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Pioneer Gold Paydirt Panning Pay Dirt Bag – Gold Prospecting Concentrate

  • 🔶GUARANTEED GOLD INSIDE – Inside each factory sealed tamper proof bag you find Gold Nuggets, Gold Pickers, Gold Flakes, & more.
  • 🔶GOLD TREASURE HUNTING EXPERIENCE – With PIONEER GOLD PANNING PAYDIRT you will enjoy the art of gold panning & treasure hunting with your friends & family and experience while educating others about the exciting Gold Rush history.
  • 🔶WHAT WILL YOU FIND INSIDE? – Each unit of Pioneer Gold Paydirt will contain a varying assortment of Rocks, Minerals & GOLD. This is not a chance listing. You will receive 1 generous scoop of actual factory sealed Gold Paydirt from an active Gold Mine. Each purchased unit will contain gold found both naturally occurring and gold that has been added to make sure everyone finds GOOD GOLD!
  • 🔶LOOK FOR THE “MOTHERLODE” Bag – YES! It is always possible to find the MOTHERLODE BAG! Rare ‘MORELODE Bags’ will contain 2x-5x Bonus Added Gold! MOTHERLODE Bags occur on average 1 in 2 bags! ‘MOTHERLODE Bags’ are reflective over an entire production and may be found by all!
  • 🔶WHAT IS GOLD PAYDIRT? – Gold Paydirt is a geological type of dirt that comes from a natural gold deposit. Gold Paydirt is made up of natural, random geological occurring rocks & minerals such as but not limited to: quartz, mica, schist, granite, hematite, magnetite AND gold!

‘PIONEER GOLD’ PAYDIRT Gold Panning Paydirt Concentrates comes from trusted American miners! The Factory sealed GOLD PAYDIRT is mined, created and comes to you directly from hard working US GOLD MINERS!! We work exclusively with Pioneer Paydirt to bring you the absolute best, Rich Gold Paydirt! This Gold Paydirt comes from creeks & rivers inside of the historic Gold Belt of Virginia! The very first US Gold Rush was located on the east coast and the old timers left so much gold INCLUDING NUGGETS!

List Price: $ 19.00

Price: $ 19.00

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