she tries to compare our current situation to Germany during the Holocaust? Wow.

  16. Bambam Boom

    I guess if you can’t make it as a commodities broker, then peddling fear, anger, and fanaticism is? a profitable alternative.

  17. donlarseno

    Ann Barnhardt is obviously working for MOSSAD. Islam is NOT our Enemy, ISRAEl is…Wake Da Fuck up Sheeople. Though she is factual regarding the Grand? Financial Sector Deception, nevertheless she is not identifying the Marxist Kharzarian Satanist such as Paulson,Geithner,Bernanke,Rockefeller etc……who are all secretly Dual Israeli/Amerikan citizens.


  18. Stacy A

    Everything you are reading in the papers about the ecnomies etc are lies. The bankers own everything, including the governments. A trust formed last year to bring down everything via the UCC. Check out? the UCC filings at the i-uv site and get an education of a lifetime. Also a blog called removing the shackles. The Popes Apostolic letter of June 11 removed immunity from everything under the Roman Curea. The us is reg with the sec as a non-profit religious org owned by an archbishop McCloud.

  19. Jordie Mayor

    This could not be further from the truth. Jobless rate has gone down from over 10% to 7.3%. The Canadian dollar weakened for a second? day after a report showed U.S. retail sales increased for a fourth straight month, adding to signs the nation’s economy is falling behind that of its biggest trading partner.

  20. reelphresh

    Obama is a figurehead so he himself? can not collapse the economy.

  21. tenormania2010


  22. Garry Farmer

    goodness,,,your to kind in your name calling of these dirtbags,and? the worse thing is they have no souls,,they are and have been dead inside,,and god will cut them down!!