Stories from the Great Depression

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The National Archives Southeast Region presents stories from survivors of the Great Depression overlaid with powerful pictures from era.

It was a time when the stock market epitomized the false promise of permanent prosperity.

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49 Responses to “Stories from the Great Depression”

  1. MrCountryman89

    Look them up for yourself.

    Anyway, they are? all failed leftist ideas that will never lead to anything but the destruction of any society that accepts those ideas.

  2. MrCountryman89

    I couldn’t have said it? any better.

  3. Stephen Zatezalo

    and resend the 401 K’s the biggest rip-off congress ever allowed.?

  4. Stephen Zatezalo


  5. Stephen Zatezalo

    The bottom line is that someone is trying to destroy the U.S.

    I see it as 2 fold the rich who only WANT and the trash of socity that only WANT.

    Sounds like we have a common problem on both extreams.All they want to do is TAKE the rich who say? they earned it by useing other peoples money to make a liveing and the poor who are useing other peoples money to make a liveing.

    I am confused. Sounds to me that unless U have a Job in the middle class U R a user!

  6. ILD2014

    Please outline the differences between Communism, Socialism,? and Marxism.

  7. turk er dur splurk

    I think that the government needs to spend our money? more wisely or stay out of our pockets. I don’t want to work so that the government can take me money and spend it on dumb stuff that doesn’t benefit me or any of the other working class.

  8. Jordan Sage

    Obama Care…Patriot Act Part 2, the NDAA, & now Obama & Feinstein want your guns…History? repeats itself indeed.

  9. countryboy6767

    Great now watch “country boy? blues rap” or “countryboy live at blues north halsted” and go to w ww.cdbaby.c om/all/numone

  10. MrCountryman89

    I suppose Karl Marx’s dick is so far up your ass you can’t see daylight.

    Yeah, let’s create wealth by dividing it. Then we can tax our way to prosperity.

    You’re a? fucking idiot if you believe those things.

  11. 375GTB

    Prescott Bush tried to stage a coup!!

    Gen. Smedley Butler? caught them out..

  12. 375GTB

    Tea Tards, go to HELL

    Or Texas, same? thing

  13. 375GTB

    Up Yours Tea? Tard

  14. Michal Basavraham

    This guy at like 18 sounds like his grandparents were working but he doesn’t say. Who? has a nickel for the movies when there’s no food and bare feet?

  15. MrCountryman89

    Unfortunately those dickheads who run this country will never have the common sense to do those things.

    Oh yeah, we also need to end the FED and replace our money with? a new inflation-free currency.

    We also need to shrink the gvmt to 1/100 its current size (gradually).

    We also need a new Constitutional ammendment that takes away the power given to Congress in the Commerce Clause.

    I think those ideas would restore us to liberty and prosperity.

  16. MrCountryman89

    The way out of this recession is very easy:

    1) Repeal NAFTA and force all American companies that moved jobs overseas to bring those jobs back to America. Set the deadline for all those jobs to be back in America as 1-1-2014. Any company that still has not brought its jobs back to America by then will be fined $100 million per day until it is in compliance.

    2) Send all illegal immigrants back where they? came from.

    3) Repeal the income tax and replace it with a nationwide sales tax.

  17. edie tucker

    W/all his faults FDR is still the greatest pres. we’ve ever had from his time, ’til this day. Is there any chance that Wall St. banksters would not be called to acct.? if Obama was half the leader FDR, or JFK, were?

  18. adj I am

    During the depression communities were not as? segregated as they are today, when that social safety net falls civil war must ensue.

  19. TheDynamicsolo

    If you took away all those things, there would be chaos, but when the armed citizens settled the riots and you can count on the armed UN forces coming in to help because our boys/girls are overcommitted in other countries, right when those who are ready are holding righteous law sway. Those who need real help will get it as those who are still attending churches will help in anyway they can. Those who have been leeching will be? FORCED to work and hopefully the powers that be will step aside.

  20. Jack Wang

    what is the? song at 5:09 ?

  21. Wayne Coogan

    You see… even the ultra-liberal socialist Roosevelt created the WPA wherein people had to actually work for the government relief. Today, we EBT cards (food? stamps and welfare) so we can buy stuff and then sit around all day watching TV and drinking beer. That’s how it begins and that’s how it ends. The decline and fall of America.

  22. TheGraphitte

    I am not certain what he is doing….?

  23. terryliciareed

    If we’d had a raise in minimum wage back? in the late 60’s and if it had kept up with inflation, like govt workers have, there would not be a huge problem today. We’d not have a “working poor” class!

  24. Greenthumb Patriot

    finally! now you get why obama has done? everything he’s done

  25. TheGraphitte

    The Stories are sounding like 2012….?

  26. Chris Sutton

    So you are saying god brought about the great depression? Why would you want to follow a? god like that? Also what god would laugh all of them or just one?

  27. BunWackettBuzzard

    Yeah I have heard of the saying “When men plan, God? laughs”
    It’s? a very stupid saying…unless you like slavery?

  28. Marie-Agnès CHARRIERE

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  29. Maya Davis

    you know what they say , All good things must? come to an end

  30. TheFadingoftheCries7

    It’s going to happen again but this time worse? America will not recover this place is finished.

  31. Matt Beeman

    You’re full of shit. The banks and people like Joseph Kennedy that were insider trading caused the stock market. FDR did very little for the depression. He promoted alot of social programs that helped for awhile until ’37 when we went back in deeper. ? The only way we got out was WWII.

  32. jaki1911


  33. albertjnguyen

    Wolves? of the wolves.

  34. Mspuppy525

    hey, where did you get the real footage and stuff? is there a? way for me to get them as well?

  35. Joe11Blue

    How does a President? cause a depression?

  36. Maliheh Banoo

    herbert? hoover cause the great depression

  37. the90salways

    similar to the depression were in now.?

  38. patrick2point2


  39. Keisha Taylor

    Aaaaahhhhh? don’t cha miss tho good ol’ days!

  40. Richard Blackmore

    there is no history, in the sense of something “true” or consice, it is as our own news is these days, with the benefit of time to study. There? are multiple interpretations of history, it is simply that predominent one at any given moment is that which those in the power most want distributed.

  41. celerygeneral99

    that’s why? history is rewritten as it happens, so people look for the wrong “signs”

  42. tvpnbb

    Yeah, but history never EXACTLY repeats itself. Most details are very? different.

  43. TheMEK3

    So then shouldn’t it have taken place in the year 2029? Looks like history is 21 years early huh??

  44. OrthodoxDarwinist

    It was completely contrived by the bankers. They plunged prices, bought up, and got fat and happy why everyone starved. And don’t think it can’t happen again.

    “Buy when the blood is running in the streets.” – Sir Nathan Rothschild.

    He did this when the 30 Years War was in town and made a mint, and has been doing it ever since.?

  45. Gaius Scipio

    not being rude, but i would like to read your interpretation of history and economics as it? relates to the subject matter

  46. BobbyH2012

    can someone tell? me what economic theories are mentioned in this?

  47. Dathinkingman

    thats a very naive view of? history and economics

  48. semperRealMadridCF fan

    Surprisingly not.
    And there was another depression in the 1820s in America, and before that the 1720 South Sea bubble and Lousiana bubble in England and France, and before that the tulip bubble in 17th century Holland, and it goes back to Renaissance and to the italian bankers.
    This is 5th of 6th great depression of? capitalism.

  49. XxHahaStonedxX

    Your comment is funny because? I’m not religious either.