Strategic Relocation: Preparing for the Economic Collapse with Joel Skousen

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Radio show host Alex Jones welcomes back to the show Joel Skousen, political commentator non-fiction Survivalist author, and retreat consultant who specializ…

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25 Responses to “Strategic Relocation: Preparing for the Economic Collapse with Joel Skousen”

  1. Pronghorn67

    The problems with Utah are 1) Severe lack of water. 2) Growing season is very short (unless you live? in St. George) and 3) Jet stream will bring fallout from SF or LA.

  2. RangerOfAlcyone

    If Hitler had force integrated every Jewish community with Africans,
    And the Nazis threatened any Jew who objected with loss of job and HATE speech,
    And implemented 24/7 anti-Jewish/intermarriage marketing, while suppressing any pro-Jewish speech,
    How long would it take any SANE Jew not to notice this obvious? program of Jewish GENOCIDE? And what kind of psycho Jew wouldn’t object to this?
    RACIST is a HATE word used to justify the ongoing CRIME of White GENOCIDE.
    WhiteGenocideProject (dot) com

  3. Jay Stimson

    People working? together.
    Find out what you can do to help defend liberty. /watch?v=-I4XfoEYwC0

  4. Nick Knight

    Montanans are likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Anytime a? large group of people start “invading” Montana you would basically see lots of bodies at the borders of the state. Those that do make it won’t survive the freezing cold and hot summers(at times). It has a short growing season and few resources. Montana is definitely not the place to go, ever.

  5. jedifrogg

    My sword is destined to taste much? blood!!

  6. JiveTurkey0001

    *cough*? Montana *cough*

  7. Nadir Ally

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  8. TeslaDRay

    *definitely .?

  9. See Canon

    Can you prove that without a doubt? How about wanting to move out of America to the south? It would be better to stay and stand your ground,? dig a garden and do what you can to be a patriot instead of hightailing it and running.

  10. See Canon

    What is wrong with the Jew? Has one done something wrong to offend you?? Or perhaps you have to blame someone else for your faults. Pity.

  11. See Canon

    To be a provocateur of? some of the truth none of the time is one thing but to admire and follow Alex Jones or this Joel Skousen is wrong. A person CANNOT prepare for EVERYTHING but what is happening needs to be prepared for in this country. We are going the way of Greece with our FIAT monetary system—-with the union of Mexico,Canada and Us there will be a new system or the dollar that will depend on something else. Why is Texas trying to get back its gold from the FEDS? Buy some eats.

  12. carolsuzz

    He has no? answers, so why is he an expert??

  13. Mihail Viteazu

    The American Hebrew September 10,1920
    The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was? the work of Jewish brains,of Jewish dissatisfaction,of Jewish planning,whose goal is to create a new order in the world.What was performed in? so excellent a way in Russia,thanks to Jewish brains,and because of Jewish dissatisfaction,and by Jewish? planning,shall also,through the same Jewish mental and physical forces,become a reality all over the world
    Here is their plan for you.Read this SCRIBD book

  14. FlowMingalin

    PMSL How ironic lmfao. Some lady called up the show once and pointed out that there was a problem with his voice and i thought that was funny as fuck how personally he took it, But i still love the human,? he’s done a lot of good and takes a lot of heat from the sheople of Earth

  15. TheMkarr

    Ready in the? Rockies.

  16. GenghisKhan22

    I pick Russia, Putin will defend the? white man in a Jewish run world !

  17. Jason Jasonson

    he probably never learned to use his diaphragm and project his voice without straining? vocal chords.

  18. TeslaDRay

    yeah bill was? cool.

  19. uman965

    The only reason, why? I really liked “William Cooper” he would always say do your own homework.

  20. thenewsurvivalist

    He has damaged his vocal? chords from protesting and yelling at the top of his lungs at the protests over many years on many occasions. We should all have such faults!

  21. MrGoldsmith2000

    Mr. Jones has a voice like sandpaper on my ears. It seems contrived,? but despite him I listened to the program. Thanks for the information.

  22. Daniel Stoner

    Oops, ya? lost me at “Alex Jones”, 7 seconds in…. buh-bye.

  23. corax2012

    Maybe we just need? a near ELE just re adjust the playing field.

  24. TeslaDRay


    but you see i am a little concerned about getting behind some cult-like leader because when you look at history, with jim jones, heaven’s gate, etc etc, all led to disaster. i’m probably WAY off here but if jones is the patriot he says he is, then he would ENCOURAGE me to not believe him right away and instead vet him. been listening to him for 3 1/2 years now on youtube but knew of him since 06′? from 9/11 truth. bottom line, im trying to prove hes NOT a shill, not the opposite.

  25. TeslaDRay

    blocked by who, you? oh his IS your vid, i thoguht it was jones’. well ill tell you right now, i’m no shill.? i stand for everything jones does as well IF……..IF….hes not some government agent trying to rile the people up so they do something stupid….feeding right into the hands OF the government to give them a reason to establish martial law. i hope i’m wrong, but if jones IS true, then i agree with him wholeheartedly on everything from the dumbing down, globalism, to them poison us.