Survival Equipment Needed for a Campground

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In order to survive, you must have your basic needs met. There has to be food, water, something to use for shelter and warmth. Those are the very bare basics – but there is other survival equipment that you need to have if you’re going to survive longer than a few days.

You want to plan for long-term survival. So what you’ll need is a tent for shelter – unless you either plan to build a lean-to or you have some sort of primitive building you can use as your base camp.

If you use a tent, you can buy these in single person, multi-person and even family tents. If you have young children, using the bigger family tent will help make them feel safer. You’re going to need sleeping bags for each member of the family or at least survival blankets to keep warm in case of cold weather.

For food, you’ll want survival foods. You can find these already prepackaged and they have many years of shelf life so they’ll be good for you to start buying now. Depending on how much prepackaged survival food you bring in your backpack – and every member should have their own backpack – you’ll need to be prepared to use your expertise to live on food you can find or grow on the land.

You must have water, water storage containers and a way to purify water if you use water from a stream or lake. You need to have a first aid kit ready so that you can render aid or take care of your medical needs if necessary.

Having a way to start a fire is a necessity. You can use a fire for warmth, to ward off wild animals and to cook food or heat water if needed. Use the waterproof matches for this. Some survivalists use lighters, but those do eventually run out of butane.

You can take tinder, but you can also find things that you can use for tinder on the land. Some people take a lightweight, foldable stove to cook on. Whether you use a campfire or a portable stove, you’re going to need something to cook the food in, so make sure you have a cook set. Look for ones specifically made for camping.

Hygiene supplies are a must – as well as toiletries. You’ll also want a folding shovel to be able to dig with. You’ll need a knife, a multi-tool as well as a tool you can use to clear away brush from around your camp site or to cut up wood for a fire.

Make sure you have flashlights, a lantern, and an am/fm radio. You can get these with a scanner so that you can stay on top of what’s going on. You’ll want a safety whistle. You’ll also want a tool to help you navigate.

A compass can work, but there are also navigation watches, too. Watching out for the safety of yourself and family is something you’ll want to prepare for as well. Be prepared to defend your family by having a gun and ammunition with you.

Mainstay Emergency Food Rations 2400 Calorie Bars, Enriched with Vitamins & Minerals (Pack of 3)