Survival Armor Is a Necessity for Violent Emergency Situations

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Whenever a natural disaster happens, you’ll see news headlines touting the bravery and the goodness of many citizens. Yet, there’s always a dark side to every emergency. People that are not there to help, that think only of themselves and what they want seem to come out in legions to take advantage of or to harm others whenever there’s a disaster.

You can bet that those people will do whatever they have to do to get what they want. Which means that you need to make sure that you’re well protected and can survive a violent attack. When chaos breaks out, looters come out in droves.

When a difficult situation persists such as a lack of food or water, it can lead to a herd mentality and mobs of angry people bent on destruction and not caring who they hurt. They may try to take supplies from you to meet their own needs.

Or worse, they may want to harm you or your family for no apparent reason at all. Throughout history, mobs have been known to assault, rob and even murder others. To protect yourself, you need to add survival armor to your supplies.

Survival armor can be the difference between living and ending up as a tragedy. There are several different types of body armor you can buy but what most people get is upper body armor known as vests.

These vests have openings where plates of various materials can be placed. These are often referred to as trauma plates and the best materials used in them can be steel, ceramic or titanium. You’ll want to read the label to see what kind of material the vest contains.

Most assailants will attempt to stab or shoot a person in the upper torso, which is the reason for the popularity of these body armor vests. These vests can deflect knife thrusts and stop bullets.

Most of these vests are made from a material known as Kevlar, which is material made of layered synthetic fibers that’s extremely strong. Vests offer users protection from the front, back and sides and many of the vests have openings for plates that can even stop bullets fired from a machine gun.

You want the best body armor that you can buy. If you plan to buy your vest online, you need to be aware that some companies will label their vests as ‘tactical’ which is a term sometimes used in conjunction with law enforcement, when they’re actually just gear carrying vests.

You can also choose to add a groin protector with soft armor pieces you can put inside to shield your body from an attack. Other body armor that can be useful during a violent situation are helmets that can protect against a head injury during an assault and are also strong enough to deflect a bullet.

To protect against shrapnel, some people also buy blankets known as bomb blankets. These blankets are made of a material that can protect you against pipe bombs and hand grenades.

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)