#survival DA CHOCOLATE Candy Souvenir Funny Food Gift ? “RUSSIANS DID IT” ? A Nice Joke Chocolate Set 5x5in 1 box (Bear Prime) #prepping

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DA CHOCOLATE Candy Souvenir Funny Food Gift ? “RUSSIANS DID IT” ? A Nice Joke Chocolate Set 5x5in 1 box (Bear Prime)

  • For all people who enjoy witty political jokes!
  • Gift set has a MAGNET on it’s backside so you can hang it on your fridge.
  • Pieces of chocolate made from high-quality raw.
  • Each of the 9 wrappers contains one of apologies coming from russians. Sorry for…
  • Global warming, Cyber Attacks, Airline Delays, High Tax Rates, Unemployment, Too high real estate prices, Expensive Medicine, Police Brutality, Too many Guns

Looking for a funny present for a person who is into politics? Russians are often blamed for everything you can think of, with this gift set you are able to laugh at the irony depicted on the wrappers and leave a nicely designed box hanging on your fridge! This set will be a great idea of gift for your family or friends. Great combination of tender milk chocolate and funny wrappers make this set a perfect choice to lift up your spirits.

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Triangle: The Fire That Changed America

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?Sure to become the definitive account of the fire. . . . Triangle is social history at its best, a magnificent portrayal not only of the catastrophe but also of the time and the turbulent city in which it took place.” ?The New York Times Book Review

Triangle is a poignantly detailed account of the 1911 disaster that horrified the country and changed the course of twentieth-century politics and labor relations. On March 25, 1911, as workers were getting ready to leave for the day,

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